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Battle for Middle Earth Version 3

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# of Players: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
This scenario attempts to re create the events from the middle to the end of the third age. After the Siege of Barad-Dur at the end of the second age, Sauron, although defeated, he was not destroyed. for over 1500 years, Gondor flourished and its empire grew. After around 1100 years, evil began to take shape in Dol Guldor as the Nazgul began to take shape. The early events of the third age concern the rise of the Kingdom of Angmar and the fall of Anor (Gondors Northern Kingdom). Angmar however, was defeated and the nazgul returned the relatively unguarded land of mordor and began rebuild its power.

The scenario starts at this point. In general, it represents the gradual demise of gondor through to the end of third age and the ring’s destruction. Gondor / Rohan win if they can survive for two hours. Mordor and their allies, the Easterlings and the Southrons have two hours to destroy the lighthouse in Minas Tirith.

Gondor starts off very strong, controlling all the land west of the Anduin, Ithilien up to the Dead Marshes and Northern Umbar. Its capital, Minas Tirith, Tower of the rising sun, is a large fortified city on the side of mount Mindolluin. Gondors Capital, osgiliath is situated on the four fords of the anduin. Minas Ithil is small fortress built on the eastern pass into Mordor. Rohan, which does not exist until the later in the third age needs to build up as one would in a normal game

The Southrons start off the strongest, as they were one of Gondors chief enemies throughout the early Third Age. Mordor and the Easterlings start off much weaker, but are granted lots of resources later in the game to represent their growing power.

To represent Saurons return, after 30 minutes, each evil player (excluding Southrons) is granted 25000 of each resource. This is repeated after 90 minutes.

The tactical part of the game is Ithilien and Osgiliath. There are four town centres in this area. If ithilien / the Fords of Osgiliath fall early in the game, then gondor stands little chance of survival. Rohan is essential in helping to plug gaps in gondors defences and buy time.

Notes and rules

These are notes that all players should know:

No Titans. I have tried to prevent their construction and research in the editor, but this does not seem to work. Please to not build them, it ruins the whole point of the game

Player positions and their race:

Player 1 – Gondor – Zeus

Player 2 – Rohan – thor

Player 3 – Mordor – Odin or Thor

Player 4 – Easterlings – Odin or thor

Player 5 – Southrons – Ra or isis (not set, the reason being the combined vision / meteor bug (get rid of vision plz ensemble, its gay)

The evil players start off protected. The northern entrance to mordor is wooded off and the eastern entrance is guarded by Minas Ithil (which becomes Minas Morgul). The Southrons are surrounded by forest.

Mordor and the Easterlings are granted 25000 of each resource at the 30 minute and 90 minute mark.

The Southrons, Gondor and Mordor are the only race that can build docks / ships.

Gondor should be played be quite an experienced player. It will be attacked from lots of directions and generally decimated.

My notes

Ok, my previous version was only a 500 by 500. This one is much much much bigger at 1000 by 1000. This adds much more depth to the game, especially as i have had the room to build a much larger Minas Tirith (now four walls) and Osgiliath (a large, beautiful city in the centre) with 2 major crossings across the River. The map is in far greater detail and scale. However, due to its size, i recommend that only people with fast machines and DSL connections play this scenario.

My email / msn is jparmee@hotmail.com, so if you are a lord of the rings fan and fancy some really good organised games of this scenario, mail me or add me to your msn.

Kind regards

Lord_Elrond / Jonno (jparmee@hotmail.com)
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big_happy_guy umm how are you pose to play this online since its waaaaaay tooooooo big?
DeAtHeX_ you can fix the titan problem by doing this: 1: create a trigger and put a check on run emidiatly
2:go to condition and delete always, then put in timer and put in 1 sec
3: you put in set player tech status. Find secrets of the titans and put what players you dont want to have it$
4: just copy the trigger and change the player number so that all of the players cant build a titan
File Author
erm..... its more for lan parties (which i go to alot!)... not really that good online, unless its properly organised (people drop out games, don't have a fking clue what to do..... thats what i found when i playtested it around a bit)

A lot of people have complained that Gondor does start wayyyy too powerful... and complain that osgiliath should be a ruin if you read the silmarillion (which is more like a history book), the lord of the rings concerns the last 2 - 3 pages of the book (which is around 200 pages)... This scenario trys to concern the previous 1500 years... Gondor is a fooking massive empire, and Tolkien based it on the Roman / Byzantine Empire to an extent, which survived numerous wars (external and civil), raids, crap leaders etc... the fun in teh game is the gradual complete demise and decline of gondor, as it gradually loses territory...

I will do a scenario which matches the book to an extent.... i WILL make a ruined osgiliath, a Minas Tirith with 7 walls in a similar style game, except mordor starts off with... hmm... lets see... Denethor got really depressed about something. I quote from the last debate... "the attack on the Pelonnor was but a finger in the claws of Mordor, the next will be greater"... so around 100000 resources!!

If anyway who reads this lives in southampton, go to starbytes just opposite the Southampton Institute (Dimstitute). Really cool cybercafe where AOM is really popular, along with COD, medieval total war and C@C Generals...



Lord_Elrond (Jonno)

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