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William Yeats
File Details
Version: AoM
Inorder to make a map can be play again and again, I thought it better to creat new races but make maps like RPG. I deside the races of the five elements as a result; that is, Earth apostle, Fire
apostle, Wood apostle, Water apostle and Metal apostle. Each race were have their features but grand each one with many GPs carelessly. I even desigh the trigger named "select apostles" to let
player could fight with each apostle as their wish. ( The usage of "select apostle" is in the "sea battle (373K)" ). The strategy is below. I hope everyone could give me suggestion about my ideas such as "creat races," "the new races I creat" and "trigger named "select apostle"" above and the feeling after play. Thx.:)

P.S. For the use of trigger "select apostle," now I often fight with Fire apostle 1 by 1, and I often use Earth/Wood/Water/Metal apostle.( The usage of "select apostle" is in the "sea
battle (373K)" ).

Feature:See TheElememtalWar_Earth

The suggesstion for troop-desigh:
See TheElememtalWar_Earth

Name of troops and their type:
See TheElememtalWar_Earth

During the war:
See TheElememtalWar_Earth

merely some funny way of troop-design: Insider may not use, but it could improve the fun in playing, hope everyone could discuss your strategies here! :>

Use the 5 heroes at begining:
If you have funny way of hero using, I hope you can share it with me! :>

1.Kill all GPs 5 seconds after begining and grant 5 visions/walking woods then invoke 4 visions on TCs of other apostles.
See trigger F_Wood_1 if you intrested in the way of setting.
2.10 seconds after begining invoke 4 walking woods on the woods besides TCs of other apostles.
See trigger F_Wood_2 if you intrested in the way of setting.
3.Kill all GPs 20 seconds after begining and grand 1 Citadel and 2 sentinels then invoke them on your TCs right away ( From the concept that "Wood" is "things" from the "Earth" ) then fire the trigger F_Wood_34.
See trigger F_Wood_3 if you intrested in the way of setting.
4.plyr 3-Wood apostle(you) and plyr 6-God treat each other naturally.
See trigger F_Wood_34 if you intrested in the way of setting.
5.1 walking woods/walking bushes per 2 mins.
See trigger F_Wood_4 if you intrested in the way of setting.
6.Kill all GPs again when Age4 and dissable F_Wood_4 then grant "final GPs for Wood apostles: that is, 10 skeleton powers+ 10 walking woods+ 10 sentinels+ 5 healing spring ( from the concept that : "Wood" iis "Things" from "Earth" )
See trigger F_Wood_5 if you intrested in the way of setting.
1.You don't need to play as the trigger F_Wood_1 setted; that is, grant 5 visions/walking woods then invoke 4 visions on TCs of other apostles and then invoke 4 walking woods on the woods besides TCs of other apostles as F_Wood_2 setted. For example, if you use the trigger named "select apostle" to make the game into 1 Vs 1; for example, Wood apotle and Fire apostle, I can make good use of 5 walking woods granted in F_Wood_1 like invoke on my own but as F_Wood_2 as invoking them all around trees around Fire apostles. By the way, If I am not good at fighting with Fire apostle but Water apostle, I can invoke the walking woods for Water apostle to Fire apostle. Other policies like invoking them for my alliance when playing singlly or multiplly to protect them or invoke them in the remain of other apostles when using the trigger "select apostle" as sentinel of your intented new TCs...many srategies are up to you, as your wish- the thing always the same no matter who do is "science," differ from everyone is "art". This is art obviously!
2.If you play as the setting of F_Wood_2, you will have 1 walking woods/vision then you can invoke them as your wish! Remember that there are only 10s to use!
3.Like the srategy of Fire apostle, Wood apostle must invoke walking woods when exploring the map. The differnence is that the GPs of Wood apostle saperated into walking woods/bushes, invoke "walking bushes" when you see berry bushes, there are berry bushes beside all TCs in this map, I bet you will never use berry bushes as your main sourse of food! The policy to invoke walking wood is the same as the invoking of forest fire of Fire apostle- invoke those trees near enemy's TCs for the grantion is 1/2mins; besides, you also can store them for free army when fighting, remember that you will be killed all GPs when reaching Age4. Although walking woods is weaker than any other formal footmen, they still usefull when amount is large! but you need trees near first!
4.You must store your force for the target that you can start the war in Age4, 10 sentinel is use to strenthen your national defendence! Wood apostle ( and Water apoatle, Earth apostle ) is weak without policy to use, without proper use, apostles like Fire apostle will have flaming weapons, Metal apostle will have Bronze and restoration, let alone Fire apostle will have 100 underworld passage, Metal apostle will have 6 underworld passage, Earth apostle will have 100 sandstorm and Water apostle may locate Well of Urd before Age3. GPs like 10 skeleton powers+ 10 walking woods+ 5 healing spring is too strenthen your FSD and other divison! not your mainly force! So, use your
"final GPs for Wood apostles" well, especially those prefer Wood apostle than other apostles. Remember that there are 3 apotles and God besides the apostle you are fighting now!

Images of the Wood apostles:
Not nessarily active but lively, with special feeling ability with things also have mythtirious power. Constantly and steadily when doing things, just like things with live. Like the soft grass
outdoor, feeling given by all kinds of woods... he may not active but his existance is disagreeable. His body may look dried- because he need water; or he is a wood with enough water, he won't be too dried or slabby.

Some people burned on Sat/ earth sign/ water sign/ Scropio/ Capricorn... .

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HL_Reaper I BEG YOU TO STOP POSTING THIS STUPID XMAS THING IN IT, IT'S WAY 2 BIG, AND ALSO YOU'VE INCLUDED YOUR ENGLISH HOMEWORK... I mean... man, we want good stuff, no stupid merry XMAS wishes....
William Yeats
File Author
I am sorry that I just express my sincerely wish that all the downloader could have a happy X,mas, the work of "sea battle (373K)" is big for teaching data in, the work of "TheElementalWar" is big mainly for music for EWEp of Undead Scourage (especially those doesn't have AOM:Tt )and my wish for downloaders and "Epic 3 heroes (Titan Only)" is big for map of all apostles and music for heroes.
I don't think it's not appropreiate for me to do that.
If my gifts for downloaders annoying you, know I say sorry to you.
I wasted many time and effort to do this work, if you thought the work is very bad- please forgive and forget, I am sorry ot hear that.

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