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Siege Map

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# of Players: 2
Version: AoM
Player 2's objective is to kill the king(setna)
Player One's objective is too hold back palyer 2 for 15 minutes.

Updated 02/16/04
Map enlarged to 120x120 to make room for new changes.There is a walled area behind the defenders, so they can change their postitions.The walled area is divided into sections so that the invaders have to break through them one by one.The walled area also has some buildings to train more units.Player one starts out with more resources and has maxed out pop cap.Player one recieves a SMALL trickle of resources.Player one also gets more towers and starts with a few minotaurs(and a one more catapault :p )Player Two loses a few gastraphetes, but now they get another gatraphetes every 2 minutes and another siege tower and catapault every 5 minutes.Timer for player one winning is set to 12 minutes and now there is a counter to keep track of it.Player one's troops gain health every 4 minutes. Setna has been strengthened with olympic parentage.Player Ai is set to human.

Updated 07/08/04
The defenders have even more defenses while invaders get a few of their units back.
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Map Design2.0
Siege map, a map where player 1 tries to defend king Setna for 15 minutes against the "invaders". A Small 100 x 100 map where player 2 the "invaders" will always win regardless.

Playability: The map's playable, but no fun since player 1 is doomed to lose. The invading side may have fun killing the defenders with over 100 gastraphetes and several seige weapons. The map isn't even playable with two people. Why? The option in player data that says whether the player is controlled by AI or Human, the setting is Unavailable, big mistake.

Balance: This is where the map sinks to the bottom. Player 2 is given a HUGE advantage compared to the defending side. Even just looking at the map itself you can tell the invaders will win. The main problem? The only thing the defenders have that makes them safe from attack are the walls. Gastraphetes are good against buildings. The walls will hardly last less than 4 minutes. And with many Gastraphetes, several seige towers, and some catapults, the defenders will die very quickly.
The only thing that even keeps Setna safe is that he's out of the reach of most archers until you get throught the one wall of Troy that keeps him out of range. Also, the invaders only have to keep attacking just one corner where Setna is, they can ignore the rest of the tiny fortress. The defenders can't even get any new units to help with the few archers, Spearmen and hyapists, the only buildings even in the game are fortress' and towers, and with the same default resources as an average map, player 1 has next to no new defenders.

The invaders' just have to many Gastraphetes. Also, Setna has to live more than 15 minutes, the game will be over in about 6 minutes.

Creativity: The only triggers in the game are the ones that give the defenders technology and the win condition for both sides. The map itself is very tiny and the only real thing of interest is the elevation illusion of stacked trojan walls. The objecive of both sides is the only thing that keeps this from being a 1.

Map design: The terrain is all grass A with city tiles in the fortress and greek cliff in the hills right next to the invaders, with a few bits of road. The only real interesting thing about the map, is that the walls of Troy are stacked on top of each other and some of the fortress' mend into the walls.

Story/Instruction: Invaders kill Setna, Setna lives for more than 15 minutes. Although I'm no fan whatsoever of story in a map (I enjoy just killing things with or without story), a little more detail would help explain this anomoly of why invaders want to kill Setna and why Setna must live for 15 minutes.

Final Comments: An overbalanced map where unless player 2 is under 1300, he or she is gonna win. With little triggers, and a linear storyline (which I am fond of mind you) this map needs to be improved. Particularily in size, 100 x 100 is pitiful unless it's some RPG or weird playing concept. Sorry for the harsh review but hopefully it'll help remind you of errors in future maps you make.
Celer Playability: 4
it is qoute playable but invaders hav the advantage
the defender is doomed to die

Balance: 2

Creativity: 3
It is quite original but too little things artound trees...bird etc

Map Design: 1
just cliffs)

Story/Instructions: 5
good insturctios 15 min setna is dead

Additional Comments:

countinus with good work

[Edited on 04/21/04 @ 06:43 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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