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Gladiator Sea

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 3
Unzip scn file into your scenario folder.

Beta release v0.92

Islands map with lots o' resources

What happens:

You have entered the waters of the holy Gladiator Sea.
Players starts with 2 TC's on an island each.
There are many islands amoung the world, but 4 of them are guarded by Osiris and four Guardians.
Once a player reaches the 3rd Age and meets an Osiris guarding a settlement, he/she will enter a battle for it.
In the center of the map is a mountain with a fighting area.
Two Mountain Giants will appear once a battle starts. Controll your Giant and defeat the other one in order to ban Osiris from the island. The Guardians will change into goldmines of 6000 each.
The only problem is... after 30 seconds a FireGiant will also join your battle...so you'll have to fight wisely.
Beware, cause if you lose the battle, the Gods will punish your island with an Earthquake or two...


it seems you can't place a TC or deploy an army and let it change into a TC or settlement that will actually work with your game. I've seen many different problems now when trying to 'give' a new TC to a player. Villagers will start building on a finished TC for ecample, and never finish their job. Or a settlement cannot be taken by a TC .. Strange bugs in AOM, so I had to work around the crappy code and implement. The game seems to do its job now, but DO NOT invite cpu players in 2nd and 3rd slot. Play only with 3 real players, and put a cpu player in the 4th slot in order to have the triggers work properly. Weird that I HAVE to put in a TC for player 4, but otherwise the game does nothing. If you want to play this map against 2 cpu players, load it in the editor and add some AI to player 2 and/or 3. The defaultwateryfix ai is not building docks though, and adding a dock for each player isn't helping either to get the cpu moving on, so its better to just play this with 3 humans ;)

Plz come with comments on the map and hints for improvements.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Does not have much food and you cannot build on some settlements.

Balance: 5
All players had practically identical settings
Creativity: 2
Upgrade, then battle. It is luck of the draw. There isn't much skill incorporated into it. Only fending off other platers.

Map Design: 4
Interesting especially the arena, but it was annoying to navigate.

Story/Instructions: 1
Crapy storyline and i hardly new what to do. I garrisoned all the relics, captured all the sttlements, and destroyed all the buildings and units. I check back here and I should have done the whole gladiator theing ages ago!

Additional Comments:
Needs a couple of touch ups, Hve detailed instructions pop up in the beggining of the campain. I played against all CPUs and it was all right except for the triggers, which didn't work at all. Try scenerios out on your own before posting, even if you want others to try it. You'd be amazed at how horrible they are, beleive me, i did the same thing twice! I learned my lesson so you should try making a few adjustments and try out the game after each one. It may be tedious, but it's worth it.

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HGDL v0.8.0

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Map Design4.0
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