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Version: AoM: The Titans
Well, its basically just a medieval version of american football.
You have to get your goat into the endzone to score a point. You can also shoot down the poles to score points and you have to keep your archer alive long enough to score two points with him. You can use your trolls to protect him and you have to do all this without letting the computer get the sheep into your endzone!
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acientBLADE1 huh once again i take first download.

acientBLADE1 Playability: 2
yeah its playable, got to move a goat around or move a archer to destroy so oblesks.-quiet boring

Balance: 2
they get a soldier every time you score and you get a dwarf, but the dwarf is stuck in a cage. need to fix it.

Creativity: 2
quiet creative, no one else would has made this.

Map Design: 3
no eye candy, so mitila that attack you if you come to close to them, because the a mislap on the wall. need to fix

Story/Instructions: 1
instructions are ok: bring a goat to the coloured flour, destroy some obleskes

Additional Comments:
it say when you get 3 dwarfs you win but you cant get 3 dwarfs because it wont let you get a dwarf after you get 2. need to fix there, the wall needs to be overlaped, because the milita can get out. YOU say that you can score with the dwarfs but they cant get out.

THE THING HERE is that you need to play-test.

not recomended download.


[Edited on 04/16/04 @ 03:30 PM]

Lexus_Reloaded Playability: 3
It was fun to play but it become's boring after more than 1 game.

Balance: 3
You and the enemy have equal forces. The trolls are to slow what makes it a bit boring. Make them faster so that it become's more challeging.

Creativity: 3
Haven't seen anybody else with a football map.

Map Design: 4
Looks just like a football field. Try making a better place for the people who watch it. There also a place in the wall where they kill my dwarfs.

Story/Instructions: 3
Very clear but a bit boring. Next time try to write more in your readme.

Additional Comments:
Good scenario that looks like a football field.

[Edited on 04/16/04 @ 03:30 PM]

Lexus_Reloaded @blade1: He mend to say that the numbers of dwarfs represend your score.
File Author
#1- The Dwarf is meant to be 'stuck in a cage'....the dwarfs are used as the scoring system.
#2-'I'm sorry if the Militia can escape..Me and my brother have palytested it about 10 times and that has never happened so I didn't know about it. Maybe i'll fix it upa nd release another version sometime.
#3- To get three dwarfs you need to score at least one of them by destroying one of the obelisks. If you let your archer die before he destroys one, then yes, you have lost and should start again.

#1- I think that if the trolls were faster it would be too easy for them to kill your archer =S I'll check it out if I make a new version though.

Ok, thats about it, thanks for the reviews =D
Might bring out a second version in the future.
Link_legend Yeah. Ancientblade, hear that? Your stupid comments got away from you. Learn some manners and don't go dissing people when you probably never even tested it you fag!
acientBLADE1 fag?

did you just call me a fag?

enjoy your time as it will soon end with banning.

i really havent got time for people like you.

acientBLADE1 i wasnt dissing him u moron.

god im ever so pissed, i was giving him comments, but i was mistaken.

you are gettin banned with-in 24 hours.

waveslave610 Calling people morons will also grant you access to ban heaven.
Sorceror_Erebus far out blade don't be such a Loser all the time

[Edited on 04/15/04 @ 10:48 PM]

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