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The Lord of the the Battles

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Role Playing Strategy
# of Scenarios: 3
Version: AoM: The Titans

Follow the epic adventures of Gimli, Balin, Legolas, Theoden, Eowyn, Aragorn, Gandalf and Faramir in three scenarios set in the Middle Earth:
1)The destiny of Moria
Before the Fellowship of the Ring was summoned at the council of Elrond the Dwarven kingdom of Moria was thrown into caos by a goblin invasion.
2)The riders of Rohan
Forced by the invincible armies of Saruman, Theoden and Eowyn lead their people to Helm’s Deep, the last hope of Rohan.
3)The siege of Gondor
The final act: after Saruman’s defeat, Sauron send his best general, the Witch King, to raze the capital of Gondor, Minas Tirith.

To play this scenario extract all files from the ZIP archive, place the .scx fileS in the scenario folder, the .cpx file in the ...Age of Mythology/data folder and the .mp3 and .wav
files in the ...Age of Mythology/sound folder.

1)You must play this scenario with level of difficulty "Hard".
2)If you want some advice you can see it during the mission clicking on the objectives.
3)To hear in a better way my sound track I advice you to turn up the volume ot the music.
4)If you find bug or if your game crush send me an email.
5)There is a great number of trigger and if some of them doesn't work restart or reload the game.
6)Remember to place correcty all files.
7)In the second part of the second scenario and in the 3rd one there are a lot of units so could work slowly, in particular the cinematics.

To precede some “critiques” I want immediately tell you one thing: this is a scenario in which I've imitate J. P.’s films, especially through cinematics, only the first scenario and
the 1st part of the second are quite invented. To do this I had to sacrifice human player’s role. If you don’t like this kind of campaign I advise you to play “Battle for Helm’s Deep”
by Richard D. Green, is really a well done scenario.

Created by Oscar Baldessari (quoelet@katamail.com)
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File Author
I'm sorry: I've select "Role Playing Strategy" for my campaign and I don't know which is the correct category because of my bad english...

[Edited on 05/16/04 @ 05:20 PM]

tbarak I DLed the file alright but the notes gave a rather vague description of where to install the music.


"...Age of Mythology/data folder and the .mp3 and .wav
files in the ...Age of Mythology/sound folder."

This didn't look right to me so I opened one of the scenarios and noticed your trigger is directing to the xpack/xcinematics/12a_ folder. There are quite a few music files and I don't want to play the campaign without the music. Do all the music files go into xpack/xcinematics/12a_ ?

The "Riders of Rohan" map looks nice though so far. Let me know so I can give this puppy a go.
File Author
Place the .wav and .mp3 files iin the directory "sound" that is in the directory where you have istalled the game.

My English is a very bad thing so what's the meaning (in a simple English) of "The "Riders of Rohan" map looks nice though so far. Let me know so I can give this puppy a go."?

[Edited on 05/17/04 @ 03:20 PM]

auron 2 sorry man, but i just can't play your campaign. it takes about 2 minutes for each scenario to load on the editor. The scenarios are just way too overloaded with units, and objects. i tried to play the one called The destiny of Moria and it took about twice as long for the cinematic to finish. and while i was playing it, lagged came again and i got one of the latest and fastest labtops.

you really have to fix this lag. or else people with super overpowered computers with game card can only play this campaign.
File Author
The Destiny of Moria works slowly?!?!
But it's the least laggy scenario of my campaign....
Maybe you are right, the next time I'll create scenario I'll use Medioeval Total War...
tbarak The maps are beautiful and there are some really nice effects in there such as the secret entrance under the waterfall, the floating implode balls and the pyramid destruction sequence in The Moria scenario. Conceptually the game is very good.
auron 2 totally agree with tbarak. nice map design, really simmilar to LoRT. eccept for someparts of rohan
File Author
X tbarak
Now do audio files work?
tbarak See this thread in the forums. It's kinda hard to post discussions in here. You are right, the translator sucked! Sorry, I tried.

File Author
I'm receiving a lot of email that ask to me how istall the campaign.
Here the istructions:

-extract all files with winzip

-place all .mp3 and all .wav files in the directory "sound" that is in the same directory where is istalled the game, often you have to enter to "program files"-->"Microsoft Games"-->"Age of Mythology"-->"Sound".

-place the file .cpx in the directory "data" that is in the same directory where you have istalled the game, often you have to enter to "program files"-->"Microsoft Games"-->"Age of Mythology"-->"Data".

-place the 3 . scx files in "scenario folder", and if you have XP you have to enter in "document" -->"My games"-->"Age of Mythology"-->"Scenario".

To play the campaign start the game, click on campaign, then titans campaign and then select "The Lord of the Battles".

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