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The Curse of Warlord vRetired1.1

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Animal Law has found a man who can lead the three city state of the Aku-Peridium against Warlord. His name is General Caroat and Animal Law must deliver him to the head of there standing army. Befriended by and acid spitting blob there will be many battles before the final finally. Take control of the free worlds army and defend three capitals from distruction of epic proportions.

place file in scenario folder in aom folder.

Good luck and have fun!

The Curse of Warlord v1.1 05/03/04
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
It was playable but in some parts, it was almost impossible to do anything. Like in the beginning, I kept getting bombarded with units and about the fifth time I finally was able to survive for more than 5 minutes. It also got boring for a while.

Balance: 2
The balance was way off. Like I said in beginning, I kept getting attacked by armys that were double the numbers of my own. It took me a couple times before I actually was able to keep General Carout and Animal Law alive. It also was almost immpossible to keep one wonder alive since the Anubis could easily leap over all the protection and come in and attack. Also, you gave out a REALLY REALLY small defending team... how do you expect us to fight off like 30 minotaurs with 15 horse guys?

Creativity: 4
I'll give you that, the creativity was a very good idea. I found it cool about the whole three towns being enemies and you had to get them to join together so they would all not go down. The names of the people were pretty cool too. I also liked how you used the one gate that Kronos broke out of in the plain AOM Campaign and made it like a portal or something where enemies came out. In the beginning with, that Cyclops looked really cool.

Map Design: 4
The map is above average. I loved all the cliffs and the dunes were pretty cool also. But in the dunes, you could have had more types of sand terrain instead of just simply one. The wonders were positioned in perfect spots as well and it was cool how you had each of the different towns mining, chopping, and farming for differnet things.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was good but the instructions kind of stunk. For a while, I was stuck in the beginning not knowing what to do then finally I figured out you had to go get that Undermine and then go to the other side and get the cavarly men. I also found myself getting stuck at some other points because I had no clue where to go. That mini-flare for where to bring Animal Law and stuff began to getting annoying too because I brought him there and nothing happened, then I brought a couple more people and nothing happened, then finally I brought everyone and it worked. I also waited for about 10 minutes and no army or whatever appeared to help protect the wonders.

Additional Comments:
Overal this was an average scenario. The map design and story was incredible along with the creativity, but the Balance was way off. I found myself almost playing this scenario twenty times before I finally got it finished. That was getting annoying because I had to sit through your cinematics each time. I also got a place to make more cavarly people but I didn't have any resources and I wasn't a high enough age to make them to go warn the other villages.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
playability was fine, i dont know why that other guy said it was so hard, it took me a couple times to beat it. its quite a fun map. but when that gaurdian showed up i was like what the heck! how do i stop that! but then yeah when my titan died he went along with him and i won!

Balance: 4
blance is good, it is always good to have a challenge, without is no fun ofcourse. the last battle where your titan and armies face off is cool, big finalie! as long as you keep your two important heroes away form all big battles you got nothing to worry about, but if you but them in that last battle your probably dead. good balance. when you have to ride your riders to the three kings they often all three die even if your not dumb :p otherwise its fun good.

Creativity: 5
creative map i mean ive never seen a story like this one. the names are all pretty creative. Animal Lord lol... i like all the sizes of the units, big cyclops, smaller titans. it makes things more fun when you see a variety of units. good job!

Map Design: 3
what can i say map design was ok.. not much eye candy at all, the wonders and their suroundings are not that amazing looking, just towers. the place where the vills are choping and gathering resources are pretty cool like the norse farming is nice, and the pile of logs, and fountains, otherwise it doesnt have much eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 4
nothing wrong here it great. unless you cant read english its simple directions. you could add hints and Spotlight is always nice to see in objectives. story is good. opening cinemetic is good. kinda boring watching cyclops beat at gate but itss pretty good. one thing i did not like was no ending, i mean it says victory! but everyone likes a good climax, cinemetic ending like you shoot down the servant of kronos or somthing, but just ending in "Victory" is kinda bland.

Additional Comments:
great use of triggers, cinemetics, fun story, fair map design, this is definatley an above average scenario here, download guys! keep up the good work! all i can say is try better map design next time(which is not one of my strengths :p) keep it up man.

