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Downloads Home » Modpacks » egyptian priestess mod (reviewed).v1.1.

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egyptian priestess mod (reviewed).v1.1.

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Hi, all. My first Mod. It´s not a new unit but it´s a nice mod i think. I´m about make a new egyptian temple where u could
summon the priestess with special powers and different stats than priests, even make a great priestess sorcerer riding a
sphynx or something like that...
At the moment, I thought that replace that old priest for a nice priestess was a good idea. Seeing her little bottom
moving in combat....
I´m not english or us, so hope u understand all of this correctly. I wish you enjoy it and give an opinion about. Contact, problems or opinions: IAMKARPUNK@HOTMAIL.COM.
Fixed at 10th march with the empower (RA priestess)
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File Author
Fixed. i updated the file i sent with the models files and included the correct birth animation.
For comments or opinions: IAMKARPUNK@HOTMAIL.COM

[Edited on 03/08/04 @ 10:14 PM]

AoMPlayer000 Looks too much like Circe (IMO), but it's nice. You mentioned that you'd like to make a priest riding a sphinx. Could you be so kind to explain it to me (how to make a unit to ride another one)? I'd appreciate it...
File Author
Well, i´m on it... i started to work and have some ideas, i´ll tell u when it´s finished, cause it´s not so much clear now, even for me... At the moment, almost all mods units looks like (more or less) other carachters... but wait until modders works better with gmax.
Anyone can rate this, please?
AoMPlayer000 I searched around in the modding forum and saw it's not too difficult... The rider is just attached to the unit.
File Author
But the thing is priestess´ model (circe) it´s not a rider so i have to use (hardly) Gmax to cut and model to create the great priestess and make animations (idle, bored, attacking...) looks like a heavy work. Don´t know if uses an existing model or create another new for rider. So, i thought that the sphynx would attack too in close combat. this is going to take a lot of time, but it´s so funny!! well, if u or anybody wants to help me, i will be pleased.:)

[Edited on 03/10/04 @ 10:19 AM]

AoMPlayer000 Hey karpunk, I've started to mod TODAY without ANY experience, just with a good computer knowledge. Well, two hours ago I've read how to do that and learned the rest of the anim editing on my own. Now I've created a Kastor riding a war elephant, and it's just great!

You needn't have to edit the model. The clue is to define attachments and to add them to the base model. Read this post:

It'll be a bit hard to understand, but I'd suggest "learning by doing" :).

Good luck!

[Edited on 03/10/04 @ 11:33 AM]

File Author
Ey, tnx a lot! but i´m not us or english and the matter is that there a few things i can´t understand, u know?
what´s exactly the function of the anim editor? if u can edit the anims manually?
Where is the axeman riding a niddhog download?
I haven´t any computer knowledge.. ( well, a little, i bought my computer a year and a half ago and even i didn´t know to starting it in that moment, and now i know to hand several programs and concepts, i like to think i learn fast...)
Can u send me(e-mail or post) your kastor riding the elephant?, so i will see how u do this.
AoMPlayer000 The anim editor just exists to see what you've done. The whole editing consits of writing those txt files, I think. I'm sorry, but I haven't found the nidhogg download.

Well, as for my creation, I don't know... It's very easy and just like the nidhoggr, so I think I won't send it to you. You know, I've honestly created it and I don't want to insult you, but you could copy it and publish it as your work, and I want to use it for a scn.

But I'll try to explain it to you: If you have a look at the txt file of the nidhoggr, for example, you'll note the IdleA section. Just beneath the model (visual...) you can enter the following:
connect (place) (thing) hotspot
The place is the point where the thing is attached. You can view those spots in the anim editor, a common place is RIGHTHAND.
The thing has to be defined earlier; at the beginning of the txt file there're those define bla bla. Once these two (place and thing) are defined you can enter the line mentioned above. To let a unit ride another one, define one as (for example, the name is not important) "rider" and connect it at the back of the other unit.

Pff, this took a lot of time dude, so please don't ask me further questions... Keep on trying and remember I found it out on my own, so you can do that, too :).

Good luck

[Edited on 03/10/04 @ 12:53 PM]

File Author
you´re right, i spent more time writing these posts than doing it, i get the priestess with a sphinx as helmet cause don´t know what´s the correctly attachment point but i´ll get by my own, don´t care and don´t insult me :). tnx for all!
AoMPlayer000 A last hint :) would be to look for the attachment points in the anim viewer.
And if you want a priest riding a sphinx, you'll have to edit the sphinx's anim and attach the priest and not vice versa.

[Edited on 03/10/04 @ 02:05 PM]

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