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Tower Defence

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Version: AoM: The Titans
there is a more updated version. Read the reviews if you want but download the updated one.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
This is a novel style of playing--limited collection of resources and unit training but sustained waves of attack forces and requires some thinking to bypass the usual style of playing (i.e. build and destroy or hero kills all)

Balance: 3
If I didn't figure out the cheats (as documented in additional comments) this would be unbeatable. Fortunately there are ways around the ingenuity of the map maker...

Creativity: 5
Again, not just your usual build and destroy. Very ingenious use of key elements of defensive play (towers, appropriate luring of stupid titans to somewhere else on the map)

Map Design: 4
Too much wasted space and maybe a little bit more gold and trees would make it easier to beat (I ran out of the gold and wood about midway). Again, the cheat about destroying their trojan gate and building your own will make the enemy stay put in their tracks because they won't attack your walls (maybe an additional waypoint at the gate would do it).

Story/Instructions: 2
Unfortunately there is no story associated with it, but the genre isn't really story-oriented and doesn't detract from its playability.

Additional Comments:
I usually delete scenarios after I complete them. This one is a keeper.
1. Luring the siege weapons in wave 9 (?) away from your wonder (will give you enough time to build your resources)
2. then collect all your resources, research your upgrades, and get lots of free arcus heroes (as most of the attack waves consist of myth units)
3. train enough hersirs to collect favor
4. get bolts from time to time to kill the titan (from the favor collected by your hersirs)
5. go destroy the trojan gate and build your own wall and towers so that enemy units get chased away by tower fire.
6. when you have enough manpower go lure the units out several at a time and destroy them
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Well, its playable I'll give you that. But at times, I had some probelms with doing things and what was that one scout for? That flying thingy. I found no use for it.

Balance: 3
I didn't think it was a good balance because I ran out of Gold pretty fast, thus, I couldn't make most units to protect or build since almost all units require Gold.

Creativity: 3
All it is basically, guard the wonder. It would have been cooler to see different units together making it harder instead of all of them put together because then I just saw what was coming and quickly make units to counter it.. I liked the smaller to bigger sized Titans though.

Map Design: 3
It was okay but you had alot of space not used. I didn't spot any decent eyecandy which makes maps look better usually. Also, I couldn't really build walls to help project because the units could just walk around into the black terrain and get to my wonder anyways and it wouldn't let me build walls outside the pathway.

Story/Instructions: 3
Theres no real story to it.. guard the wonder.. Maybe if you added something like why were the units coming to destroy your Wonder would have been nice. The instructions were okay but I kept seeing flares and didn't know what they ment.

Additional Comments: This is a scenario to keep on your computer because it helps you practice protection somewhat. It was very challenging too but I was never able to beat it because like I said, the opponent's units kept walking around my walls.
auron 2
Map Design1.0
Playability: 4
This scenario is actually very entertaining. however, i think the problem with this scenario is that you dont actually have to move or build in other areas rather than just building on the same spot where the wonder is.

i think the best part of this scenario is that you sort of like have to figure out and think a little on where and how you will defend the wonder.

This scenario is actually way too challenge. almost impossible to beat. i played it about 4 times, and wasnt even close to finish it.

Balance: 2
the scenario was quite unfair. the titans, are actually too strong. you only get about 4 bolts, which is only enough to kill the first titan.

the second titan has 10000 of HP. it killed about 18 towers, 3 temples, and the 2 sentinels plus the hersir and mythic army i made. and it is even more unbalance when these powerful titans attacks you while another army of myth creatures are attacking you at the same time.

it is best that when a titan is attacking, no more enemies attack the wonder until a certain amount of time so that the player has at least a chance to defeat the titan without having to worry about the other myth creatures that are attacking the wonder while you are trying to kill the titan.

the scenario was well balance on resources. however, there were a few problems with gold and wood. when gathering gold, villagers often tend to stop working for an unknown reason. and i think is because there are atually 2 gold mines on the same spot. maybe spreading these gold mines would make it easier for the player to gather gold.

gathering wood was no problem. exept that there isnt enough for the entire game. i played this game about 32 minutes, and after 25 minutes, i had already choped the entire forest. maybe adding more forest, gold mines and allowing villagers to make farms would fix all these minor problems, that at the end, becomes a very big problem.

gathering food is actually one of the biggest problems this scenario has. you are only allowed to gather food by farming on only 4 farms. and the worst part is that you are not allowed to build more farms other than the four you got at the beginning of the game.

The lag of units, and buildiings allowed in this scenario made it even more unbalanced. the scenario is mostly painted with black terrains, which doesnt allow the player to build over it. you only get a limited amount of space to build on. plus, you cannot build hillforts, longhouses, towncenters, or market. temples, walls, lightfocusers, and towers arent really enough for the player to hold so many attacks coming from the enemy. specially from those strong titans.

after like 20 minutes or more, you will get to the herioc or mythic age. i dont exactly remember well. you get granted Bortex, which is very useless. maybe replacing the bortex for a couple of restoration would make it easier for the player to beat the game. also, you will be allowed to create Greta-Gigantes, which cost 23 of favor. and some units like villagers which are deployed when the oldman is distance to point, actually takes favor away from you making it very hard to make at least one geta-gigantes.

you are actually allowed to create hersir(hero) and ulfsark during the first levels. maybe allowing the player to create more military units as well as buildings would make it a more balance game and a 4 rated on balance. also, granting more HP to the wonder would make it better for the player.

Creativity: 4

This scenario was actually very creative. the idea was pretty good. maybe spending more time on the map design, and the unbalance issue would make it worth of a 5 on creativity. maybe adding some kind of story or intro cinematic to the scenario would make better and more enjoyable.

the scenario is also very blank. which is not very creative. you actually used half of the map.

Map Design: 1
The map design is acutally very blank. no eyecandy at all. half of the map is actually being used during the entire game. the buildings for player one would need to spread out and facing different direction so it looks better instead of putting the houses in a straight line.

roughing the terrain and painting it with more colors would make the scenario more enjoyable. on the updated version, try to add more embeshelliment.

Story/Instructions: 2

Not much to say here. eccept that the scenario doesnt have objectives, spotlight story. at the beginning of the game, where you appear with a few villagers that after a minute will convert into towers, light tower, and a hillfort, is kind of hard to figure out that after a minute your villagers will convert into buildings since the message that appears doesnt specify that your villagers will turn into buildings after a minute. it only says that the villagers will change names. it doesnt meantion anything about villagers changing to buildings at all.

also, getting units from where the oldman is, is very confusing since it doesnt explain what to do with the old man in order to get units.

Additional comments: when the enemies armies start to walk down to destroy the wonder, they dont attack until they are distance to point. This made it a little easier for the player to destroy the enemy army before it was distance to point/unit. to fix this problem, put them to move to point/unit, loop the trigger and put Attack ON. so that when the enemy is walking down to destroy the wonder, they can fight the player while they are moving down.

[Edited on 02/13/04 @ 03:13 PM]

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