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Journey into Hades part one

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Martin R
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Have updated some aspects of the game so the bug of killing cerberus before going through the hades gate has been fixed with a few other problems after the comments were made. I have not done all the changes that were surgested but have had a go at making it better.

Have added my first cinematic to this scenario, it is a bit basic though as I have only just figured out how to do them so please bear that in mind when this map is reviewed or someone leaves a comment.

Please review and tell me good points as well as bad points as knowing good points is still as important as knowing my bad points.

Martin R
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Map Design4.0
Alright, now for the reveiw. The story and instructions perfectly blended. I was nevere confused at what to do. I liked the map design. You had some nice Eyecandy. One thing I would change though is putting the trees and tree cutters in the city as well as making the city a little bigger. It was very creative in the story and the plot. (Something tells me you like titans and Ajax alot.)(lol) The freedom for the game was perfect.

I'd have to say another nice job. Very improved from the first one.

From now on, if I post a negitive comment at all, I'm gonna say how to fix it.

[Edited on 12/28/03 @ 09:03 PM]

The Bard
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
It's not what I would call a very gripping scenario, and it has a number of bugs and flaws in there:
First, it's possible to walk through gaps in the big wall. (Place them overlapping or change the ground below to rock or some other impassable terrain to avoid that.)
Then, contrary to what is said in the objectives, it's not necessary to kill the Titan. The player wins if Ajax walks up to the gate of Hades. Combined with the gaps in the wall this means that I could simply invoke Ceasefire, walk by all enemies and win the game in well under two minutes! It's not even necessary to kill the Cyclops first because the Lightning Storm trigger doesn't work properly.
The village is only attacked if Ajax comes close enough to a specific villager, which may not happen at all. (You would need a looping 'move to unit' trigger for the villager to automatically seek out Ajax.) And the Colossus attacking the TC just falls out of the sky. It would make more sense if he had to walk up to the village like everybody else.
If you put relics on the map, use 'force relic' to make them useful to the player. Or to keep them from being too useful – no sense in forbidding the Pegasus if the player stumbles across the bridle which gives him one for free!

Balance: 2
Even without the bugs mentioned above the scenario is much too easy with the enemies being inactive. Make them attack and put the player under constant pressure, otherwise he can simply build up, get his own Titan and easily crush any resistance at the gate.

Creativity: 2
The usual approach – the player starts with his own base, builds up and attacks an enemy who just sits around waiting to be slaughtered. Nothing special here, no surprises at all.

Map Design: 3
The map doesn't look bad, just completely uninteresting. Boring. Large parts are just flat and empty, it looks as if you had started to design it and then lost interest before you got to add the finishing touches. You should spend some more time on it, make it live. Use different textures for the ground, roughen the terrain, add birds in the sky, rocks on the ground, everything that looks nice.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions are more or less clear, but keep in mind that they only work because the map is so small. Otherwise the player would have difficulties with objectives like 'go and kill a Cyclops' or 'protect some nondescript village' without any information about where to find them. As for the story, I'd say the stage is set – let's see how it evolves in the following scenarios.

Additional Comments:
This was probably one of your first attempts with cinematics, right? I advise you to take a look at the corresponding tutorials on this site or at some of the top-rated scenarios to see how it's done properly. (Felix Hermansson's 'Wrong Place Wrong Time' may be a good starting point, it features a quite simple intro and the triggers are self-explanatory. The 'original' campaigns then may be good to look at some more interesting cinematics.)
Last but not least: I missed background music in your scenario!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The playability was fine, although it was not amazing, you can get through the whole scenario without feeling in the least annoyed. Personally i had fun with it because i am not an aggresive player and was able to build up my town without having too many attacks against me.

Balance: 2
To be honest this scenario could be a bit too easy, i played the scenario 3 times and each time won by miles. My strategy in this game was just to send a small army in when needed and then hold off until i had a titan myself and killed the enemy ceberus. Newbies will probably love this easy going game. But for everyone else it is probably boring. Maybe with an actual AI enemy with their own town a bit more pressure could be applied to give more advanced gamers a better game.

Creativity: 3
There was no stood-out amazing interest here, i mean the whole kill this horrible guy to save someone else is not new, i hav made scenarios like that. But the cool way in which Martin enlarges the monsters is cool, like in other scenarios he has done (clash of the titan). So for a new way of going about old ideas i give an average score.

Map Design: 3
The map design was ok. This is the best that i can say because it works good, everything is in its place, there was adequate resources and an average way about the terrain mix (the river running through the map, seperating the player from the enemy, and small groups of trees blotted around the map.)It works well and i found no problems. the map design works like a random map for which is ok so again i give an average 3.

Story/Instructions: 5
Absolutley no problemo! I was able to work through the scenario with out a single flaw here. When i completed one objective it went straight onto the next, they were as clear as the night sky. (lol)

Additional Comments:
I found the overall scenario a medium piece of work, not a masterpiece (definitly room to spice things up a bit) but again everything worked as you would hope a scenario would. I especially liked the earthquakes that the enemy(red) send on you with the medusa. I found that i had to work a bit there. But on the negative side, the cinematic was a bit flawed. You could hav full control while the people were talking and you had movement of the camera too. but ok scenario ;^)
Student of War
Map Design4.0
Playability: 1
Being able to win by sending Ajax to the opposite corner contributed greatly to this score. Also I didnt feel threatend by Cerberus.

Balance: 2
Way too easy. I didnt feel any kind of challenge while I played this. If you can walk away from playing without pausing the game it kinda takes the wind out of it. Did you play it?

Creativity: 3
I liked the villager following me around like a lost animal. I was compelled to keep him safe. Even if the lightning triggers didnt work the medusa charge was pulled off quite well. If you had more events like that this score would be higher.

Map Design: 4
The cinematics or cinematic was brief but the camera movement was good. The resources were placed well and the gate was done nicely. If you fill up the grassy areas with more detail you would get a 5.

Story/Instructions: 4
Ajax and Hippolyta? who knew? or is it Atalanta? The instructions were clear and the story was easy to follow. The messages went by a bit fast and it took me three games to read them all. The score would be higher if you included a chat with the story so I could reveiw the story in my chat. And the messages should be timed better.
Additional Comments:
I am hoping your experience with this scen will make each part better and better.

[Edited on 01/04/04 @ 03:31 AM]

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