[Edited on 04/30/04 @ 07:27 PM]

The Bard
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I have two main complaints here. First of all, it's one of those scenarios which more or less win themselves. The enemies are no match for the ally's defences, mainly because they are too dumb. They will happily crush houses and let themselves being slaughtered by the towers because they don't know what to attack. You'd probably need your own custom made AI script to make sure the enemy knows what he's doing. (As a alternative, make houses etc. belong to yet another player towards which the enemy is neutral. That would keep the enemy units from attacking them so they could concentrate on the defences and the wonders instead.)
The second major flaw: I spent most of my time sitting and waiting for something to happen. Having left the mousetrap at the beginning I went to the cross-roads, and from then I couldn't do much more than watching the enemies falling to my ally's towers and then waiting for the next wave. I waited for the reinforcements to arrive, I waited for the enemy's main host, I waited for something to happen after the main host was defeated... Not exactly a gripping scenario.
There are some technical flaws in there as well:
When I tried to abort the cinematics (hitting Esc) the game interface appeared and I got to take a good look at the map. (Make the cinematic skippable. There was a thread in the scenario design forums a while ago that explained how.)
The riders only arrive when a player unit steps up to a certain point on the map. If he doesn't, he's stuck. (Have them appear on a timer.)
The objective says "wait for the reinforcements", but not how for long. I know, it's more realistic that way, but I think it would be much easier for the player if he knew, especially since he spends most of his time waiting anyway. (So, add a counter here or give a rough estimation in the objectives.)
At the beginning, the bandits waste their time attacking the stone fences instead of going for the player's units. (Make the fences belong to Gaia.)
Saving/reloading gave me the LoS of my allies. (No idea how that can happen, probably a bug in the LoS assignment for allies.)
The worshipping counter doesn't work properly. It starts when AL begins his empowering but it doesn't stop when he walks away. If he's back empowering when the counter reaches zero, the blob will be summoned. (Stop the counter when the empowering stops.)
The game ends with a simple "Victory!" message for no obvious reason. The enemy big boy was still there and almost as good as new (though I would have brought him down sooner or later anyway), but he simply disappeared, and the game was over. Sort of an anti-climatic ending, considering the battles we had seen before.

Balance: 3
As I've said above, it's one of those scenarios which more or less win themselves. The player doesn't have to worry about the enemy attacks at all, the formidable defences of the central city are more than capable of handling them. Making use of their fire support the player's reinforcement have no trouble dealing with the enemy's main host. The big boy at the end would have been a bit trickier, but since it's not even necessary to kill him... About the only way the player can lose is if he manages to get one of his feature characters killed at the beginning.

Creativity: 3
Defending a fortified position while waiting for the reinforcements to arrive is probably the second most often used setting for a scenario. I'm hard pressed to find anything I'd consider as especially creative here. It's not bad, I just didn't see anything that I haven't seen times and again before.

Map Design: 4
Well, the map doesn't look bad, but it doesn't look especially great either. The towns look good, but there is way too much empty space in between. You should have spent a little more time on the sandy parts, just roughen it up a bit doesn't make it look good.

Story/Instructions: 3
There is a background story - or rather, there is some sort of a background, but not much of a story. Too bad you didn't do a spotlight at all, it would have been an excellent place to elaborate a bit on the background. Who's the Warlord? Who are the heroes? Why are they here? Why are the three cities at war with each other?
The objectives are more or less clear. At the beginning, you only state "don't let them die", but not what to do. Also, I would have expected some hint on what to do next once the reinforcements had arrived. Since the objective had been fulfilled I wondered if there was a bug until about five minutes later finally the enemy's main host arrived.
The chats helped a bit, but you should have added the names of the speakers (or make the appropriate units flash or something) to make them a little clearer. Some hints wouldn't have been too bad either.
Oh, one more thing that really caught my eye: You gave new names to so many units in the game - but you didn't manage to come up with better city names than 'Middle State'...

Additional Comments:
Opening cinematics that long should be made skippable. I didn't like them too much anyway - there was no sky (use 'render sky'), you showed parts of the map border and the close-ups would have needed cinematic mods to look less 'polygonal'.

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