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The Bridge

Author File Description
auron 2
File Details
# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans

Author: auron_2
Version: AoM: The Titans
Type: Multiplayer Scenario (3v3)

INFO: Sudden Death 3v3 Deathmatch. Destroy your enemies Citadel Center and win the game. Both teams bases are separated by a bridge. Defend your Citadel, and take over the bridge to not let your enemies get to your base


• Titans
• Secret of the Titans
• Wonders
• Flying Units
• Houses
• Starting Units, Greek, Atlantian, Thor, & Norse.


• Fortified, and more stronger buildings
• Watch Towers granted in Archaic Age
• Map Revealed
• Research, Construction, & Training research increased
• Infinite Resources
• 250 of population
• Starting Deathmatch Norse Units
• Starting 5 Lures, which turn into towers


• Counter Add Timer & Chat Codes from the original RMS game, Sudden Death.
• Random Starting: Each Player have the possibility to start in three different places.
• Introduction to the scenario and detailed explanation
• Day/Night Cycle: over 4 different lightings, each one of five minutes.
• Over 86 triggers
• Eyecandy: Features different grass textures, details, and a beautiful bridge


1). Arange the slot in where you will put computer
2). change to difficulty Titan(more chanllenging)
3). Load the scenario


1). Go to the editor
2). Go to Scenario/Player Data
3). Arange to whatever player you want the following AI: aomdefaultai.xs

IMPORTANT: When you try to load this AI, make sure you press Open buttom, DO NOT Double click the file name, or else the AI wont load. You can also download other AI's avaliable on heavengames download section for a more challenging game.


• Counter Add Timer Codes, and Chat Codes from the orignal RMS game, Sudden Death.


- www.freewebs.com/smallhours
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Lord_Erik0173 so you DO make maps O_o
auron 2
File Author
yes, i do make scenarios. i have been designing for around a year and a half. just type on the search box:


and all the three scenarios i have posted will show up.
Leif_Eriksson_ ah i dont like bridge maps but this ones pretty good.

[Edited on 05/01/04 @ 07:22 PM]

Sorceror_Erebus thats cause its aurons map, corse its great

[Edited on 05/01/04 @ 09:47 PM]

AoMPlayer000 Errm... Auron, one doesn't give oneself credit... Only people that helped or inspired you.
auron 2
File Author
Celer Is this the scenario you called me to download auron??? but its for chocolate only.......
antisback Playability: 5
Nice and playable, involved actual strategy unlike most Multiplayer scenarios, doesn't take to long to get into it, so you could just set up and play. Not too much lag either.

Balance: 5
Great, the idea of forcing the focus of defending one area so the enemy needs a large army to conquer it, titans player beware of the vortex power. I'd like to point out the holes at either side of the map.

Creativity: 4
Good, a new version of an old concept (eg. defend the pass), Using qvar randomise for the settlements was a nice touch, it makes the game different each time.

Map Design: 4
Quite good but a bit plain in some areas, the reason for the four? The different terrain varies into itself really nicely and the bridge looked quite nice

Story/Instructions: 4
No story, and simple instructions, so I can neither mark you up or down, the intro cinematic was quite a good bonus, although it's short it display the instructions with a nice background so I'll give you a four

Additional Comments:
A great multiplayer scenario, shame it has not been more popular.

[Edited on 05/13/06 @ 11:29 PM]

auron 2
File Author
well, thanx for the rating. although the map design is meant to be like that. I used different grass terrains, trees, flowers, roughed terrain, the water is perfectly straight, and the bridge is well made which really, deservers more than a 3. If i would be to add more detai ls into the map design, the game would lag.

the cinematic blocks dont match the surroundings at all. I made it so that it has randomize startings.

instructions 3? I exactly made an intro camera cinematic cut explaining exactly what to do, including an objective windows, explaining in depth of the instructions. I didnt even made a spelling error.

Creativity 3? what about the codes, quest var variables, random startings, map design, and triggering. i dont think all that creativity counts as a 3. I even made it so the computer is able to play as well.
Leif_Eriksson_ good map, I played it online and it was alot more fun than I thought! It is so much better than those other bridge maps. I would have named it somthing dif considering the bad name The Bridge has gotten on ESO. This map is excellent.
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