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Version: AoM: The Titans

A man ad his exile.
A man and his exile that is finishing.
A man to whom Gods give a chance to regain his honor

This is the new version of the map: is less laggy, most of the map is renovated and I add a new mission set in the Colosseum.
To play this scenario extract all files from the ZIP archive, place the .scx fileS in the
scenario folder.

1)You must play this scenario with level of difficulty "Hard".
2)If you want some advice you can see it during the mission clicking on the objectives.
3)To hear in a better way my sound track I advice you to turn up the volume ot the music.
4)If you find bug or if your game crush send me an email.
5)There is a great number of trigger and if some of them doesn't work restart or reload the
6)In the cinematic intro and in the last part of tis scenario there are a lot of units so
could work slowly.

Another thing: my language is not English and I couldn't find a good traslation so PLEASE don't give me bad rates because of my English.

Created by Oscar Baldessari (quoelet@katamail.com)
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File Author
Here some screenshots:

[Edited on 08/14/04 @ 03:23 PM]

BabaHama All that I saw was the pyramid and the colloseum, so I am going to dl.
Tahattus 2 Playability: 3

Not very good. Your units get stuck in a lot of places. In the part where you fight the barbarians, there's just to few spaces for walking, the ruins block the way.

Balance: 4

I'm not sure what this means, but anyway, the enemies are too strong. You must play it 3 times until you discover how to beat the enemies (the FIRST enemies in the forest kill to many units).

Creativity: 5

Oh, crap. Evil Pyramid. Colosseum. A maze. Nice!

Map Design: 4

Uh, in the maze you can't see your character walking!!! The camera should be a little higher. The eyecandy is ok, very creative buildings, but there's to few space to walk.

Story/Instructions: 3

We must keep looking at the objectives window. Plz, change this. Make it appear on the window. The story is nice, the objectives aren't that clear.

Additional Comments:

Correct some english words before entering that competition. Also, moderetors, DON'T CLOSE MY OPINION! I'VE PLAYED THIS MAP AND YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO ERASE IT!

Well, backing to the topic, just give us more space to move the units, fix a litthe the eyecandy, correct your english, and it'll be perfect!

Edit: My english teacher helped me to translate some sentences. Ask your teacher to correct yours.

[Edited on 06/11/04 @ 02:19 AM]

File Author
Thank you Tahattus 2, with your good words you have destroyed what I created in 2 months.
Tahattus 2 Offf

^you're so nice! Wait until other people give you a 5. They'll make your rate bigger.

^isn't he nice? :D :D :D
Lexus_Reloaded Playability: 4
Really fun but sometimes hard to play. However you have strong enough units.

-island: Really irritating because of the spiders. I don't wish to lose half of my army so I could only move Scipio. The arcus comes in very handy to kill the medusa's.

-maze: don't know where the others are talking about but I could see Scipio just fine and it wasn't that hard.

-fortress: Well I killed 1 titan with my Eagle and the other with my army. He wanted to kill my archers but my foot army was keeping him away from him which makes it easy. The army's are a bit to strong but I had a eagly left. Maybe not champions but heavy.

-colloseum: Wasn't that hard. Just killing some animals and the Servant (trying not killing)

-piramide: very hard. Just a bit to much units.

Balance: 5
You had enough units to kill the enemy. -See playability notes-

Creativity: 5
Very original. Haven't seen any Roman scenario about Scipio. Very good to combine it with Atlantic and all lost heroes.

Map Design: 5
Most impressive eye candy I've ever seen. The only scenario better was "Lady Hawke" but that's because it had more eye candy. This was the best eyecandy I've ever seen. YOU ROCK!!

Story/Instructions: 4
Had a easy story but interesting. The language wasn't the best. If you want I could translate it (the next time)(I would be honort).

Additional Comments:
I have read that you stopt doing things on this site. Is it because of Tatathus 2? Please I beg you, don't quit here because of him.

[Edited on 05/21/06 @ 10:38 AM]

File Author
Thank you for your rate. I want to precise about 2 points:
-your soldier are heavy and not champion above all because to color of their uniform, in this way they are more similar to Roman Legionary.
-yesterday I was a little annoyed and so I declared something rash. Maybe in the future I will post other works.

[Edited on 06/08/04 @ 04:30 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Man, this scenario was awesome and the playability was awesome. The scenario was also a good length and it wasn't too hard. The forest though, it takes a little bit to get use to but soon enough, I just blazed right though it survived. I had a little problem with the Cyclops but I got through it with Scipo. After I go to the Setna unit dude or whatever, I still had enough units to continue with. The maze was really easy to understand as I played it the first time you put it out. Once you get to the Automtons, it gets easier. It was very playable and I beat the first time through but I took my time. Heck, I beat both titans easily, I just threw one unit out in front of the second titan and had him run around from the titan until I got the second eagle.

Balance: 4
I always got enough units to kill off the enemy so it wasn't that hard. Only thing I had alittle trouble with was the Pyramid part because the lampades killed alot of my units but I finally got through it. It was hard at sometimes, but then easy in others so it evened out. [Some of my other views on balance is in Playability]

Creativity: 5
Holy cow man... everything on here was creative. I would have liked to see some mods but thats alright. What I really loved was all the cinematics, they were amazing especially that like parade thing near the end. The Colliseum part was pretty cool along with the Pyramid part. Like I said before, everything was very creative and I salute you.

Map Design: 5
Map = Absolutely amazing. Dude, the map was really awesome. You've got real talent.. The Collisuem and Pryamid thing was very cool. I haven't seen anyone try to make a collisuem which made yours even cooler. You should really make some maps for Suprmacy things online, I'd love to see one with just some stuff you make. Whatever anyone else says, the map was pure awesomeness. At the very end with the statue of Scipio... pure coolness. lol

Story/Instructions: 4
The story, was very creative and original. This was one of the first scenarios I've played in which was based on Roman. DId you make it up or did it really happen? If you made it up, I salute you again because it was a very good idea but even if you took it from a real story, it still was really good and I'd like to read up on it. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 was because some parts I kind of got lost a little bit because some instructions weren't good enough but it didn't take me like 20 minutes to find out where to go.

Additional Comments:
This scenario is one of the best I played and deserves to be that german magazine like a couple of other guys was a while ago. Everyone, play this scenario because it is very good. It has everything a scenario needs.
File Author
Yes, I made it up, the only real and historic event is Scipio's exile at the beginning.
Thank you for your rate.
File Author
Sorry but I've found a bug: when you play the missions set in the fortress of Evento and in the Colosseum can happen that some units remain useless under human player's control in different areas of the map. If this bug happens please kill the useless units (only during the missions set in Evento and in the colosseum).
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Map Design5.0
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