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Setna and The Lands of Egypt

Author File Description
auron 2
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Setna and the Lands of Egypt-By auron_2

Author: auron_2
Version: AoM: The Titans
Single Player Scenario: RPG

~Chosen by the Biggest German Video Game Magazine, Game Star, as part of the Age of Mythology cover CD-Rom, along with other well made scenarios.
~Special thanks to Game Star Magazine for chosing my scenario as part of the Mods & Levels issue. Game Star Magazine: http://www.gamestar.de


On the far lands of Loki, a group of Norse decided to invade Egypt in order to obtain vauable resources such as goldmines. three days after, the Norse took over Aegean, a very isolated part of Egypt, where they settle a base. However, Son of Osiris, the person whos dutty was to defend Aegean, survived during the Norse invasion.
He then decided to awake the almighty Guardian. However, the Norse have already taken notice of his plan. Setna and his soldiers most help Son of Osiris to awake the Guardian. Now, Egypts destiny is up to Setna, and Son of Osiris......

DESCRIPTION: Single Player Scenario, RPG.


Scenario: Go to My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Scenario
Songs(Taunts): Go to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/Sounds/Taunts


• Day/night cycle
• Eyecandy
• Spotlight Story, picture included
• Three objectives, hints
• Ambient sounds
• Two songs from www.zeldapower.com
• Over 120 triggers
• Intro Cinematic
• detailed acrobat read me


As stated in the acrobat reader, this scenario includes four different difficulty levels. I
strongly recommend to play it on Easy the first time you play this scenario. If you feel
like having a challenge, put the difficulty level to Titan. each level has different amount
of enemies, objects, godpowers, and different units.


• When starting the game, you will see a highlighted sign. select the highlighted sign, then type one of the following:

1)one Average 45 degree camera angle.
2)two A 35 degree angle
3)three A 90 degree angle
4)special Camera Cut Hero scene. only focused on the hero.

NOTE: You must wait at least 5 seconds for the camera pitch to change. when camera angles changes, click out of the highlighted sign. otherwise, the camera will get stuck.


Special thanks to Game Star Magazine for chosing my scenario as part of the Mods & Levels issue. Game Star Magazine: http://www.gamestar.de also, zeldapower.com for the 2 music tracks, and The_Bard for his helpfulreview which contributed with some updates


You can contact me at:
- www.freewebs.com/smallhours

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Very playable, took me an appropriate amount of time to finish it. Not too much build and destroy (who needs that?) and appropriate amount of resources given to the player.

Balance: 4
I love the idea of a super fire giant to match the guardian. If one knows where to fight the invaders it's very playable...staying away from the camp makes the serpent and freeze spells a little less damaging. If only I could have one more hero to kill those pesky Frost Giants...

Creativity: 4
This is at least third time that "reviving the guardian" has been a theme in a scenario, but otherwise it's good. And the appropriate amount of side missions and consistency of train of thought makes it a 4. (Some scenarios have good starts but non sequiturs that make the stuff that follows a bit hard to follow--this isn't one of them. Maybe familiar characters like Setna gave me a sense of where things were going--"kill the Norse" was the mission and no ifs and or buts about that)

Map Design: 5
To put the towers on unreachable peaks is a good idea. Maybe a shoreline where the Norse can periodically come, or having the AI start building more buildings AFTER the Guardian is awake might make it a little more interesting with respect to destroying their facilities.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good instructions--not too detailed to detract from common sense (i.e. who except idiots would go straight to the Norse camp without finding Son of Osiris first?)

Additional Comments:
Just to pick up on the thread of reviews:
1. I did not mean that you didn't spend a lot of time on your scenario. In fact, if you read between the lines, I think your scenario was one of the best I've played and does NOT belong to the ones that I rate below a 3. (i.e. Take a compliment graciously when it's offered and please don't see any insult when none was intended)
2. I agree 100% with Student of War that when things go well with a scenario I usually have nothing to say--after all, criticism usually is more productive if there are things to criticize; and you can't really improve on things that are already good. But, be it as it may, they want verbiage, and god damnit, I'll give them verbiage.
3. How about just a vote from 1-5 for the rating if people don't want to write long reviews? That would make more people vote and give you guys a better statistical margin of error?

[Edited on 01/15/04 @ 08:46 PM]

auron 2
File Author
well, thanx again for the review. and i know writing a long review is not neccesary. you can make a short rating with well made comments explaining why you gave the rating. but some people gives a high rating without exactly explaining why the gave that rating. but anyway, this second rating has is more reasonable than the first one you gave me.

