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TROY Cinematic Preview

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Style: Other
# of Scenarios: 1
Version: AoM: The Titans
~~~~~~~Troy cinematic preveiw~~~~~~~

Specialy made music fitted for the cinematic preview, read me installation.

Read the read me and it has full details how to install.

For anyhelp please contact me on ancientblade12@hotmail.com

thank you.
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Map Design4.0
Watchabillity: 3
Pretty boring, most of the time they just stood there doing nothing. You also forgot to turn off ambient sounds.

Balance: 2
There was no actual action during the cinematic, as I said above they just stood there doing nothing, right at the end they started rushing towards the wall and then it faded to black, before you could see any action

Creativity: 3
I liked the sound although, it was very tinny, it was also very disjointed, which suggests that it may have been downloaded off the internet, (although I am not accusing you of it.)

Map Design: 4
I marked you up here because, I opened up the map maker and found there was a quite nice map there, it just was not shown at all during the whole of the cinematic. Although the eye candy used wasn't the sort I like I can't take marks away on personal taste.

Story/Instructions: 2
Pretty poor, for most of the cinematic I had no idea what was going on, it felt very random. The story was not your own but then again all storys have to be based on something (not all people have the talent to come up with their own story.)

Additional Comments:
It looks like it was very rushed, I just hope you spend more time on the actual campaign.

[Edited on 05/12/04 @ 11:38 AM]

Map Design3.0

Watchability.How good it is: 2
Well, this is below average. I see you have this timed to a track, but many scenes came in too slow for the sound, and sometimes I actually saw heroes spawn or get changed from their cinematic blocks.
The overuse of the same environment or exact same part was not very good, and their seemed to be a lot of one hero with his hand dashing about whilst the poor quality sound was playing.
many guys didn't seem to move when they should have, and sometimes the camera didn't move for a couple of seconds, and I believe I actually viewed a hero either disappearing or transforming into something else.

Balance: 3
Average. I think two mistakes were having Achilles as the horse guy, and another is that he was shown facing a enormous blank and boring cliff for no apparent reason. A few cuts were rather slow, and generally I found it pretty boring. I think, because you wanted to make it like the film trailer, you've neglected to have nice scenes and instead have a couple of heroes talking in various places. Because the AOM editor cannot convey human emotions, facial expressions and subtle body movements, that makes this bad and very unbalanced.

Creativity: 2
Not very creative in the slightest. You have tried to replicate the movie trailer, but failed rather miserably. If you desperately want to do the story, at last make it different from the movies, which are not going to be easy to pull off in the editor

Map Design: 3
Not a particularly well designed map. It didn't actually seem to include much eye candy, but you always had the camera really close to the ground, so we could never see much at one point. That knocked a mark of most of these rating thingys.

Story/Instructions: 4
Obviously a good story, there's a movie of it, multiple best selling books based on a three thousand year old classic which has been translated and reiterated too many times to count. However, the story was presented rather poorly indeed, and you could barely hear what the characters were saying, due to static and low quality - and it was in the sounds that this is rooted within.

Additional Comments:
Nothing else to mention really, I think you should have tried a bit harder and spent more time on many of scenes, and positioned various "scenes" on the map more correctly so there aren't big cliffs which obscure a supposedly eye-candy-ish environment.

[Edited on 05/13/04 @ 10:23 AM]

Map Design2.0
ummmm for one the music sounds like you taped it off a tv or somthing and the music ends way to early, before the cinemetic ends which leaves a music less half which is not good. behind âll the boats there is grassy hills what the heck? make it all water dont leave grass behind the boats making it look like a tiny Sea. the sea is not even beutifyed! and there is no Sky! you need Sky for a cinemetic! seeing the boats with sky above them would look so much better but without it looks like nothing. and the boats should atleast move a little not stay in the same place the whole time. the parts where arkantos and kastor are talking and stuff the ground is really messed up and rough, make it flat or atleast smooth. theres no eyecandy, Troy the city does not look awesome at all, the map is bland. you have no idea what the heck is going on, Achilles talking to oldman kastor yelling at arkantos random cuts, no idea what is happening. at the end when they are soposedly attack the gate Oddeyseus stops like 2 seconds before the screen goes blank so it doesnt even look like they are really charging since you see some of them stop.

Additional Comments:
nothing amazing about this, music sounds fuzzy, no sky! the grass behind the boats is really dumb idea. those are my main problems. the skipping scenes are totaly random i have no idea whats going on. land is rough, no eye candy. doesnt look good to me

HA last comment AncientBlade is acientBLADE1
LOL it says at the end of the cinemetic: created by acientBLADE1: lol so acientBLADE1 just made a new name cause he made a fool of himself in his old name with all the spam alerts, and now he doesnt do that dumb


at the end of every comment. funny.

[Edited on 05/15/04 @ 02:51 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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