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Version: AoM: The Titans
// Siaram v1.0 A daylight desert map.
// Rostro 3/6/2004

A daylight desert map with valleys and a little less treeage than usual. There are extra relics in the middle, but watch out for their protector. Map Size: the more players, the larger the map. Large map contains extra settlements.

// Hyenas may cause trouble for villagers. Not singlining out one villager to go build that settlement or mine that gold would be a good idea. Those Hyenas are hungry too :-).

// Because of the cliff valleys, middle protector, and extra map size, I have found this map to allow a little more build time for econ/strategy.

// Map Size: the more players, the larger the map. Take note, a Medium (normal) 2vs2 map is slightly larger than a 1vs1 Large map.

// The proportion of trees and valleys to map size stays the same, in other words, larger the map space, more trees and valleys to fill up the same proportion of map space.

Have Fun,

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Rating: 5
Nice Map.

Additional Comments:
The little island in the center was screwed...it was half connected to the land and half to the water...Looked really weird. Otherwise...GREAT MAP!!!!!!!
Rating: 2.5 (composite)

Theme: 2

The map claimed to be a desert but seemed mostly to be grass dirt. There were multiple scripting bugs in this map which seriously hampered the theme score here.

Several of the relic areas did not place which caused my debugger to fire up. If you think the area will not place and it is not something too important then setting area warn failure to false prevents the debugger from firing. There is nothing more annoying than starting a map and having the debugger pop up. I realize the TT debugger does not work but there is nothing in this script that is not in AOM so you could use that debugger.

Visual Appeal: 3.0

Terrain variation was there though you might question the choice of terrain for a desert map. A better name might be mountains or something greek.

The lighting set was the default and not different like indicated. The problem is that 'morning' is not a default lighting set, if the scriptor is using an additional lighting set then it should be included with the map. It really is not a good idea to use different lighting sets though, since they do not transfer over eso when the map transfers.

I found the mass of forest rough on the eyes and the forest didn't seem to fit the surronding terrain very well.
rmSetAreaSize(forestID, rmAreaTilesToFraction(150), rmAreaTilesToFraction(1100)); 1100 tiles of forest is a lot of tiles for a forest and as a result you got seas of forest on this map. Seas of forest just don't seem appropriate
on a desert map. Without the issues with forest size and terrains matching each other I would have given the visual appeal a 3.5

Playablity: 2.5

Starting objects don't place. In my one test only 3 of my starting towers placed, though the scriptor intends to place 5 starting towers. A suggestion to fix the issues you are having with towers would be to place towers first and then tell the forest to avoid towers, preferably all objects, and then build the forest.

Some of the gold mines are placed in places where they can not be mined (side of a cliff). You should either place gold first or tell it to avoid impassable land.

Scaling constraints by size of map, though an interesting concept, is not a good idea.
As the map gets larger the towers get very spread out and may not place, you are also pushing the medium resources very far away.

With that said the intended scaling does not occur correctly after the number of players exceeds 3. For 4 or more players MapR = 1. This is caused by a lack of carefulness with RMS variables. sizesqr should be a float variable and MapR = 1.0 - 140000.0/sizesqr.

If your scaling worked, it would really stretch the map out and give lots of open areas. A better type of scaling would be to just add more objects when the map gets larger.

Other Comments:

This map has an a different feel and can be fun to play on but needs some work to achieve a higher rating. Some scripting errors and the lack of following a consistent theme (savannah trees on grass dirt, seas of forest in a desert region) were the main things that detracted from the rating this map could achieve.

[Edited on 03/08/04 @ 08:24 PM]

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
hey, i liked the map... i had no problems loading it and thought there was some challenges in playing which is great for those of us who play this game everyday! hard to do a real desert map with the need for trees, it works.. plenty of town centers and gold. just like in reality, you cannot always get to where you want.... thanks rostro for another fun map!!

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