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William Yeats
File Details
Version: AoM
Inorder to make a map can be play again and again, I thought it better to creat new races but make maps like RPG. I deside the races of the five elements as a result; that is, Earth apostle, Fire
apostle, Wood apostle, Water apostle and Metal apostle. Each race were have their features but grand each one with many GPs carelessly. I even desigh the trigger named "select apostles" to let
player could fight with each apostle as their wish. ( The usage of "select apostle" is in the "sea battle (373K)" ). The strategy is below. I hope everyone could give me suggestion about my ideas such as "creat races," "the new races I creat" and "trigger amed "select apostle"" above and the feeling after play. Thx.:)

P.S. For the use of trigger "select apostle," now I often fight with Fire apostle 1 by 1, and I often use Earth/Wood/Water/Metal apostle.( The usage of "select apostle" is in the "sea
battle (373K)" ).

1.the 24 day-night recycle with 13 kinds of lighting.
2.new races each were featured by five elements.
3.5 heroes at begining.
4.1 antique of Isis on your original TC prevent the attack of constant GP-invokings.
5.Music when reaching the new age.
6.New-desighed trigger named "select apostle."
7.The setting of triggers are easy for everyone to learn.
8.Little scenario that Giant the God race will treat 5 apostle as enemy when any of 5 apostles was defeated and 5 apostle will cooperate to fight against it!
9.2 secret races named "Sentinel of The Undead" and "Undead Sentinel of The Earth" waiting for your exploration!P.S. "Undead Sentinel of The Earth" will appear when difficulty > 3; however, the
result of test is that PC use it poorly no matter what difficulty you select.
10.improve the bugs of GPs-giving as described later.

The suggesstion for troop-desigh:
1/How to desigh:
1.Pressing the right key of mouse on the blank of map and move the mouse to encircle the unit that you want to make them into one troop.
2."Ctrl"+X (number key)
Press the ""Ctrl" and number key X to make them into troop X. Ex. Make Athena into troop 4.
3.Now that the troop you just select is the troop X, you can select them all by pressing the number key X.

2/Name of troops and their type:
1."Ctrl"+1: The First Division ( large population )- First Short-diatanced Division ( FSD ): Composed by Akantos, Reginaiff and any other short-diatanced units and MUs which mission is to fight with main troop of your enemy.
2."Ctrl"+2: The Second Division ( small population )- First Mobil Devision ( FMD ): Composed by long-distanced units/MUs with 1~2 high-leveled heroes/MUs as guardians which mission is concentrate the fire on enemy who is hurting the unit of FSD who is in bad health to lower the death rate. ( the unit who is protected should go healing right away! )
3."Ctrl"+3: The Third Devision ( large population )- Second Short-diatanced Division ( SSD ): Composed by short-diatanced units/MUs like FSD and Titan ( if you have reach ).
4."Ctrl"+4: The Fourth Devision ( Athena )- Surper Exploror ( SE )
5."Ctrl"+5: The Fifth Devision ( large population )- First Long-distanced Devision ( FLD ): Composed by Son of Osiris and other long-distanced units/MUs.
6."Ctrl"+6: The Sixth Devision ( small population )- Surprising Attack Devision ( SuAD ): Composed by high-leveled knights which mission is to appear in the middle of fighting and kill the long-
distanced units/MUs of your enemy!
7."Ctrl"+7: The Seventh Devision ( large population )- Special Attack Devision ( SpAD ): Composed by Etri, villagers and house-tearing machines which mission is occupate the place where your enemy obtain resources and build military base in the chaotic war. ( useless when fight with Gaia )

3/During the war:

1.Let Athena go first to distract their attention.
2.When Athena was surrounded by enemies, let 1/2/3/5 go on fight.
3.Use 6 to distract enemies again at critical point of the outbreaking of the battle and let them go back.

