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Raistlin's Quest For Love - Mini Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Build and Destory
# of Scenarios: Two (2)
Version: AoM: The Titans

My clan buddies are a good bunch so I was inspired to make a short campaign using some of them as characters- see the history of Raistlin and Crys for background. I think you will agree the cinematics are pretty good. The second scenario combines the traditional AOM/T supremacy gameplay with elements of intrigue and unusual units that give the player a few different ways to win the game. The two scenarios are:

1. A short cinematic introduction with a little gameplay to set up the plot. (Hint- brush up on your knowledge of the first few lines in the Canadian anthem. You will have to know this in order to advance in the campaign).
2. This is the mission proper- don't worry, lots of fighting in this section.


DoVers Raistlin and Crys met on-line, and once they finally met in person, they fell in love. But Raistlin lives in America and Crys lives in Canada, and we are all wondering whether Raistlin will ever be permanently united with Crys? To make matters more interesting, on his last visit, Raistlin proposed to Crys! How exactly do I come into the story? Because I like to give Raistlin- and all my clan buddies-a hard time, I thought why not design a scenario where I use them as characters?

I hope you have fun with this short campaign and if you need cinematics for your scenarios or campaigns, contact me (see addies in campaign install notes).

Note: I have done one revision since this project appreared here. Those dling the previous version will not notice any appreciable difference in game play. The revisions were:

1. Fixed popping letterbox boarders in cinematic.
2. Fixed bug that prevented ending music from playing if all idle villagers and cow were not found before destorying the palace.
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auron 2 i'll check it out and maybe review it
File Author
Cool. Go easy on me, it's my first. I know you can be a pretty tough critic. *Mutters to self* Shoulda used more elevations.
auron 2 hey, you were the guy who post it on one of my scenarios and talked about the cinematics right? didnt even noticed. so this is the campaign you mentioned with the good cienamtics right?? I'm just gonna try and give you a good review.
alphasmart its a great map, but when I get to the armoury I say the password and nothing happens. whats going on??!?!!?!

otherwise great potential
alphasmart lol soz i put !!!s in, so i put
O Canada! Our home and native land! hey dont blame me im english!
neway another problem is when raistlin rides "the hell back to *insert name of town he goes to here*", he goes off into the distance and it just freezes.

but i still stand by word: great potential
File Author
Thanks Alphasmart for your input. I am concerned that the campaign didn't advance for you- did you install the second scenario? I have beta tested the campaign myself many times and have had a few buddies do the same and thus far it has worked. I will revise this to make sure that the advance campaign trigger is a little more generous. After you get the scout, don't click on anything, let him run down the path and trigger the campaign to advance. The second scenario is where the real action is so I am dissappointed you were not able to play it. Either wait until I update it- I will do it this week- or load the second scenario through your editor or through the load scenario screen and try it that way. I really want you to play the second scenario as I am quite happy with it.

Don't worry about the "O" Canada thing. Darn, I am Canadian, and originally I had the solution as "Oh" Canada. I guess either they were bad spellers back then, or the term is an archiac form. But your kind words meant a lot since us scenario designers work very hard and our payment is that people enjoy playing them. Thanks again for dling it and posting!

The actual solution to the lyrics is,
O Canada our home and native land (no punctuations).

[Edited on 01/11/04 @ 04:58 PM]

alphasmart hey, your welcome and i worked it out before but thanks neway. it happens!
anyway i did manage to play the 2nd scen, and it seemed great but as it was so huge, and although on the tt box it said min requirements 450mhz processor, my 1.7ghz celeron couldnt stand up to the job.
oh yeah i probably clicked on raistlin when he started to ride off. and is it possible to kiss crys or does she always escape.

if there wernt these tiny things, it would be perfect. hey, keep up the good work

[Edited on 01/13/04 @ 02:33 PM]

File Author
No Alpha, just like real women, you cannot catch Crys in that scenario- unless you win the game (mind you I guess you could try walling her in or something if you really wanted that kiss). I don't wanna spoil it, but in the end there is a little cinematic that shows Raist and Crys getting married and even little villies appear depicting kids! Your processor looks like it may be teetering on the min. requirements to play TT. I designed the scenario on my comp which is a P4 with a clock of 2.4GHZ. I didn't really think to specify this. But I am glad you were able to advance and I thank you again for taking the time to give me feedback. Sorry it didn't work great on your system.
alphasmart yer, 'scool. meh, i got this pc last april. hey, i decided to do loads of gold cheats to get omniscence and i saw the whelkyman (wierd name) and the mutant (more like giant) cow. but whats with the giant cyclops? and where was that lampades from hints? and why did i start of egyptian (sorry bout all the questions) hey dont answer this, i dont care. maybe your next campaign will be better

[Edited on 01/13/04 @ 02:39 PM]

File Author
The cow is a mutant for three reasons:
1. It's really big.
2. It moves really fast.
3. It has unlimited fattening- if you wait long enough, that baby can feed your whole civilization!

Snizz the Lampade is located about mid-map, towards the Western side of Canukalan. Marl the Cyclops becomes an ally and if you find him, he gives you a game hint. If you hit omnipotence, all the elements will be revealed, but because of the nature of the triggers, when everything is revealed all at once, you won't necessarily get the messages. If you're interested in studying the maps in scenarios and campaigns that you download, you can also load the maps through the editor. That way you can see the whole map and even the triggers. That's how I learn about the editor- well that and reading the forums and studying the design library.
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