[Edited on 01/15/04 @ 09:08 PM]

EazY_Ben now thats what i call a good review ;)
auron 2
File Author
Las time i uploaded the final edit, i aparently forgot to include the songs. but i have just upload them again and this time with the songs.
EazY_Ben auron, i have never played any of your scns. can you e-mail me some of your normal aom ones so i can see what they are like?
auron 2
File Author
i dont have any aom scnearios because all of my scenarios that i have made or are beta, and on the titans. and every time i try to go to the aom editor, the top box where usually all the tools are to make mountains rivers ETC, somehow desapeared!! and i try to scroll the mouse but it gets stuck. so i cant make scenarios with the aom editor. thats why i only do scn for the titans. and not only that, when i play online or offline supremacy or similar games eccept scenarios, as soon as the game starts, a message in white letters appears saying: "select and drag the objects you would like to move" something like that. it is so weird. and after that message appears, i the game exits!! the only way i could make an scenario for aom, would be if i borrow my brothers aom CD.

and reply me on the EazY clan website. this is just getting offtopic

[Edited on 01/18/04 @ 10:50 AM]

EazY_Ben yea lets spam EazY rather than HG ;)
Student of War sequiturs?.................. Oh yes did anybody figure out how to use the build cinematic feature? Or at least know how it is used............I dont know what I am doing wrong but this game keeps beating me!

[Edited on 01/21/04 @ 12:11 PM]

auron 2
File Author
sequitirs? what do you mean? and keep trying. play it on easy.
The Bard
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I didn't like the fact that you put the actual climax of the scenario in the middle, during the last Norse attack, just before the Guardian is awakened. After that there's just some mopping up to do – since the Guardian and the Son of Osiris both can be healed (as I found out to my surprise) the two of them can take the Norse apart all by themselves, retreating whenever their health gets a little low, getting themselves healed and attacking again.
I didn't find any major bugs on the technical side, just some minor flaws:
Most enemies just appear out of thin air which a) makes it unnecessarily harder to properly defend against them and b) looks pretty stupid. (Deploy them within the enemy base and move them from there.)
The existing soldiers in the base mainly stand in the way. (Convert them or make them move out to meet the enemy during the first attack.)
The prosperity GP is completely useless. (Remove it or replace it with something useful.)
There seems to be a bug in the day/night cycle. When I save the game during night or dawn and then reload it, the lighting changes to default (i.e. day). Saving during dusk or (obviously) day doesn't seem to cause similar problems. (Don't ask me how that can happen, I've no idea.)
As a whole I'd say the playability is pretty good, but there is still some room for improvements.

Balance: 5
The balance is really good, and what's more, it's adjustable. It's hard enough to offer some difficulties even on 'easy', and it gets quite hard if the level is set higher. This one should be perfect for almost any player's skill level.

Creativity: 3
The "awaken the guardian and then wreak havoc" storyline has been used in both original campaigns, it's not exactly a new idea. The difficulty levels were a nice extra though.

Map Design: 5
The map looks great! It features no eye candy in the 'classical' sense, but it's probably the most lovingly drawn map I've ever seen.

Story/Instructions: 3
One-sentence objectives, hints like "don't get killed" – you really should have spent a little more time here. (Even if it were just to check the spelling...) Sometimes the hints are not even true – destroying the Norse's longhouses doesn't affect their military capabilities at all. And leaving the players' name fields empty led to crippled in-game messages when god powers were cast. I liked the background story in the spotlight however.

Additional Comments:
None of these went into the rating, but I have almost as many comments here as I had above:
The opening cinematics show something which is probably water, then the screen goes black and all I can see are the icons of Setna and the Pharao. Looks like a bug to me...(?)
The additional camera angles are unique, but do they serve any purpose at all? (Btw, the 'special' angle is quite annoying because the selected unit keeps babbling the whole time.)
The Guardian's 'alarm timer' is a couple of seconds off. (I'd suggest to remove it altogether, the Guardian's HP count could serve as a progress indicator just as well, and you could even mention an estimated time frame in the hints.)
The Guardian is actually stronger if the difficulty level is set to 'moderate' instead of 'easy'.
Several difficulty-specific triggers don't work at all because you forgot to check the 'or' box for those triggers which were supposed to be valid for both 'hard' and 'titan'.
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