4.When fighting, heroes/2/6/7 must be use properly: When enemy's Akantos coming, use your Akantos to fight with him or your people in FSD will be killed many especially in EWEp! Son of Osiris
cannot be put too front, or he will be easily killed! Let alone in EWEp. ... . Use Reginaiff and Son of Osiris well to heal your people in the blanks! 2 must play their part well in helping 1 as
described above. Use 6 to kill the long-distanced units/MUs of your enemy when war has broke out!When each devision were on their place, it time for 7 to build new house!

merely some funny way of troop-desigh: Insider may not use, but it could improve the fun in playing, hope everyone could discuss your strategies here! :>

Use the 5 heroes at begining:
1.super exploror-Athena: LOS large enough to compare with Atlantis' unit, high HP and strong amor. You could use her as following:
1.Exploring the map: Pressing "Shift" and pressing right key of mouse repeatedly on the minimap with your mouse moving- Athena will move along the point you pressed. You can use the same way we play in AOE- exploring encircle the TC ( Very useful for looking for pigs! ).
2.supervision: Put Athena around the vital base of your enemy if you find one!
3.Invoking point of god power: Use the LOS of Athena to invoke GP. For instance, Earth Apostle will be killed all GPs when reaching new Ages, the only one "sleleton power" given in each Age will be wasted if you didn't use it, you can order Athena to go to enemy's place when researching the new Age and use Athena's LOS to invoke it!

Villager hero- Etri: Although his AT is small, he can work with villagers and fight with enemy attacking working villagers to leave time for your army to come to their rescue. Just for the low AT, He will have ability to change form into mountain giant when hurted and TURN BACK Etri after his HP is lower than 50 0/0, and perform the same changing ability AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Heroine of Valkyrie- Reginaiff: The HP and AT are not bad, you can put her in first division. She can protect the first division by distracting the attention of enemies to leave time for your army to attack and heal your army with excellent healing ability.

Super short-distanced hero Akantos- Hight HP, AT with special ability to higher fellowmen's AT shortly, Akantos is the best people to lead the troops in Age of Mythology! For the evil power of
the Undead Scourage in EWEp, Akantos will wake into Akantosman when the Alliance is in danger ( HP less than 10 0/0 ), and BACK TO AKANTOS when HP is higher than 25 0/0 ,and perform the setting AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN! What's more, the time for changing will become more and more earlier when you reach higher Ages. Besides, the second exploror after Athena is him!

The Son of Osiris who is so desired to follow his great father: The Son of Osiris is a excellent long-distanced unit. It's sad that he can't resurrect again and again like Akantos. In EWEp. The Osiris will no longer mortal like before- He will wake into the unit of god level; that is, Osiris 1~4 second ( depend on your age! ) and turn in Setna and back to Son of Osiris when Setna is in full health. Besides the use as the leader of 1st. long-distanced devision, you can use him to higher the rate of researching like the situation in playing Egypt. Naturally, his healing ability is not bad, too!

If you have funny way of hero using, I hope you can share it with me! :>

Feature of the Earth:
1.Grant 1 Citadel and 2 sentinels then invoke them on original TC into Citadel with two sentinel.
See trigger F_Earth_1 if you intrest in the way of design.
2.Grand the GPs of Earth feature after few seconds: 50 animal magetisms+ 100 sandstorms+ 1 skeleton power for defensive use .
See trigger F_Earth_2 if you intrest in the way of design.
3.Kill All GPs when Age3 and grand the GPs of Earth feature again: 25 animal magetisms+ 100 sandstorms+ 1 skeleton power for defensive use + 2 Tornados.
See trigger F_Earth_2 if you intrest in the way of design.
4.Kill all GPs when Age4 and grand the GPs of Earth feature again: 100 animal magetisms+ 100 sandstorms+ 10 skeleton powers + 2 Earthquakes.

