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Cats And Mice HardCore8 Final

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a 3 vs 3 Style map, 3 cats and 3 mice. Credit to the oridginal dude who created the C+M Senarios.
This uses the Cats and Mice 9 Map layout with several alterations and Balance Changes.

> Game speed is set to 2

> All Civs Are Equal. All Civ god powers have been Disabled (no "extra" lure,Traitoring gaurdians, spying on mice / cats, bolting, Etc) and Oranus Doesnt get LOS to Town Centers.

> Mice recive Lures which summon hesirs Every 5 mins, this can be used to escape from Cats provided you have LOS in a Safe Area.

> The Cats Recive a Lure which summon an Extra Gaurdian everytime all 3 mice advance an age.

> Mice Can Make Sky Passages by building houses or manors. Sky passages hold 5 units.

>Mice Can build titans in the mythic Age by building wonders. Compared to the Cats Titans and gaurdians theese are weak but the mice can build them in mass numbers. For balance purpose Gaurdians have a negative bonus Vs Titans.

>Markets Become Sky passages in the mythic age (so non norse hesirs can build them) and Towers are upgraded to Statues of Lighting upon the research of the Titan Age.

>All Civs Can build Hesirs by building the unit in solt 1 of the Civ's temple (so thats Pegasus, Priests and Orcles simply put)

>Instructions and Music Added. Check objectives for Instructions.

>FF Mode added. To Activate, the host must type "!FFmode" (without quotes). FF mode stands for Forest + Fire mode. Cats recive Gaia Forests (3 SPC) and the Mice Forest Fires (1) every 5 mins. This Allows cats to block of Escape Routes and for the Mice to create new ones. Some areas can only be accessed in this mode.

>Removed useless objects and smoothed out the map. Lots more Forests added (to burn).

>Due to Constant OOS errors when the FFmode is enabled... it is on from the start and both sides get Fires and forests. It seems to make it more fun anyhow.

plz post any comments suggestions here


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Counter_Master no offense but all cat and mice scenarios stink on ice.
BiYiR this looks cool im gettin it
pacosgames U hard head... I waited for you on thursday for about 30 minutes and you didnt show up, I got your objectives to show up as you wanted, oh well, who cares(obviously not you :) ) lol. Well anyway, i will dl this and see what other minute changes you did, hahahahah

[Edited on 05/31/04 @ 02:47 AM]

File Author
sorry about that paco but i had to go and you didnt show for the next 2 days, i did ask Raider to tell you i had gone

Still... Objectives cant show the way i wanted so i worked around it, +fixed loads of stuff which was causing problems (hence this is called *final* and not just V8
Kjelli hi pacos
i haven't seen you on Eso lately, or do you have msn?
pacosgames I have msn, but not on it very often. Im also on aom quite a bit, keep in mind my eso name is ssfc_pacosgames . Nice to see you too!! Cant wait to see you on aom.
AncientBlade jesus?
cat and mice all suck!
no ofence to anyone but i downloaded one off the internet and it had no eye candy just some units and enemys. WOW!

i geuss those guys never even met the great multiplayer scenarios over here in AoM heaven.

i used to make multi.p like xamos scenario when you kill 100 you advance in better soldiers.

i think people need to pull out the thumbs and decent multi.p scenarios like "Troy Massicare" that is a great game.

File Author
Which is why i made a Version to Correct that mistake

Jesus, stop comparing this to NORMAL C+M, Its completely Different.

Go moan Elsewhere
Leif_Eriksson_ cats and mice is fun but getting old. Time for some new scns completely, COMPLETELY original. TOS does an awesome job at that, But Im tired of new versions 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 2.0 3.0 4.0 we need new Multiplayer scns.
duffman13 Playability: 3
I just can't win this game.

Balance: 3
It would be better if more players can play.

Creativity: 4
More creative then the other cat&mice games.
Map Design: 3
Nothing special.

Story/Instructions: 5
Tells you all the instructions.

Additional Comments:Hard to win.

[Edited on 07/07/04 @ 01:43 AM]

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