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Raistlin's Quest For Love - Mini Campaign

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Style: Build and Destory
# of Scenarios: Two (2)
Version: AoM: The Titans

My clan buddies are a good bunch so I was inspired to make a short campaign using some of them as characters- see the history of Raistlin and Crys for background. I think you will agree the cinematics are pretty good. The second scenario combines the traditional AOM/T supremacy gameplay with elements of intrigue and unusual units that give the player a few different ways to win the game. The two scenarios are:

1. A short cinematic introduction with a little gameplay to set up the plot. (Hint- brush up on your knowledge of the first few lines in the Canadian anthem. You will have to know this in order to advance in the campaign).
2. This is the mission proper- don't worry, lots of fighting in this section.


DoVers Raistlin and Crys met on-line, and once they finally met in person, they fell in love. But Raistlin lives in America and Crys lives in Canada, and we are all wondering whether Raistlin will ever be permanently united with Crys? To make matters more interesting, on his last visit, Raistlin proposed to Crys! How exactly do I come into the story? Because I like to give Raistlin- and all my clan buddies-a hard time, I thought why not design a scenario where I use them as characters?

I hope you have fun with this short campaign and if you need cinematics for your scenarios or campaigns, contact me (see addies in campaign install notes).

Note: I have done one revision since this project appreared here. Those dling the previous version will not notice any appreciable difference in game play. The revisions were:

1. Fixed popping letterbox boarders in cinematic.
2. Fixed bug that prevented ending music from playing if all idle villagers and cow were not found before destorying the palace.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Well it was very playable and fun to play, the surprises were great too. A minor concern:how did you expect all the players to know the canadian anthem? (Although most players in the world know the first two words ;) ) I was forced to save the game, get online, find the anthem and turn back to the game! However that was funny too...(Yet another surprise!)

Balance: 5
Fairly balanced, although there were , as you said before, some ways to win immediately some enemies

Creativity: 5
A REALLY creative scenario. The cinematics were AWESOME! And the story was great too... I actually loved the way Tchaicofsky's music fitted the first scenario...great!

Map Design: 4
The map wasn't something really great, however I like the plain maps cause they fit most scenarios well and you don't experience playability problems due to the heavy eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 5
As I said before, the story was great and made you go further (In fact, you aren't fighting to beat a silly mage or to fulfil your destiny, you fight for your love, aren't you?)

Additional Comments
A great scenario! I wish my first scenario could be like that!
auron 2
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The first scenario actually didnt had as much playability as the second scenario since the only thing you do is walk. because the second scenario was supremacy, and supremacy is very playable, so thats why i gave you the high rating.

Balance: 3
I think the game was a little unbalance at the beginning. you start with a scout and Raslin(Atlantian Villager), and its just so hard to begin. you start with 100 and to build a TC, you need 300 of gold. so i had to scout the entire map and look for Idle Villagers that could give me gold. Also, there were little gold mines. and the only gold mines were mostly located where the enemy settled the base.

There is also a problem when player three becomes your ally. as soon as the Giant Automaton is dead, the diplomacy changes and you become ally of player 3. however, player doesnt become ally of you.

Also, I think it needed more interactive environment on the first scenario. they half of the units and just standing there. but during the intro cinematic of the first scneairo, the units were very active. but as soon as the intro cinematic is over, they stop doing stuff. put them to work.

You should have disabled rocs. I was able to fly over where the ending cinematic takes place.

And you dont even have to kill the giant Automaton or the evil priest. you can just try and make a mythic rush. take a unit like the Phoenix and fly over where the giant palace is, and cast meteor power. and soon as the palace is dead, i won.

Creativity: 4
The story of the campaign was well made and the sounds you added were great. the names were kind of okay. although you should have added some kind of intro cinematic to the second scenario like you did with the first one. at the ending cinematic of the first scneario, Raslin converts into an scout and walks out as soon as you type the password of the canadian anthom. you added an effect that when raslin was distance to point an Advance Campaign message box appear. however, it didnt work at all for me. the final cineamtic of the first scenario got stuck and i had to press ALT f4 to get out. also, it not even neccessary to give the password of the canadian Anthom and it is impossible for some people to know the frist seven words of the canadian anthem. try to add a password more reasonable. you can just walk out without having to type the password and advance to the next campaign. and you dont even have to do all the things the message text tells you. like giving the password or going to the Lighthouse door to see oracle.

And when you finish trying to give the woman a kiss, the diplomacy changes really bad. the Female villager(Crys), who is player 2, changes to enemy and some other buildings become as player 1 which didnt look good.

The first time i played the first scenario, I bolt Crys as soon as the diplomacy changed to enemy. and it messed up the story. and it is impossible to get a kiss from crys since you added imvisible walls. oh, and when you get close to the light house and oracle appears, he says to tribute food to his brother. but what player is his brother? is it player2, player3? i just tributed food to player two. oh, and disable the bolt power to player one.

The way you decided to show the dialogs was not very good. the yellow text message sometimes desappear too quickly. it would have looked better if you used the dialog black box. and when a yellow text appears, it doesnt say who is talking. this problem was mostly for the first scneario.

The Ending cinematic of the first scenario finish when Raslin rides away as a scout by the forest OAK. but on the second scenario, raslin starts as an atlantian villager on a terrain painted with Underworold colors. if you were riding a horse by the forest, how on earth are did you start on the second scenario without a horse and on a underworld terrain?

Usually when you find an idle villager, a message appear confirming that you found one of the guys with a camera cut which shows what idle villager you found. however, there was an idle villager which i found. however, the camera cut focused on another village and place that i hadnt even explored.

ONe last thing, when i found the mutant cow, it took way too long to get enough fat. and the second scenario, raslin doesn play any role. you can just leave him behind as soon as you build a towncenter.

Map Design: 3

The map design wasnt something like awesome nor crappy. there were some good eyecandy in the first scenario. but the first scenario its vasictly a flat terrain with no mountains, or rough terrains. but the little city was cool. it would had been better if you paint the terrain with different colors. the map is mostly painted with terrain GrassA. make the scneario more colorful

Now for the second scenario. there were a few mountains and terrain was kind painted with different colors. there is also a blue terrain by marsh trees that look horrible. why did you painted with that dark blue color?

Story/Instructions: 4
The Objectives were well explained. and the hints helped a lot.

Additional Comments: The campaign seems fun. but its kind of short. if you decide to play by the rules and objectives, you will beat the game like in two hours. but if you decide to skip objectives which some of them are not even neccessary to finish, then it would take you less. by the way, your first scenario is not this one but Military training.

[Edited on 01/16/04 @ 08:53 AM]

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