1.Just because there are 1 skeleton power as defensive use in Age 1/2/3, you must use it before reaching the new Age!
2.Use sandstorm to mve as usual as possible to save time for the reason that Earth apostle doesn't like the apostles as Fire or Metal have flaming weapon to higher AT and strenthen armur. As a result, you could use sandstorm in the case such as moving hero back after getting antiques in the middle of the map, moving Son of Osiris to higher the rate of researching rate countrywise, moving pigs back right after finding, moving the units back as soon as the one is in danger and moving your troops when attacking in the end of the game... for fear that you might be killed by others in early Ages. Remember to make good use of Athena as invoking point of GPs.
3.Use animal magnetism to discover "hunting field" near the hood of your TC, if you play multiple map of EW1 you could do the same thing for your alliance. In the middle period of the game you can also do the same thing in the place far from your original TC. In the late of the game, you can use it as super method to explore the map- you even can explore the whole map without using any unit just stay in your own TC. As the tool to maintain the LOS given by Athena- Use animal magnetism to maintain the LOS explored by Athena, and Athena cango another place to dicover new LOS. Denote the range of protected places- Use animal magnetism to denote the range of protected places given by antique of Isis for your convenience in invoking GPs and moving troops. Finally, locating animal magnetism during the chaotic war, it will distract your enemy's force!
4.The best policy is to have enough force in Age3 and start the war as researching the tech of Age4, let Athena go another base of your enemy as LOS as your FSD is attacking the main TC of your enemy. If you really do, for one thing, you can invoke Tornado in the LOS of Athena firt; for the other you can move your troops to Athena's LOS when they were in danger. What's more you soon reach Age4 right after you run out of GPs, now you can use 10 skeleton powers+ 2 Earthquakes to finish the war. Of course, you can't use so many GPs to face 1 apostle, remember that there still 3 apostles and 1 God if you really want to play the Earth apostle well!

images of the Earth apostles:
Earth apostle is the kind of person take material much more serious than mental, they won't feel save if they don't have a "thing." Just because they are too realistic, what they thought sometime
become too theoritically that they pursue the "ideal situation" and teased by others call them "perfectionist." As a Earth apostle, he must make a determination in what he want to do or give up his dream; otherwise, he will become the person speaker louder than action!This is Earth apostle!
Virgo and other earth sign, people burn on Sat.

It's late in Taiwan, I am sorry that I must sleep know. (-_=)
I will continue translating tomorrow! Very sorry!

Shrapnel/auron 2, thanks for telling me. I forgot to delete the code of TZSU and post it with translations. In addition, it alright for you to see many strange words because I said that I posed posted code with translation- now I delete the code!
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auron 2 you should put it in less words. not many people will want to read all that.
Shrapnel might be my comp but half of it all is weird text and it is long, still downloading so i will review soon
William Yeats
File Author
Shrapnel/auron 2, thanks for telling me. I forgot to delete the code of TZSU and post it with translations. In addition, it alright for you to see many strange words because I said that I posed posted code with translation- now I delete the code!
auron 2 I really don't understand what the scenario is about. this file contains a bunch of files i didn;t know how to install. ther were so cool screenshots though. but they don;t have nothing to do with aom:tt

This is just an opinion: it isn't neccesary to translate the description into two languages. If you are gonna do that, then first make the description in english. then leave some space and write it on other you native language but separate from the english descritption. it itsn't a good idea to write both english and taiwan descriptions all together. make them separate

[Edited on 12/22/03 @ 11:55 PM]

gorillaz_ally33 are the music files for the map and if so where do they go? plz reply
auron 2 those music files are from AOM:TT. if you already have Age of Mythology: The Titans, then you don't need to install that music
William Yeats
File Author
About the files inside:
I am sorry that the music inside have nothing to do with EW1, but they have much to do with EWEp; that is, the music file is so large that I must sent them on first.

"merry X'mas" is the little present for downloaders.
"sound" is music for "EWEp." (the music file is so large that I must sent them on first for those doesn't have AOM:tt ), so just like auron said "those music files are from AOM:TT. if you already have Age of Mythology: The Titans, then you don't need to install that music."
"EW1_Earth" is to play "The Elememtal War" as the Earth apostle.
"EW1_God" is to play "The Elememtal War" as the God the Giant Race (Nothing special but endless resources).
HL_Reaper bump, you've included english homework ??
auron 2 jajajjajjajajaja. thats so funny!!
William Yeats
File Author
Yes! I include English homework in there.;)

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