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William Yeats
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Version: AoM
Inorder to make a map can be play again and again, I thought it better to creat new races but make maps like RPG. I deside the races of the five elements as a result; that is, Earth apostle, Fire
apostle, Wood apostle, Water apostle and Metal apostle. Each race were have their features but grand each one with many GPs carelessly. I even desigh the trigger named "select apostles" to let
player could fight with each apostle as their wish. ( The usage of "select apostle" is in the "sea battle (373K)" ). The strategy is below. I hope everyone could give me suggestion about my ideas such as "creat races," "the new races I creat" and "trigger named "select apostle"" above and the feeling after play. Thx.:)

P.S. For the use of trigger "select apostle," now I often fight with Fire apostle 1 by 1, and I often use Earth/Wood/Water/Metal apostle.( The usage of "select apostle" is in the "sea
battle (373K)" ).

Feature:See TheElememtalWar_Earth

The suggesstion for troop-desigh:
See TheElememtalWar_Earth

Name of troops and their type:
See TheElememtalWar_Earth

During the war:
See TheElememtalWar_Earth

merely some funny way of troop-design: Insider may not use, but it could improve the fun in playing, hope everyone could discuss your strategies here! :>

Use the 5 heroes at begining:
If you have funny way of hero using, I hope you can share it with me! :>

0.10 houses, 1 graner, 1 little pool near TC with many fish for food and sea monsters. Ground near TC also have many sea monsters which you can use them as base with fighting.
1.Kill all GPs and grant GPs featured with water: 100 Well of Urds+ 100 healing springs.
See trigger F_Water_1 if you intrested in the way of setting.
2.100 Rain+ 1 animal magnetism 15 seconds later.
See trigger F_Water_2 if you intrested in the way of setting.
3.Kill all GPs when reaching Age3 and grant 3 GPs featured with water: 5 healing springs+ 5 frosts+ 2 snow stroms and fire trigger F_Water_4.
See trigger F_Water_3 if you intrested in the way of setting.
4.grant 1 snow strom per 2 mins ( Age4 ).
See trigger F_Water_4 if you intrested in the way of setting.

1.For killing all GPs reaching Age3, be sure to make the best of 3 GPs featured with water and 1 animal magetism: Use the same policy as Fire/wood apostle- invoking GPs when exploring the map; that is, locate Well of Urds. Comparing with Fire apostle, passage-invokation of Water apostle in early ages is much more important for Fire/Earth apostle have Underworld passages and sandstorm all
ages, Metal apostle will be granted 6 Underworld passages in Age4, Water apostle have Well of Urd only in Age1/2!
Invoking Rain constantly. Rain have the power to prevent invoking of GPs, use it constantly can let your enemy play without the help of GPs. Remember that Rain will prevent you invoking GPs, too.
Make a compromise between Using of Well of Urd and Rain! This skill is especially important when fighting with Metal apostle for he have 1 creat gold and 2 properities per 2 min before Age4!
Animal magetism is use as a symbol of Water apostle for Poseidon is the ruler of the sea! Use it like the original way!
2.If you want to make good use of Rain, start to store wood before Age2! Order more people hunting and creat villagers and enough force for "defendence" in the same time. Order most of the villagers
creat go hunting and felling, let 1 villager go farming to build up all farms and let most felling people go mining and people hunting go farming. For the help of Rain and amount of working people, food and gold will increase speedily, start to research Age3 when 3000 food and 4000 gold ( of
course, you should accumulat enough force for "defendence" when accumulating resoources ). Research Age4 when reach Age3. Remember increase your force/resources/tech constantly. If enemy go and attack you, use healing spring to heal after outbreak of the war and freeze them by frost when most of your army are in bad health ( Remember that your army must more them your enemy, or the one healed will be your enemy but you! ). Creat knights of Poseidon "constantly" onece reaching Age4. With the armybefore, frost, snow strom, healing spring, Well of Urd if you did locate and "lots" knights of Poseidon- "time is fitting!"
If you don't want to use the 3 GPs featured with water and 1 animal magnetism, you can also kill the units you think it "useless," then you will save the time for building; nontheless, the really Water apostles wil never do this! If you did, then you can play as the way you used to do- 100 Rain/healing/well of Urd before Age3, 5 healing spring/frost and 2 snow strom, 1 snow storm per 2 mins in Age4 is much better than none, isn't it?
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