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The Greek Dream ( V 1.2 )

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Just a short cin i made.
Thought id share it....Enjoy.


Another Update (V1.2)
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Map Design3.0
I watched it, L_J_C. And I've to say something about it ;), here we go:

First-off, some bugs/weak spots:
-Eye candy has to be improved, especially in the villages. Use pots, grass, bushes, flowers, tents, torches, flags, carpets etc... The town has to be full of these things.
-Two of the gold miners in the first town are overlapped, looks like a 2-headed human ;).
-The nice view from the cliff down to the second village has one weak spot: You also have to shrink the trees and walls. I tried it, and it looks AMAZINGLY good then, very nice idea!
-Why is there a dock at a small puddle? ;)
-The very first moment in your cin shows a wrong camera cut. Fix that with a run-immediately trigger with a camera cut effect. The cut has to match the first waypoint of your first camera track.
-Kamos jumps into the hill ;).

As you can see, these were only minor bugs. I also have to say some good things:

+You've used "Render Fog/Black Map OFF" ;)
+The music is very suitable for the cin. You picked an amazingly piece of music for it! Very, very, very good!
+The view from the cliff.
+The whole cin had no violence in it (except the short struggle with Kamos)! Very creative to make something like that!
+The ships.
+The skies.
+Talking people.
+Again, the music ;), perfect for a peaceful dream.
+The initial scene with the sleeping Arkantos and the blowing leaves and the gulls.

All in all, I must admit that your cinematic skills have greatly improved since the "The Warriors of Sparta" preview. Very good work apart from some minor flaws, and the most interresting thing: It was violence-free! Very creative! This is also an improvement, since the "The Warriors of Sparta" preview only consisted of huge battles.

Well done.
Map Design4.0
WOW! i just watched new version. Great improvement! nice waterfalls(although i dont know where the water from the water falls is coming) the town looks much better, i like the dog(bella) you made it smaller so it looks like a real dog. farms look nice, deer by arkantos. good job, i only have a few problems, when arkantos bows down to zues statue(thats really cool idea) you never acctually see zues' head. this kinda bothered me lol. its fine but if the camera went 1 second faster you might see zues' head, which to me would be nice. and when the kastor and agamenmon are talking to eachother over the town, it was to short, i barely got a view of them talking and the town before it fades. in the first version it was good but in this new version it just seemed short, so that i could barely see the awesome town below. i think you did this because of the problem in the first version(you saw arkantos before animation begins then he moves suddenly) well why dont you just fire animation sooner instead of cutting the kastr/agemenmon scene. well these are just minor problems as you know because you did such a great job. it says The Greak Dreem (preview). Is it really a preview to somthing? anyway good job. i watched it about 3 times =D

[Edited on 05/08/04 @ 02:38 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The piece plays flawlessly and is easy to install. I love the song that was used too.

Balance: 5
Absolutely irrelevant to cines, however, it's a very good little story with all the crucial elements to spin an interesting and effective plot.

Creativity: 5
The work's pace and dreamy atmosphere are very effective and the fact that no blood and guts battle scenes- which seem a little cliché-were left out was appreciated. Instead LJC simply suggests a clash of armies. By leaving the battle up to the viewer's imagination, imo, LJC shows a really high degree of creativity when presenting the theme in this original way.

Map Design: 4
The map and settings were pretty and wholly adequate to move the story forward. While the terrains and dressing elements were of very high quality, I would have liked to see more embellishment and detail in the eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 4
In general the story was delicate, pensive and melancholy, and to be able to successfully create all these subtle emotions in such a short time- and without any dialog- in my mind, is the mark of a very high quality cine.

Additional Comments:
I hated to mark down an otherwise really nice cine but that Krios character appears kind of from no where. While the action in that scene is nice and ends the work with a great little shot, the krios character should be introduced earlier so his appearance at the end doesn't leave people wondering where he came from.

Nice job LJC, I really liked this cine a lot.:p

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