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Soccer Pro Edition

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# of Players: 2
Version: AoM: The Titans
=====SOCCER PRO EDITION (v. 1.02)=====

~~ Important notes~~

- This is a Multiplayer Scenario! Please don't review it unless you have played it online, in a LAN or in another network!
- Read the readme.txt or the paragraph "Starting a game" in this description in order to start up the game correctly!


This is a giant soccer game, in which a poor little dwarf acts like a ball. The game time is adjustable, and detailed statistics inform about the current state of the game. When a player scores, his opponent will obtain a 30 seconds lasting "boost" that doubles the speed of his giants. The dwarf is invulnerable and runs if it gets kicked towards the border of the court. The advanced Quest Var work and the proper playtesting guarantee a nice bug-free gaming experience.


- Place the file in the "scenario" directory in your AoM folder.
- To uninstall the game, simply delete the file.

~~Starting a game~~

Host a multiplayer game. SELECT A DIFFICULTY BEFORE YOU LOAD THE SCENARIO, otherwise you can't alter it due to one of AoM's bugs.

Easy = 5 minutes
Moderate = 7.5 minutes
Hard = 10 minutes
Titan = 12.5 minutes

Player three has to be set to "standard". Diplomacy and gods (you'll gain neither godpowers nor cultural advantages) don't matter, the game will handle that.

~~Note on other soccer scenarios~~

As you certainly know, this is not the only soccer scenario, there're three or four more. I played and studied them and came to the conclusion that all of them don't really fulfil my expectations toward this kind of scenario. So I made an advanced, bug-free and well-playable version of the popular soccer scenario principle. I'd like to thank all other soccer scenario designers for the inspiration though, especially Larmir, who was the first, and I recommend everyone to download their games, too!


- v. 1.02: The game time is now adjustable through the difficulty.
- v. 1.01: All trigger names, groups and condition/effect names were translated in English, to provide a better understatement on how the scn works (on Auron_2's request).

=====Questions, suggestions etc.?=====

- Check my announcement:
- Mail me at
gruengruengruen[insert @]gmail[insert .]com
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
auron 2
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
amaizing scenario, although it could have been better if more people were involve. i mean, it still entertaining to play online. but it would be better to put it like 2v2, just a thought. the game seems kind of short. in aboutg 4 minutes the game is over already. maybe you can add double time, each time of 5 minutes, like real soccer.

Balance: 4
you said no bugs? lol, i just found a kind of bug, but not a big one. once the dwarf ball gets in by one of the borders by the middle of the field, it would walk very long either by the left or by the right. so in other words, the dwarf sometimes put himself closer to a players base. i hope you can understand what i just typed, if not just ask:)
but if the dwarf gets by a corner of the field, it would walk not far away, so there is no way a dwarf can actually be idle on a border. one thing i once encounter, and very funny, i was kicking the ball to the corner, and the dwarf got stuck!lol, the dwarf kept walking but couldnt move. then after like 6 seconds it got out, i dunno if this has happened to other people. very rare....
now for the boost issue, i played this game about 7 times online, when i lost, i got a boost, which increased the speed of my giants. but the boost is way too powerful and i scored a goal way too easy. by doubleing the speed, it made it almost impossible for my opponent to take the ball away from my giants. by it is no real bug since the boost only last for 30 seconds.
when i was playing online, i try to win, loose, get a tide(dunno how to spell that). anyways, once i was playing with this guy called evilheadsomething, he decided to kill all of his giants. after a few seconds, he lost, but i was still playing, when the time was over, i won since i already had a goal scored. but then, i played once again, and did the same thing like the guy did, i killed my giants, but this time, the game did stopped. is it because the host lost that actually make it stopped or something? or maybe a diplomacy bug? just giving ya some feedback from my experience online:) but in general, there is actually nothing that can ruin the game, so yes, like you said, there are no major bugs.
oh, last thing i remembered, when a person scores a goal, the camera focus on the middle field. and my units are all scared along the field, which doesnt give me time to get ready. this is just my opinion, you should give the player time to settle in the middle of the map by making a cinematic(condition timer) that activates everytime a goal is scored, that acts like a camera cut on the middle of the map, along with move to point unit which moves the units to the point from where they started. then when the giants are on the position and place from which they started, the cinematic turns off. and it can be done IMO:)

Creativity: 4
just took a point right ter! you got some ideas from Lamirs soccer scenario. just my opinion, but you shouldnt say negative things even if its your opinion on your description. you might just give the guy a bad reputation. the triggers and the never before seen boost effects, that worked perfectly fine, didnt find any problems with the triggers.

Map Design: 5
cant really say much about it. the field is highly detailed with grass, along with differnt colors, and rocks. but i didnt liked much the bases, it might needed more details. but since is just my opinion, it doesnt really count.

Story/Instructions: 5
the intro cinematic is just enough to make the players clear on what to do, along with the name of the scenario and the mapdesign of a soccer field, which makes it too obious for people to understand. it doesnt need objective windows to make further explanation of the game.

