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Epic 3 heroes ( Titan Only )

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William Yeats
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Feature and strategy will be posted later!
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William Yeats
File Author
Villager hero- Etri:
Although his AT is small, he can work with villagers and fight with enemy attacking working villagers to leave time for your army to come to their rescue. Just for the low AT, He will have ability to change form into mountain giant when hurted and TURN BACK Etri after his HP is lower than 50 0/0, and perform the same changing ability AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Super short-distanced hero Akantos
- Hight HP, AT with special ability to higher fellowmen's AT shortly, Akantos is the best people to lead the troops in Age of Mythology! For the evil power of
the Undead Scourage in EWEp, Akantos will wake into Akantosman when the Alliance is in danger ( HP less than 10 0/0 ), and BACK TO AKANTOS when HP is higher than 25 0/0 ,and perform the setting AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN! What's more, the time for changing will become more and more earlier when you reach higher Ages. Besides, the second exploror after Athena is him!

The Son of Osiris who is so desired to follow his great father:
The Son of Osiris is a excellent long-distanced unit. It's sad that he can't resurrect again and again like Akantos. In EWEp. The Osiris will no longer mortal like before- He will wake into the unit of god level; that is, Osiris 1~4 second ( depend on your age! ) and turn in Setna and back to Son of Osiris when Setna is in full health. Besides the use as the leader of 1st. long-distanced devision, you can use him to higher the rate of researching like the situation in playing Egypt. Naturally, his healing ability is not bad, too!

TimmoTeabag cool. recommend it.
odin_worshipper the only problem i had was that my SOO died.

he died and he didn't change to sentna..

but the map is good!!!

[Edited on 12/29/03 @ 09:50 PM]

CodeLabMaster BTW, can I use that music in an upcoming scenario?
William Yeats
File Author
Thanks for encouraging me! TimmoTeabag. :D

odin_worshipper, the epic 3 heroes is the 3 original heroes in EWEp! Use 3 super heroes to lead your favorite element race! Go! Remember that you can join the Undead Scourage by killing the statue of your main god before Age2, become Paladin by destorying sieging machine before Age2 or remain your elemental apostle by doing none of them! That is, evil or right is up to you! To more details, see data I summerise in "sea battle (373K)." :D

CodeLabMaster, you can use all the music as your wish, that's why I wasted so much time uploading so large files! :D
keisum Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
William Yeats
File Author
Oh my god! I was so glad to recieve so high score! Thanks! Thanks! Very thanks!
I will never forget the day 2004/1/3 I got 5 starts! Thanks! :D

Just like unfairness in the real life, the Undead Scourage was created.
In order to fight with evil Undead, Paladin was created as a result.

For maintaining the world peace, I join the war, the Elemental War.
I should not afraid, because I am a choice- evil or right is up to me!
I select to be a Paladin!
A Earth Paladin! ;D
auron 2 i'm gonna check it out.
CheeZy monkey Please give actual reviews, as just rating a file will get your "review" deleted.
auron 2 whats the scenario about? I really didnt understand how to play it. you included five scnearios which are just the same. the only difference is that you play as a different player. there is no difference between the five scenarios.

Unbalanced game play. players had different amounts and kinds of resources when the game started as well as godpowers. There were no instructions at all which explained the player what to do. A bunch of messages appear at the same time and you dont even know which one to read first which was kind of annoying. there was also a question about electricity and fire which i dont know what it means. why did you included?

There was some eyecandy. the scenarios were painted kind of well. but most of the objects were just randomly putted with no sense.

there was som good creativity using Branch scenario and the triggers. each player gets different godpowers. I think this is just like supremacy. only that you start off with different godpowers depending on what player you choose to be and you start with some heros and units and it doesnt explain why you got them. I think the problem is that it needs more explanation.

the playablility was kind of good since it is just like supremacy. and supremacy is very playable.

and did you made all those comments using different accounts? TimmoTeabag and odin_worshipper made very well comments the same day only at different times......

[Edited on 01/03/04 @ 11:11 PM]

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