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The Tenth Year

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Style: No Style
# of Scenarios: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Tenth Year
------------------ By Chris Parmenter

The Illiad, Homer's tale of the Trojan War, speakes of the biggest war ever to be had to that time.
The narritive itself, though, only describes the time from when Patroclus is killed and Achilles resumes his fighting
to his death.

Achilles is Potrayed as the the greatest warrior to ever exist, invulnerable save the back of his heel. He is
wild and uncontrollable, with great mood swings - but was the hero refered to as Achilles really that? Or was he more
like Hector - forced into fighting.

I take that veiwpoint in this short campagn - aurgurably a short cinematic, but not quite. Based upon what was found
at Troy and Mycenae, as well as Homer's recollection (considering the Fall of Troy is not part of the Illiad, Vergil's Aenid is
also used for reference - as well as Edith Hamilton's mythology), I present to you my first campagn, the Tenth Year.

Nota Bene: For the final scenario, in the trigger entitled "The_End_Music" I origionally wanted to have the Beatles Song 'Let it Be' Seeing as I would probably be
banned if I had included it in the download, I removed it from the scenario at the last moment. I highly suggest replacing it however you *aquire* the track.
Simply put it in mp3 format in your sounds folder, and change the trigger so you can hear the best song ever (it fits) for the final scene of the campaign. *wink wink*

Installation (obvious):

All the scx files ---------------------> Age of Mythology/scenario
The cpx file ----------------------> Age of Mythology/data

I am not a regular at the aomh forums. I frequent OD and the Library at HG main.

My email: heirkles@hotmail.com

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File Author
I've found some glitches in the campaign, including:
- The campaign script has some issues preventing the player from advancing to the next scenario
- Some triggers need to be redone, as I did not playtest hard enough
- Some errors in the dialog, mostly grammar due to my abominable typing

I will try to have version 1.1 of this campaign up by next week, and I will try to work on it during the weekend.

If you find any more errors or bad triggers, please email me, I will greatly appreciate it.

antisback I'm sorry to have to tell you this but it is a load of rubbish, you rushed it way to much, you obviously havn't playtested it as, otherwise you would know that you've forgotton to turn cinemtic mode off at the end of every mission, map design is good or at least could be if you hadn't used the same map for all the missions, you havn't put advance campaign scenario in any of the missions, and most of you camera angles lagg like hell.

This is a good idea for a campaign but you've rushed it.

Withdraw the campaign and then spend some time on the following things:
--0-Map design, make sure each and
----every map is unique or you'll
----get marked down no matter how
----good your map.
--0-Playtesting, You wouldn't
----believe how essential
----playtesting is, without it you'd
----have hundreds of errors and get
----a one for playabillity
--0-Advertising, This is 100%
----essential how do you expect
----people to download your campaign
----if they dont know it exists,
----take a look at my campaign 'The
----Rise of Nachac' it's been out a
----little over three weeks and It's
----already had 1000 download's, all
----because I released a nice cine
----preview, and posted a showcase.

NB. please don't send nasty e-mails to me I am only trying to help.

[Edited on 04/06/04 @ 03:55 AM]

wakain ever thought about a career of psychologist?
about the cinematics:they are a bit full of errors. they repeat without a possibility of quiting.
Chris_yamaha THE BEATLES!!!! You know I would of given this an normal rating,but seeing how it does include the Beatle in it.

[Edited on 09/11/07 @ 09:29 AM]

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