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Hercules: The Legacy

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Well, I think this scenario stinks but thats just me. I worked on it for a while then put it off and then the other day quickly finished it. The ending might have some bugs but I don't plan to fix this scenario. Feel free to review it but I don't expect good ones.
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The Bard
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
It's not exactly what I would call a gripping scenario. (I know, I've said that a lot recently.) Nothing happens at all. The enemies, the Frost Giants - they all just stand around and wait for the player to come close. The map is 'dead', so to speak.
On the technical side there are a number of bugs in there:
Herc & Co can simply walk by the wall at the Centaur village. (Put dense forest at both ends.)
If Hercules is killed, the game continues as if nothing had happened. He can be recreated at the TC, but that's not even necessary, he's completely unimportant. (Make the player lose if the feature character is killed.)
There are different ways how Folstag can be discovered ahead of time, e.g. by a Pegasus scout or by wood choppers working their way to the east from the village. In this case, the game automatically jumps to the last objective. (Create Folstag and his troops only after the player has encountered the Frost Giants and use a trigger with condition 'distance to unit' (Folstag to Herc) instead of 'unit in LoS' for the encounter.)
Some of the Frost Giants do not convert. (Check those triggers, you forgot one group.)
The GPs granted at the beginning block most of the available spots, so the GPs granted at every new age overwrite each other, and so does the Forest Fire in the end. (It's hard to think of a proper way around this problem. It might be an idea to kill all of the player's GPs once he has conquered the village and to re-grant the bolt afterwards.)
The AI tries to resign once his second TC is gone. (Add your own specialised AI for this player if you absolutely want to, or otherwise just control him on a trigger basis and get rid of the AI altogether.)
Once Theris is killed there is a message "The End - thank you for playing" but the game continues. The game ends yet again when the whole Hades army is killed, even though a new objective is announced at the same time. (Decide on a proper ending and get those triggers sorted out.)
The last objective (the one after the end of the game...) calls for an attack on the Hades temple. However, the player can destroy this temple early in the game, using an Underworld Passage GP to get up there or destroying it from below with archers or siege engines. But if he does, the game becomes stuck in cinematic mode. There is no way out, the player has to kill the game. (Get rid of this sequence or at least make sure it's handled correctly. Turn off the cinematic mode and end the game properly.)
All players remain visible in the diplomacy menu. (That's a detail, but it just looks better if you set them to 'hidden' in the player data menu. You should at least get rid of players 4 and 5.)

Balance: 2
Way too easy! The enemy remains totally passive (even on Titan and with AI assigned), waiting for the player to build up a huge army and slaughter him. (In fact, I simply advanced through the ages and dug up a Titan to do the job.)
Losing is only possible if the player somehow manages to get all his units killed by the Centaurs right at the start or deliberately deletes all his own units. Even Hercules' death won't make any difference. (In fact, if he dies he can simply be recreated at the TC...)
The scenario needs a much more challenging enemy. You have to put the player under constant pressure while he is trying to build up and have the enemy attack in wave after wave after wave.

Creativity: 2
The all too usual approach - the player starts with his own base, builds up and attacks an enemy who just sits around waiting to be slaughtered. Nothing special here, no surprises at all.

Map Design: 3
The map doesn't look bad, just completely uninteresting. Boring. Large parts are just flat and empty, and your attempts at eye candy look either out of place (bridge, waterfall) or end up blocking space at the player's base. You need to add much more variation in the terrain and all those little embellishments that make a map look alive. Half a harpy won't do the trick.

Story/Instructions: 3
There is sort of a background story. The problem here is that there is no storyLINE. "Go kill the Centaurs. Oops, sorry, not the Centaurs, go kill someone else...". A series of simple quests doesn't make a proper story, you need some sort of story arc to connect them. It might be a good idea to put some background in the spotlight.
The instructions at least were clear, but the 'hints' made me feel like in kindergarten. "Use the thingy on your mouse to rotate the map" - please...

Additional Comments:
The 'opening cinematic' hardly earns this term. It could use some more work, it looks just a bit too simple. You may want to skip it altogether and put the story background in the spotlight instead. Some more points about the intro:
The picture showed part of the black map which never looks good. (Remove black map/fog of war for the cinematics and turn them on again afterwards.)
The game started in an empty corner of the map before it jumped to the intro. (Have the screen fade in to avoid that. This would also give you an opportunity to show the title which looks out of place once the game has started.)
Instead of telling the player to rotate the map, you can do that yourself at the end of the cinematic. (Just make the last camera track end in the appropriate angle.)
Oh, and I missed some background music. Saving/reloading solves this problem, but it would be easier if you took care of that yourself. (It would also give you the possibility to decide on the kind of music you want to play.)

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Map Design3.0
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