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Style: No Style
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: AoM
You have to get back to your hometown after defeating the mythic army with help from some little friends...
However, little friends won't help you in this one... Mountain giants don't think they will, anyway.
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auron 2
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
from all parts of the campaign, this scenario has the most playability. this scenario took me about twenty minutes to beat. more challenging than the others. there are more possibilities of loosing than to win. thats why is sort of challenging.

Balance: 3
The balance was kind of good. it was kind of hard to beat the game since those giants are so hard to kill. also, there was an unbalance on the ability to build buildings with the unflsark. this caused a biiiggg inbalance. The first thing i did was to build a temple, make an improvement included on the temple which increases the heros hits points and energy. after that, i made a pegasus and build two houses. after that, i just started scouting with the pegasus before continouing the journey. and this gave me time to look carefully for what it was about to come later on. so if you make the pegasus, it would be really easy to beat the game.

you could fix this by going to SCENARIO, then go to FORBITTEN UNITS. in there, you can choose what buildings and units any kind of players are allow to build or create.

Also, if you create a pegasus and send it to players 3 Gate, you would automatically win the game without even killing Kamos!! so as soon as a unit of player one is close to the gate, you would win. so you dont really need to gather 500 of wood during the game in order to win. you can just get close to the gate and win.

Creativity: 3
Overall, this is kind of the best scenario of the campaign since it contains an intro camera track. and some sounds and Messages that represent dialogs. however, since the map wasnt completly revealed, i was only able to see some parts of the camera track. nex time, use the trigger RESSET FOG/BLACK MAP OFF so when the intro camera plays, player one is able to see the entire animations and movements of the characters which are involve in the camera track play. then as soon as the camera track is over, cancel RESSET FOG/BLACK MAP by putting fog and map deveal ON.

There was a problem. as soon as i started play this scenario, i was playing as player two and not as player one. so i had to go to the editor and fix it so i could play as player 1.

The story and the creativity was good. but nothing special. the cave you made with the boldiers and black rock terrain look cool and the giants fighting eachother too.

-dont forget to make more paths instead of just walking straight one path. at the beginning, it was kind of boring that you had to walk straight one path until you get to the mountain part where there are a few different paths that player one has to decide which one to take.

There are also a few towers that when you kill the soldiers inside of it, it grants you wood which is supposed to be needed in order to win the game. however, it is useless since you can win the game by just getting close to the gate.
-you also added on objective two a trigger which pauses the game on objective window and didnt work.

Map Design: 2
The map design of this scenario was better than the other scenarios. it had mountains, some rough terrains, and some details like weapons skeletons and that kind of little details. however, most of the terrain is painted with the same color you mostly painted the scenario 1 and 2 of the campaign. use more terrains to paint the scenario.

Another big problem, the map is so big and you actually use about half of it. only make a big map when you feel that you are going to use a lot of space. eventhough you added few details like i just mentioned, the map was still looking empty.

Story/Instructions: 3
the instructions were okay. you shuold have included a story on the spotlight like on the scneario 2 of the campaign. also, on Objective 3, it says: "continue objective 1" but you should have said what objective one was asking you to do so in case that at the beginning of the game a person forgets to read objective one. or you could have replaced objective 3 with something like:"Seek and Kill Kamos and make your way home successfully" something like that.

Additional Comments: This scenario was kind of better than the others. but you still need some work on the map design and in the triggers.

[Edited on 01/07/04 @ 08:11 PM]

File Author
Uh. thanks for the review but... this isn't the last scenario and your not measnt to kill Kamos. To tell the truth, I thought I made it impossible to do so unless a move trigger didn't work. You Finally kill Kamos in episode 13 and then there is an ending cinematic map which is causing all sorts of problems. Episode 4 is going to come soon and I have spent a hell of a long time trying to put together all your reviews to make it better. the main thing is I have used a lot of different terrains.
I actually totally bent the story and deleted all 3 maps I had finished after episode 4 (5,6,7) to suit them to this improved version. Im really hoping you like it when it comes out cos if u dont ill probably Bash up my Pc and kill a few people...
Uh. I didn't really just type that did I?
Uh. wheres delete... oh here. *Click*

P.S. I think i wrote a few odd things in this... I'm tired as hell so dont point out spelling mistakes. lol.
Athen You REALLY need to upload these files on 1 zip file. No one is going to download 13 files and keep up with your campaign.
knight4 Playability: 4
Pretty good playability

Balance: 2
Too Many Giants!!!!

Creativity: 3
Nothing to say...

Map Design: 4
Pretty good with cliffs and such, and I like the caves.Lots of space wasted in the middle though.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were pretty good.

Additional Comments:
How do you get past the giants?

[Edited on 01/14/05 @ 07:41 AM]

File Author
Thnaks for the good review. I hope that the reason you are asking how to get past the giants is because you simply find it hard and not because my convert trigger didn't work.

Just stay close to the cliff edge and if you do get attacked, lure it to another, enemy giant to fight with or use one of ur ulfsarks.

The wasted space in the middle is yet again because i prefer maps with only one way to go. apparently, not many other people share my view. Ah well. I hope you like the next better.

Thanks a lot!
knight4 I did realize that by running around avoiding the giants, i could outrun them, then apparently I got out of their LOS because they started attacking each other, but my troops were almost dead, so then i got killed by lots of spearmen.Thanks for the tip.(Wow exactly 777 downloads)

[Edited on 02/15/04 @ 06:58 PM]

File Author
Ok, thats good cos you have to see the first 2 giants for the trigger to work (u must have avoided them until almost dead) The trigger simply makes them enemies and they slaughter each other...

777 downloads. Good except there's more for this than there is for episode 2 :)
Villi Of course! It seems pretty strange to me if part 3 shoud have more Downloads than part 2 (aren't this a campain?).
File Author
yeah. NOTE TO EVERYONE! DOWNLOAD EPISODE 1 & 2 before this!
Hunter007 This is a boring map!
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Map Design2.0
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