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The Dream

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Perseus, in a dream, is told that he has to kill the Queen Medusa. Your job is to get him there.

Note:This a variation on the real Greek myth.
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File Author
Please review.

lazaros Playability: 3
it could be better

Balance: 4

Creativity: 3

Map Design: 4

Story/Instructions: 3

Additional Comments:
You can do a better job at your next!. . .
- Lazaros

[Edited on 04/16/04 @ 03:31 PM]

File Author
thank you for your review!!!!

[Edited on 04/15/04 @ 08:03 PM]

File Author
....ehhumm...I have something yo say

[sarcasm]I am all done, I DO NOT NEED ANYMORE REVIEWS!!![/sarcasm]

thank you!

[Edited on 04/23/04 @ 05:44 PM]

The Bard
Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
It's not exactly what I would call a gripping scenario. Nothing happens at all. The enemies, the 'gods' - they all just stand there and wait for the player to come close. The map is 'dead', so to speak.
On the technical side there is a number of bugs in there. At least, none of them kills the game completely:
The counter runs to the end even if the temples are destroyed in time. (Stop the counter once the temples are destroyed.)
The snake army is deployed immediately. (You used the trigger wrong. The 'army teleport' effect doesn't belong into the same trigger as the counter, you need to put it in another trigger which fires when the counter reaches 0.)
Even without the problems mentioned above, the snake army could attack any player units that wander to close to their starting position. (Instead of putting them there, you could just create them by deploying a ghost army. This would also look much better than having all of them appear at the same spot via 'army teleport'.)
Nothing happens if the temples are not destroyed in time. The player has to destroy them later in order to get a new objective. (Go straight to objective 2 once the counter has run down.)
Destroying the citadels won't bring up the third objective. (This is a trigger bug, you forgot to assign the source unit for the second 'is dead' condition.)
The objectives are completely irrelevant. All that matters is killing Medusa. (Idea: Hide Medusa until the citadels are destroyed.)
The gods talk to Perseus even if they are just visited by a lonely scout. (Replace the 'unit in LoS' conditions with 'distance to unit'.)
GPs granted by the gods and those granted at every new age overwrite each other. (I don't think there is a way around that problem. It might help to grant the additional GPs at positions 1 and 2, since those GPs are weaker than the later ones and may have been used already when the others are granted.)
Since the relics are randomised they may turn out to be completely useless. (Use 'force relic' to make them useful.)
The multiple 'Olympic Parentage' techs don't work properly, they are lost if the game is saved/reloaded. (Replace these effects with 'modify protounit' for the different heroes. Multiple upgrades of the same kind are not foreseen in AoM.)
There is no real ending. Once Medusa is dead the game immediately jumps out to the campaign menu. (Add a trigger with a 'win/loss message' effect before you fire the one with 'you win'.)
It's possible to win the game with a wonder or even by owning all settlements. (Disable the standard victory conditions.)
Once the temples are destroyed, parts of the map remain visible though nothing is there. (A detail, but nevertheless: Kill these revealers together with the temples.)
All players remain visible in the diplomacy menu. (Another detail, it just looks better if you set them to 'hidden' in the player data menu. You should at least get rid of players 4 to 9.)

Balance: 2
Way too easy! The enemy remains totally passive, waiting for the player to build up a huge army and slaughter him. (Actually, Perseus and the helepolis from the start are more than up to the job all by themselves!) Losing is impossible unless the player resigns or deliberately deletes all his own units; even Perseus' death won't make any difference.
The scenario needs a much more challenging enemy. You have to put the player under constant pressure while he is trying to build up and have the enemy attack in wave after wave after wave.

Creativity: 2
The all too usual approach - the player starts with his own base, builds up and attacks an enemy who just sits around waiting to be slaughtered. Nothing special here, no surprises at all.

Map Design: 2
The map looks simply boring. You invested at least a little bit of time into the 'god' parts, but most of it is just flat and empty. Dead. You need to play around with different textures a little more, use embellishment objects - make it live! (Take a look at auron2's 'Setna and the Lands of Egypt' for a good example of an interesting landscape.)
One technical problem about the map: The farms at the base are created overlapping. This way, the farmers constantly stop working because they interfere with each other. You've got to put them alongside each other!

Story/Instructions: 2
There is no story to speak of ("go kill medusa", and that's it), and the instructions are limited to one sentence per objective. Sure, they sum up the objectives, but that's about all they do. You should elaborate a bit on the background. Tell us a story, try to create some atmosphere! (You may want to take a look at Felix Hermansson's 'The Reluctant Heroine' for a good example on how to tell a player "get your hero to point B".)
One more thing: The gods should comment a little more on the help they are giving. When I was told to get the relics I thought I had been sent on a quest, which left me wondering why nothing happened after I had collected them. Something like "gathering these relics will help you in your task" would be far more informative than "get the relics".

Additional Comments:
The 'opening cinematic' hardly earns this term. It could use some more work, it looks just a bit too simple. Take care not to show the borders of the map (it just doesn't look good), and use a camera start object to keep the map from jumping to the TC first. Oh, and remove Athena and 'Perseus' (why a fanatic?) afterwards, it looks strange if a Pegasus scout finds them later on. (You may want to forbid the Pegasus altogether in order to keep the player from flying into 'forbidden' parts of the map.)
Also at the beginning, the music starts and then immediately restarts. (Remove one of the two triggers with 'music play' effect.)
And finally, a trigger detail: You don't need to disable the 'getrelic3' trigger. It is not active, so it won't fire anyway.

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