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Survival of the Phoenix

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 12 (7 playable)
Version: AoM
This is the full version of the Survival of the Phoenix.
Follow the story of Setna, trying to find and revive three Phoenix Eggs, because Set has killed all Phoenixes. Before he travels to the Valley of the Phoenixes, he needs to collect resources...
A good story, all with plenty of cinematics.

This campaign was translated from Dutch. If you want to warn me for any non-translated texts, please check the ReadMe.txt in the zip-file.
Good luck with playing!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Guardian Of Isis
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
There weren't any problems, even with aborting Cinematics. And it all went nicely. That's what I think is very important in a good scen.

Balance: 4
Indeed, Double Trouble was too hard. But for the rest, I must say it's been thoroughly tested. Although some other scens might have been slightly too easy.

Creativity: 5
Good, good! I liked the idea with the Osiris box and the giant pile where the first Phoenix Egg is hidden. Nothing's been taken from Fall of the Trident or anything. The big underworld explosion was cool!

Map Design: 3
I'm sorry, but I thought there was just too much running around in nearly all the scenarios, especially in the first, where you have to find the pigs and all... The scenarios themselves were very variating. Double Trouble must've been a pain in the *** designing.

Story/Instructions: 5
The third flawless part.(Overlooking some of the spelling mistakes, translated from Dutch.) The story varied very well. From freeing the camels to finding the Osiris Piece Box. And no one can say the instructions were bad.

Additional Comments:
The final Cinematic ruled! The large battle, incredible! You're one of the best editors to exist.
(As with Defense of Ioklos, I'm a bit late on my review, but I think it's important to post my opinion on certain Campaigns.)

[Edited on 02/12/05 @ 06:16 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(A very playable campaign but with one major flaw: Double trouble keeps shutting down on its own so i had to use channel surfing since i was fed up after the 6th shutdown. However, overall it was a very playable campaign.

Balance: 5
(Like some other people said, the (early) 'missions' were rather easy. you could take out a lot of enemies without any damage just by using a long range catapult. but on the other hand, it was never a walk-through so i'm inclined to give you a 5 anyway. I hate it when campaigns are too difficult :-) )

Creativity: 5
(Very creative campaign. the missions were very well embedded in the story. some very crative work on how to pass obstacles like the river obstruction. i liked it. )

Map Design: 4
(Functional map disign. Sometimes my units were able to get into places the couldn't come out anymore so they were of no use anymore. but i guess building a map with no such things is virtually impossible ( i had some units stuck in places a few times in the original AOM too). Not too much eyecandy but hey, what do you expect when everything happens in the dessert)

Story/Instructions: 5
Very nice story and very well elaborated. I really liked the idea of 'saving from extinction'. I was kinda sad when i noticed the game was over after scn 7.
I had only one problem but i won't take your rating down for it since i don't know if it happened to other people or if i just did something wrong. In the scenario whith the blocked river and the egg in the cave, i got the instructions and the objective but i only got it once i passed the objective, so i had to figure out what i was supposed to do myself in this scn.
But overal very clear instructions and a superb story

Additional Comments:
Although the Egyptians are my less favorite culture, i really enjoyed this campaign.

Note for all designers of campaigns: when you ban certain (myth) units from a scn, please let the player know in some way, otherwise it is frustrating :-)

[Edited on 03/15/05 @ 05:58 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
You always know what to do and how to go about doing it. This is helped in part by the maps, they sort of point you in the right direction. Your tasks were not dull in the least. I wanted to finish each one.

Balance: 5
i read in another comment that double trouble way too hard. I liked it. It was a lengthy process and i expanded a large amount up the map. It would be nice to link forces, but after i finished half the map, i had huge amounts of buildings and recources, so it didn't matter. Other scenarios proved to be a challenge at first, but very possible to complete.

Creativity: 5
This has been the only campaign yet i've actually bothered to finish playing. the story way extreemly original, just like the other aspects, like each different challenge in each scenario.

Map Design: 4
A point here is lost because of lack of eye candy, though this can be justified because these maps are made to serve a purpose. Each map is made for the scenario instructions.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very orginal. Oddy reused characters and objects, but keeping their personalities how they should be. As said above, you always knew what to do. Lovely.

Additional Comments:
Oddy cannot have my babies but i would donate a semen sample if he wishes.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
Most of the scenarios were fairly straight forward (in terms of gameplay and triggers) and worked smoothly. There was one noticeable exception being scenario 6 Double trouble. The Double trouble scenario crashed 4 times for me and reading comments here that seemed to be a recurring problem. A problem again most notable in the Double trouble scenario was that the defensive starting units of the enemy would attack all at once early on. A similar problem may have occurred on the fifth scenario (the one set in the underworld). I found a large clump of perhaps 20 units in a corner. On the second scenario I encountered a situation where due to the death of a unit I was unable to win however did not lose. Most of the scenarios were smooth to play however the couple of problems mentioned lead me to substantially reduce the playability score. Fixing the problems would result in a 4 or 5.

Balance: 3
I was playing the campaign on hard difficulty (appropriate for me playing the AI in supremacy) and found that there would often be an early attack and not much more offense from the enemy after that. The problems mentioned with units clumping together to create a stronger than expected army also reduced the balance score. Generally most scenario were difficult at the begging where there would be an attack and then it was just a matter of time until you won. Occasionally a time limit would be applied to the player. I found I always had about a third of the time time remaining by the time I had completed the task. Overall it felt difficult to lose (with the exception of Double trouble that felt impossible to win). If the game felt more even throughout scenarios that would improve the balance score. In addition the death of one unit could result in a loss this had potential to be harsh as some of the scenarios were rather long. Son of Osiris could defeat most enemy armies, this is not good for balance.

Creativity: 4
The diversity of objectives between scenarios was nice and the overall plot was enjoyable. I became more interested in the storyline between scenarios as the campaign continued. However I felt within scenarios tasks became quite repetitive. For example in the second scenario you had to complete the same task 5 times (and the same task 5 times in sixth scenario, not that I got to play it). Even in the fourth scenario (with the river) you essentially completed the same task twice just on the other side of the river.

Map Design: 3
I felt as though the maps were too large. I felt the large maps added to the time taken to complete the scenarios simply by taking time for units to walk from point A to point B. It was obvious effort was put into the map design, the whole map was decorated to a similar degree regardless of wether or not it was on the main path. I think more eye candy could have been added to the maps to make them more beautiful without impacting the rest of the scenarios. Some maps also lacked sources of food in starting areas.

Story/Instructions: 3
As already mentioned I became increasingly interested in the story as the campaign progressed. There were some problems in the story. I felt the rewards of the first scenario were useless. There was a bit of a let down at the very end as well. There was a problem (that lead to a time limit) however the problem just disappeared when the scenario was completed, a 10 second cinematic scene could have solved this problem. Throughout the campaign there were repeated and noticeable grammatical errors. The most noticeable was "pharaoh" being spelt incorrectly. I do realise the campaign has been translated. The instructions were adequate however some more steps would have been beneficial in some scenarios.

Additional Comments:
For me some of the scenarios took too long. Some took me more than an hour whereas the maximum in Fall of the Trident was about 40 minutes. For the vulnerability of some units required that were required to survive this was rather long. The reason for the long scenarios was just to complete the same task again and again. It would be beneficial to reduce repetition of tasks, decrease map size and accelerate the start of games (e.g. start with more villagers).

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