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Age of Mythology: The Dwarves v2.0

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File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
To make the sounds work, move every file from your Age of Mythology/Sounds folder into your Age of Mythology/Sound folder.

I put up a new file because the majority of the last files ratings were due to things which are now changed. Enjoy :)
Remember to read the readme!
All units and buildings have custom history files, custom stats, custom icons and much more!

This mod includes:
New builder dwarf unit, this is the only dwarven/norse unit that can build apart from the hero Eitri;
Hoarder unit, a general gatherer unit which can build only farms;
Axedwarf unit, An anti-cavalry unit similar to the ulfsark available from the War Lodge;
Dwarven Archer, An anti infantry unit available from the War Lodge;
Pikedwarf, A spear wielding dwarf which mysteriously excells in fighting other archers;
An axe thrower unit, this anti cavalry unit available from the War Fort throws axes;
A Lord, the unit mounted dwarven unit excells verses Archers,
A War Captain, this is a great seige dwarf who rips buildings to shreds with a mighty axe.
heros including Nordof, Eitri, Gron and Brokk.
Many custom model files.

Please follow the auto-installer through carefully.


Concerning patching the entire game:
If you find any mistakes, typos, missing pictures, missing sounds or other areas that need to be corrected, please either email me, or post in the AI/RMS Scripting or Modding Section of Age of Mythology Heaven. ( http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=t&fn=19&f=19,,0,10 )

Patches will be made upon the whole game, so if you feel that the hoplites are too strong, or the pharaohs too weak, then follow the above instructions and it will be balanced and patched as soon as possible.
I must ask you to refrain from patching the game yourself, because some people may want to play on the internet, and it will be better if all patches come from the source.

Esus15@hotmail.com (Esus) – Leader and main producer
Flammaboi@hotmail.com (Kasei) – For the builders textures
Argalius@hotmail.com (Argalius) – Lord anim file, Axe Thrower anim file. Comments of Advise and Contruction
big_vitt@hotmail.com (King Jared) – For invaluable advice, and telling me how to do various things.

If I have forgotten anyone, or anything you have done, please contact me and I will update asap.
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big_happy_guy Wow this was good but the dwarves didnt make any sounds...AND PLZ PUT IN A UNINTSTALLER!! I cant uninstall it god damn...
acientBLADE1 donuts

[Edited on 03/29/04 @ 05:34 AM]

acientBLADE1 dont bother and uninstall aom titans because its stays in.

i removed all my files then reinstalled it but total mucked the game up:the colours are in blocks, black and white, face it dont download this if you are 100% sure you wont miss your :ufask,jarl,throwing axe man, all the norse soldiers basicly

karpunk More Good work, esus!
Don´t know what u´re talking about, ancient, i tried to uninstall, reinstall and everything´s ok (well, i refer the entire game, u only have to spend a few minutes on it), the norses are normal.
Constructive comments (i hope):
Nordoff, archers, war captain and builders don´t have any sounds, at least in my game...
The icon of war captain is great!!!
think that u have to change the icon of builders or eitri, i think eitri´s one could be better.
enemy buildings don´t attack the wolf scout, however the units do it.
Why hoarders have so good attack and builders are fragile and weak like schoolgirls?
And most important, playing alone, u can´t face these dwarves, simply they do nothing, stay watching how u destroy their town without construct any buildings or create units. Suposse it´s a problem with AI, can u fix it?
Anyway, as i have said, great work
oddy Really cool mod! But...
still no seperate proto data... :'(
File Author
Sorry Oddy, but that would screw up the foundations which this mod is based upon - Im still working at it.

To make the sounds work, move every file from your Age of Mythology/Sounds folder into your Age of Mythology/Sound folder.

I amde a mistake in the installer which put it in a new sounds folder with an s on the end of sound...

The builders are weak yes, but they are very fast runners. Read their history (right click their icon) for more info.
Next update will include improved unit icons, or so I hope.

Please tell me if my solution to your sounds problem does not work.
karpunk this was the solution with sounds, now it works perfectly.
The builders aren´t weak, simply they can´t attack, if u select them u don´t have this option.
acientBLADE1 if ya make a new 1 PUT A ****** UNINSTALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HL_Reaper I agree with blade but not on such a rough way:P.

I think people would like to see an uninstaller, and, if possible, and installer, because for some people it's impossible to uninstall and reinstall their game, because they borrowed the game from someone or smth, so would you please make one?

- Reaper
knight4 st delete all the files that you added since the files are stored in bar files anyway.
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