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Zazm's Quest Updated

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Version: AoM: The Titans
I have Updated Zazm's Quest, Most of the problmes should be fixxed, and i have made it easier.

You play as Zazm. Kain The Warlord Destroys your town, Your mother urges you to run. You Escape and Swear a Vow to kill Kain and his Army before you die.

-Day/night effect every 8 Minutes
-Over 100 triggers
-Level up System, Every 20 kills
-Get Allies along the way
-2 Towns and a town being destroyed, A town Being Attacked
-7 Cinematics
-Eye Candy
-Small Quest in Town
-Much More

Have fun and review it so i can know if theres anything else i need to improve on
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
auron 2
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The scenario was enteraining to play. there were probabilities of getting stuck on the cinematic where Eitri and Brokk are standing. if Zazm gets kill by General Magnus, the fight will still go on. and if by chance you get to fight General Magnus without SOn of Osiris, you will have a really hard time winning and getting stuck on the cinematic.

It took me about 35 minutes to almost win the game. however, the game is impossible to win. Final Gargarensis has over 6000 of HP. and it killed the two dwarfs and Reingnief of one hit!!! and i lost!. and it is impossible to bolt Gargarensis because is impossible. i tried it and it didnt work.
in order to give you comments about the ending part, i had to play it again and make cheats to beat the final enemy. i summoned about 43 Nighhog and it took me about 7 minutes to kill Gargarensis!!

The game is kind of just walk on a straight path(eventhough some parts dont look like it) and kill enemies, visit cities and continue killing. sometimes it seemed kind of boring just walking on one path and kill.

There are still many forest gaps which allowed me to go to unforbbiden places.

Balance: 2
Not much balance since the final enemy has about 6000 of HP and impossible to beat. I didnt even need the 2 restoration powers. the game can be won without them.

it was also kind of unbalance to make the fight on the part of Brokk and Eitri are stading because it was cinematic mode. and the only way i could won the fight was when General Magnus decided to attack son of osiris rather than Zazm or Reignief. everytime he fought one vs one with Zazm or Reignief, i will always lost.

Creativity: 4

I gave you a high rating on this one since you came up with names, cinematics and some eyecandy. didnt see any problem with the day/night cycle. well made. and the level up too.

The cinematics were good. but nothing like perfect. there is a part where Krios converts into Kronny and Zazm(Adult Kastor) jumps into him and kills Kronny. after the cinematic mode is off, the animation is still on. and it looked like Zazm was carrying Kronnys twichy body which you had to carry after this cinematic was over during the entire game! very annyoing.

here is a picture of how it looks like. the animation never quits!(COPY AND PASTE LINK ON ADRESS BAR)


The intro cinematic where the giants are destroying the city and the other cinematic where zazm is already teleport it from the city could have been one cinematic. it didnt look good that after the cinematic of giants destroying the city, the cinematic is off for about 3 or 4 seconds, then the other cinematic activates. it just didnt look right.

also, you showed the black borders during the cinematics. i think you forgot to put SetObscuredUnits during some cinematics too. the dialogs defenitely needed some work. the ending cinematic, where it says that zazm build a new kindom a lived on it(something like that), it shows a dialog which cannot fit on the dialog box. and after that, all of the camera track, dialogs, started to play at the same time. it was so weird. i really dont know why this happened. but after all the camera tracks, dialogs, and cinematic was over, the game didnt ended. also, the camera track #5, is not used during the game. so the scneario only used 6 scenarios.

here is a hint: when one of the main units is dead, put the effect CINEMATIC MODE OFF, and set player defeated so that when player one is defeated, a person wont bbe able to get stuck during a cinematic.
also, on the part of Eitri and Brokk are, it says that no one can pass through the "gate" when its really 3 trojan wall connectors. change it to a trojan gate. so it makes more sense.

you a render sky effect when is never used. and on the triggers, you put a different trigger to change a unit name when you could have just made a trigger and changes every units name. The scenario was kind of too silent. there were many music used during the game that last for a short time. the music was good but too short.
oh, and there is also a tartarian gate which doesnt spawn creatures, why did you put it there? there is also a well of urd, what does it do? what role does it play? do you get to use it? and why did Krios wanted to attack zazm? who is he? what role does he plays on the story?

There are also some problems when buying sutff when you visit the first city. you dont even have to buy the relic that the female sales to you. you can just take it and you get granted two restoration powers. and if you decide to buy the temple, you are death for sure. and it is worthless to buy. you dont get any benefits when you buy the temple. you are able to create a pegasus and a hero improvement, but you never get the amount and the resources to make those things.

there is also a problem when you want to buy the relic or the temple. messages of the people offering you these the temple and the relic, doesnt last long enough for the player to be able to read what they are offering you sometimes. and if you already know what to answer, you can just re-start the game and at the beginning type: "buy relic" or "buy temple" without having to be in the exact place where the units are offering you the relic or the temple. this is just a problem that many people do when using condition chat contains. maybe add another condition of DISTANCE TO POINT/UNIT.

I think you sort of like went off topic when you used enemy units other than giants during the game since the story only mentions that the enemies are the giants and not humans or other myth units. but on the other side, it was kind of good to add different units rather than just put certain units like frost giant, fire giant, cyclops, or Greta Gigantes.

Map Design: 3
The map deisgn was good. the cities had many details like markets stalls, buildings facing different directions, ETC. you used a lot of terrains to paint the scenario. but it needed more mountains, and rough terrains. also, you used a kind of palms forest after Rolock city, where there were many gaps and not much eyecandy on the road. and the path was too square, smooth the terrain in that part. and there are some pyramids where player one is able to walk through them. it just didnt look right. put them on a place where player one is not able to touch them or walk though them.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story of the scneario is really good. but you should have given more details on the spotlight. thats what the spolight is for. so you should add more information on the story. the objectives were easy to understand and had no trouble with them.

Additional Comments: The updated version still has too many problems. but it still an enteraining game. i mostly talked about what problems the scenario contained and it was hell to write all this! it was pretty good to be your first scenario ever made by you. although i think it wasnt your first scenario. even Matei or Cheezy started by making crappy scenarios when they first got aom. everyone starts with crappy scenarios. impossible that you started by making a good map.

[Edited on 01/11/04 @ 02:06 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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