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The Hobbit

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Version: AoM
"In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Hobbit-hole, and that means comfort." - The Hobbit, by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

The scenario 'The Hobbit' chronicles nearly every major plot point in the novel, from the encounter with the Trolls to the Battle of Five Armies. I tried to stay as close to the original story as possible, incorporating a lot of dialogue straight from the book. Other features include:

- Different gameplay methods such as stealth and strategy
- RPG elements such as sub-quests
- A level-up system based on the number and type of enemies you kill
- A bonus mission should you reach high enough a level
- Cinematic cut-scenes render important points of the plot
- An 'html' readme file which contains many tips and tricks, as well as a comprehensive walkthrough for every sub-quest and power-up in the game
- Different modes of gameplay for beginners and experts

NOTE: The scenario can theoretically be played on all difficulty levels, with varying degrees of difficulty respectively. I would play on 'Easy' though, for that is what I based my play-testing on.


Sincerely, Istari

This is a prelude to The Lord of the Rings. A campaign of this awesome set of texts is currently being designed by AoMM MC right here http://www.aom-lotr.tk.

A proud member of Dragon Gaming Design Network (DGDN), located at http://dgdn.net/.

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EazY_Ben every one!!! Download this scenario!!!! its the best ever made...
Im sure istari has already read my comments, but i shall post them here just to show others what i think..

Although i haven't completed this scenario yet (and i expect it will be a long time till i do!) it is quite obvious to me that this scenario is pure....genius. You have taken one of the best books ever written, and encorporated it into a scenario on game, and you have, dispite the limits of the aom editor (you didn't even use TT!), have bounded over every hurdle to create an all time master peice. This scenario pushs the boundries of the aom editor right to the limits, far further than anyone else has dared take it before and further still than i believe anyone else will take it. Not only is this scenario a master peice but it has been interprited from a book, to which it sticks closely, dispite what is thrown at it.
You'd think that was it, but the scenario contains a hell of alot of original features (side quests, modes of gameplay) which have come from the authors mind. You have added to one of the greatest novels and not destroyed its authenticity.
The map is spot on, and the way you have interpreted it from the descriptions in the book is simply stunning and un-parralled by any previous scenarios made from outlines in books. Shilmistas map design is the only one which comes to this standard.
This i believe is the diffinitive AOM scenario, It has pushed the boundries to the point of breaking and i think nothing could possibly be to done better it.
Istari, you are a genius, i salute you.


(wrote that a while ago when it came out on DGDN....trust me, believe the hype)
File Author
Once again, Ben, thanks for the awesome comment! Much appreciated! :)
Master Fluff 0 Wow, this scenario is by far the best single player scneario I have ever played. I loved it, the detail and eye-candy is amazing. I can't beleive how close you kept it to the book. It was so really fun to play. I can't believe you kept it in just AoM and out of titans. Alot of people get mad cause they really would love to play a scenario but the don't have the exspainsion. Thats not the case here. Awsome job!

Thanks for this great scenario!
Oscar This one is a very good scenario:
welldone design, welldone gameplay, well done history and isruction, well done all.
But in may opinion there are some imperfection:
(1)the file is too big (1.8 mb) and my pc every time takes 4-5 minutes to load the game.
(2)use change name to name the characters (at the beginning I coul't know that Eitri=Bilbo and Brokk=Thorin).
(3)the troll scenes work slowly because of he rain that makes slow the game.
Inany case this is the best LOTR scenario in the whole download section.
Shalashaska21 What a good scénario : I really Enjoyed it ! Oscar is right, this the best LOTR scenario in the whole download section !
I think this is my favorite scenario (maybe after Ladyhawke, actually i'm not sure :), and the Design is AMAZING !
reach268 this is defently the second best download hear! its also the best LOTR related map ever.but i have to point out some bad features one it lags on my computer so baddly i quit.but i played it on a freinds and god great.think about this a scenario is not great if only the select few who have very good computers can play. secondly a very minar point grass type A.alot of the map is forest or set in caves etc but in certain areas there is alot of normal grass.this is well show in the opening cinematic.were it shows the word hobbit. its all on grass type A.it made me feel like "mmm good effort but terrain what have i let myself in for!"but generally very good.its worth a high 4 but its not perfect. you want a 5.0 from every one at least fix the grass type A problem.the lag just think about it. oh and the best ive ever seen done with just the AOM editer very well done on that!!
EazY_Ben @oscar:the reason he didn't use change name is because it was done on AOM, not TT.
Oscar for the lag use a lot of cinematic blocks and during the game turn them in units (I've see in the map hundreds of soldiers)

[Edited on 06/11/04 @ 01:37 PM]

Leif_Eriksson_ im def going to download this. lots of good comments, although I was working on a map just about the riddles in the dark :p
sounds good Ill have to see what its like.
File Author
Thanks everyone! Sorry about the lag; I tried to cut it down, but I wanted the whole book in one scenario, so the map had to be huge. With a map that big, no matter how much you try, there's going to be lag. Did you try turning off 'hardware acceleration'? The graphics look crappier and there's no smoke or other effects, but it might help. ;)
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