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BruTheFrench Pasargad is my first scenario in AOM, after a lot of scnearios in AOK and AOE.

For you, who like to play versus computer in big scenarios!
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Kumar Shah
The map is nuin else but a scn with day-night effect as u say in ur info.

I just started the map, no eyecandy, full of trees, some water which donesnt look good.

If you want to add just the day and night fun into playing, i suggest you try RMS stuff.

http://www.scnpunk.com/aompunk has an RMS guide in its Design section, hope it helps :)
Saruman White Just like Kumar said, no eyecandy at all and the AI doesnt work..

[Edited on 11/11/02 @ 05:47 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the suggestion. Its now on my "Tips & Tricks" Book.

But after all, like I said in my info, it's just a simple scenario with day/night effect, with the quality of any other map of a random game.

Don't like it don't play it.
dean340 Can only play multiplayer...this is NOT a single player scenario.
Map is ok, I like the fact that there is a major choke point, but move it to the MP scenario page.
jetbilix Playability: 2
10 minutes laterm, i wanted to quit.

Balance: 2
Very disorganized map, regarding all the aspects

Creativity: 3
Yeah, you did use your imagination.

Map Design: 2
It is nice, but not real at all.

Story/Instructions: 1
Just, not enough.

Additional Comments:

Even thou you the map is not real nice, it is playable, a little less than average, but ok. And besides it's one of the first, i gotta give you that one.

[Edited on 02/07/03 @ 02:42 PM]

Mjolnir Looks more like a multiplayer map to me. I like the map design. It would make for an excellent team game. Unfortunately, as a single player scenario (perhaps it was misclassified?) it's a failure because the AI doesn't do anything. I went ahead and played through just for the practice, though. It was exactly like playing against an AI opponent during the online alpha.

[Edited on 03/26/08 @ 03:26 PM]

Mjolnir, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


Titan_to_aoe It took you 6 years to figure that out yeeb!!!!!
Ablast3 ROFLMAO!
Map Design2.0
Wow, this is like the first file ever in the Downloads central of AoM Heaven and where are the reviews? Judging by the comments, it seems that this file was given several reviews back then which lasted for six long years until the self-righteous Yeebaagooon (who now has abdicated from his position due to going to college, and became more down to earth since) decides to remove them because they do not meet up to the standards of the CURRENT review guidelines (even though these removed reviews were written back in 2002 when such guidelines do not exist or not as strict yet) Ah well, time to re-review this file!

Playability: 1
So, I played this scenario on easy difficulty for starters, it starts out like the usual supremacy random map type of game (with the exception that I'm player 2, therefore having a red housecolor and worshiping Odin, chieftain of the Norse gods) so I put my villagers to work straight away and I then use my scout to explore the map, trying to find the enemy's town center. When I finally did found them, I noticed something peculiar about them: Their villagers and their scout just stand there without doing anything. Continuing on...

Balance: 1
Since the enemy doesn't have an AI implemented, he doesn't do anything but stand there all the time allowing me to grind up resources, advance all the way to the mythic age, build ballistas and rams to destroy their town center and then kill their remaining villagers with my other soldiers, helpless, hopeless, hapless, and so forth. To set an AI, go to the Scenario tab in the editor, go to player data, then on the far right click the AI button, then choose an AI that you prefer the most. (be sure to playtest often to see if it works and how hard they will put up a fight in different difficulties)

Creativity: 3
This is like the first scenario ever to implement a day/night cycle, but such additions were purely cosmetic and does not have any major impacts on the overall supremacy gameplay. The AI not putting up a fight against me really undermines the overall potential that this scenario has.

Map Design: 2
Day and Night cycle aside, this part is really lacking; All I see is GrassA! You need to mix the terrain with different types like GrassB, Dirt, etc. and don't forget to add embellishments like flowers, bushes, rocks, ruins, and all those other things that make me want to stare at one place on the screen for so long until the game gives me a "You have been Defeated" message!

Story/Instructions: 1
Just because this is a generic supremacy scenario doesn't mean that story and instructions are not needed! What if someone completely new to the game, especially if they did not play the tutorials yet or didn't bother, decides to download this file and play it straight away as the first game he/she ever played on AoM?

Additional Comments:
The author of this scenario may be dead (metaphorically, but hopefully not literally) but that doesn't mean this review will have no influence whatsoever. Let this be a lesson to all that first is not always best, and that Yeebaagooon shall forever remain the most self-righteous moderator that HeavenGames ever had!

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Map Design2.0
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