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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Realistic map of "The Norselands" v1.2

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Realistic map of "The Norselands" v1.2

Author File Description
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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
A Realistic map of "The Norselands"



Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Svalbard (belongs to Norway), and North-Vest of



Possebilety to choose game type
Day-Night cycle
Random Setllements
Random Relic's
Random Snow Intensety
Real City Names


Game types you can choose:

Start the game with Supremacy Reasorces

Supremacy 10x:
Start the game with 10xSupremacy Reasorces

Start the game with Deathmach Reasorces

Deathmach 10x:
Start the game with 10x Deathmach Reasorces

Start the game with Infinite Reasorces

Reciside Supremacy:
Start the game with Supremacy Reasorces.
If your Leader killed you out of the game

Reciside Deathmach:
Start the game with Deathmach Reasorces.
If your Leader killed you out of the game

Reciside Infinite:
Start the game with Infinite Reasorces.
If your Leader killed you out of the game


Updates in version 1.1:

Zeus plyers can no longer bolt leaders
A small background story (No big deal)
A secret


Updates in version 1.2:

Quest var-triggers fixed
You now get reasorces to build a TC
Wall with 30000 hp around choosing units
(to seperate them from the game)


P.S. Please give me a rewiew
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
A very fun map to play! They way you made it so you can pick the game type at the start was brilliant (its the first time ive ever seen it done!). Its always fun to play a nice supremacy multiplayer. The day/night cycle was good, so were all the randomized triggers. I had one problem-could the map been done on RMS?Neat though.

Balance: 4
Well, you cant really give it a balance scince its a multi player. All playsers have equal opportunity to get settlements. The balace is fine.

Creativity: 4
This was brilliant. The bit at the start when you get to pick the game type was very good, ive never seen it done before. Random weather was good, so are the random settlements and relics.

Map Design: 3
Map design was good, but not great. Maybe some cool interesting features? Waterfalls maybe? It could do with some working on, but it was good though.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions were very clear and helpful. The story was ok. No problems here. The story could have been a bit more in-depth though.

Additional Comments:
A very good and origanal scenario. Map design could do with some working on, so could the story (or lack of it). but all in all it was great, and well-worth the download.
Maybe it will become popular on ESO one day...
I couldn't find the secret :( lol

[Edited on 04/30/06 @ 02:08 PM]

auron 2
Map Design3.0
Updated Review:


The scenario lags on space. it is really hard to play when most of the settlements are kind of too close to each other. maybe decreasing the amount of trees, and other objects, would make it more playable. also, increase the map size. the map size that scenario is set, is not really meant for 6 people. is too small.

here is a problem, before player 1(hoster) chooses the game, all of the players dont have enough resources to build first towncenter. so if the host decides to kill all the units that allows different game style, then the game cannot be played since you will be granted enough resources ONLY when you choose a type of game.


I think the scenario has no problems with players having more advantages than others. although players start almost at the same spot, everyone has a chance of migrating and build a towncenter.
Was the map supposed to be entrely reveal when the game starts? as soon as the game starts, the entire scenario is revealed, which made it easier for every player to find a townceter, making it kind of like no challenge of seeking a towncenter. after all, is nomatic style, and it shouldnt be reveal, unless is like a deathmatch type of game, then it should be reveal, but with the effect Reveal Map.


The idea of having randomized settlements, relics, day/night cycle, different renders snow, and different game plays was very good.
on the triggers that randomizes stuff, mostly have an extra value, like the one of the triggers quest var randomize that makes render snow, it has 3 values, when there are 2. so when you add the extra value, it will fire, but nothing will happen since there is no value 3 trigger. i dont know if you noticed this, just want to let you know.

Still problem with day/night cycle. the lightings are kind of unorganized. it should be on this order:
dusk, "night", dawn, day,
Start Cinematic Group: is not used, so why not erase it?

the trigger unit work doesnt work online, when playing with other people. i used this same effect on another muliplayer scenario i made, and it didnt work, and i have no idea why. i'm not sure yet if this trigger works 100% when playing online.

Map Design:

The map design still needs more details. adding plants, and eyecandy should do it. and maybe more flat parts. most of the land is just curved up. also, it needs kind of more gaia units variation. there is also an enemy longhouse, but is just there. try putting plants, rugs, pots, tents, market stalls, around it. make it more colorful.
maybe more effects like rain, blowing leaves, would make the scenario cooler. there are no effects at all eccept for the render snow, or the smoke from the ruins.


The story was kind of cool. maybe going more in depth. but the objectives were helpful for player one to choose the type of game. maybe you can also add some hints on each type of game, and more information on the scenario besides how to choose a game style.

[Edited on 10/07/04 @ 04:49 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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