Additional Comments: just a hint, put your name all over the map. many people would want to edit your map. also, i just noticed an interesting thing. i was playing against the computer online, with cheats. i cast meteor on the giants. after a meteor hit the giants, the computer suddenly reacted and started kicking the dwarf! so in other words, if the computer is set as difficulty Titan, and is hit by something, it might just be able to play the game. but when i did this, it started to kick the giant to my base but after like 10 seconds it went idle again:( maybe you can toy more with this idea and make the computer play it too.!
btw, thanx for putting the triggers in english. i made a 6 minute check, but didnt find anyproblem(s).

[Edited on 04/24/04 @ 01:54 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
An excellent scenario, the playing mechanism is great, and since the dwarf runs away from the sidelines, it keeps it exciting. the boost thing is also a +. the "sudden " thing was interesting... and rather funny if you think about it... soccer players attacking each other...... ;)

Balance: 5
good balence, the multiple mountain giants allow for a more stretigic game and therefore its easir (me cant spell :/) for the other player to defend his/her goal. the boost also helps a crucail balence issue, so that the other player has a chance to score. but it isnt impossible to stop a boost mountain giant. which is good!

Creativity: 5
wow! great! i know its based off other soccer games... but you introduced a lot of factors no one else has thought off. for instance: the boost and how the dwarf runs away from the sidelines. the "referee" was rather clever :)

Map Design: 5
excellent map design, i never got the dwarf stuck, the goals are the right size, there's lots of eyecandy (for a soccer field) and the triggers work (the most important thing :D) maybe if you added an audience...

Story/Instructions: 5
you had no story (who needs a story for a soccer game?!) and your instructions were ver precise. only a brain-dead person wouldnt know how to play.

Additional Comments:a great map! MUST DL!!! this diffenetly deserves a 5.0 for its excellency.

P.S. was that a good review auron2?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

The first time I played this, I planned on giving it a 4.6- however, after a few online matches with friends I found this not only one of the most superbly satisfying multiplayer scenarios on the d/w section, but also one of the few scenarios to be so simple yet so bloody fun. The football stadium is well designed though I would REALLY reccomend an audience and a little more 'eye candy'. That doesn't really detract from the gameplay because kicking dwarves around is just way fun. The speed boost for the loosing player is a wonderful addition as well. This is pure fun, no doubt.

I would like to make a few reccomendations, if you don't mind. Maybe you could give 'names' to the soccer players (for example, Ronaldo). Just a suggestion. Also, maybe you could increase the speed of the Mountain Giants a little more, they are a tad bit slow.

Balance: 5

Perfect. No team has any distinct advantage in this and the 'speed boost' the loosing player recieves really gives him the chance to catch up. I noticed the goals are both equal in size (you used the grids, didn't you:)) which means- balance is 5.

Creativity: 5

I was going to give this a 3 or a 4 but, well, even though Larmir came up with the idea, you executed it so well that I just had to give this a 5. I think to make it more creative you should have maybe used some 'other unit' scaled or something, just to make it different than 'Dwarf Soccer'. The bonuses the players got while playing were great additions that boosted this rating and well, it earned this 5.

Map Design: 5

As I said before, map design isn't perfect but its good enough. The field is well designed and the light thingies on the edges of the field (when a goal is scored) was really cool.

I used this rating as the 'reviewer's tilt', meaning to lift the rating to the one I desired- in truth, this map could've been a little better. Hmm, maybe you should have used the 'white' terrain instead of dirt (for the lines on the field)?

Nevertheless, the map serves its purpose which is all that counts.

Story/Instructions: 5

Soccer Pro Edition- poifect:). Sorry, obviously from the title you can tell that there isn't much in the story/instructions of this scenario- however, I knew what to do, I was aware of all the bonuses I recieved and the score as well. Goodie:).

Additional Comments:

More creativity would've been better, but overall I have nothing to say except- bravo! This is a great multiplayer scenario.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Its pretty fun to play, especially against a skilled opponent. One bad thing though is that after you play it a few times it gets extremely repetitive which reduces the replay value. Overall its a very fun map to play against a friend.

Balance: 5
This is something your map excelled in. I like very much how after a team is scored on they get a speed boost. This prevents the game from being one-sided and gives the player a chance to make a comeback.

Creativity: 4
What is there to say? It's pretty darn creative. Especially the speed boost thing. This is by far the best aom soccer game around. Having giants kicking around a dwarf is pretty fun and creative. It works very well and couldn't be made much better than it is here.

Map Design: 3
This has some room for improvement. I like how you put lines in the soccer field. Other that that, there isn't much. All you really used was grass and rock. It would have been better if you made some kind of net or putting seats on the sides where spectators are watching.

Story/Instructions: 4
There's no story, and there's not really any instructions and why should there be? The idea of the game is pretty simple and doesn't require any deep meditation to figure out what's going on. It makes sense what is going on, and no explanation is required.

[Edited on 06/10/09 @ 07:35 AM]

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