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LOTR Civ Pack Auto Installer

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Stephen Caines
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

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First. U can edit your last LOTR civilization pack post with the updated installer version without posting again.

This is surely a very heavy work, but it looks like the beginning (lets call it sketch) of a civilization pack.
You say for the children will be enough seeing the icons, are you sure? and do you think AOM is a game for children?
Take a look to "THE DWARVES" by ESUS, not a new civilization entirely but a very good work
The textures work is... well.... poor.
I think you don´t have to be an artist to make a good texture with photoshop, for example.
This is a "video"game, so visual aspect is very important.
Can´t u add a entire new civ without taking off another? i don´t want to substitute Loki, my favourite norse god.
Anims and protos are not very worked, aren´t very original.
most of the units are visually the same.
Speed is too high in several characters.
Don´t know if this is my problem but i can´t play a random map with the shire, is it possible?
Otherwise, as i´ve said heavy work and good work but you have to improve a lot of things.
I´t´s my (hope) constructive opinion.
See you!

[Edited on 06/18/04 @ 10:12 AM]

Lexus_Reloaded Very good modpack, only the textures could be better, but when you hold your mouse on it or zoom in you can see that is very detailt. YOU CAN'T AD A NEW CIV!! And about AOM for children, do you call 11 years a child (not me but my little brother)?

And I do not wish to use a installer because it can mess it up without me noticed it. When I install it myself, I can check everything.
Indiana Jones i cannot read the read me it comes up with an error message and none of the units appear in the game what am i doing wrong??
Dnas "And I do not wish to use a installer because it can mess it up without me noticed it. When I install it myself, I can check everything."

Easy. Install it to a new folder and move everything yourself.
Indiana Jones i have a question i have posted screenshots or so i thought i did every thing the thing told me and i dont see my screenshots what did ido wrong on that??
Lexus_Reloaded ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...FAQ...

[Edited on 06/20/04 @ 09:38 AM]

Stephen Caines
File Author
Karpunk - I certainly don't think AOM is a children's game I'm well over 21 and enjoy it immensely, however in marketing terms my key audience is a 5 year old and a 7 year old and given time constraints I have kept it pretty simple.

I agree with the comment that its a shell of a civilisation, but it really needs more than one person to give it the visual richness thyat many of the psoted comments suggest.

If their is a LOTR clan out there who wants to take ownership of outline I would be delighted to hand it over. I am keen to develop AI scripts for the civ but was not planning to much more on the graphics front.

In terms of adding a new civilisation, I couldn't make it work, but as mentioned on the original posting the Majorgods.xmb file was a legacy of those attempts and is not required. If this file is removed Loki should perform as normal (please advise if it doesn't and will try and remedy). The minorgod.xmb changes are additions not replacements to the original files.

However the logic needs to know when to initiate the age 1 techs for the Shire and Mordor and I need to refer these civs (however other than changing the Age 1 Loki and Age 1 Hades techs to only execute if their is no Middle Earth Village or Tower of Isengard I have not touched these civilisations). Don't take my choice of Loki personally (Lachie my youngest son influenced the choice).

On the issue of Ramdom Maps - from looking at the files in the RM2 folder the solution (untried, but makes sense in theory) would be to make a copy of an existing Random Map (eg LOTRAcropolis.xs) and change the logic for settlement placement to force a Middle Earth Village instead of a Settlement Level 1 if civ=Loki. Note: it would need to be a copy as at this stage of game initialisation their is nothing else to distinguish between whether you want Loki(Loki) or Loki(The Shire.

I also agree with the comments of vanilla characters but as well as anim/proto changes the choice of existing models is a limiting factor (you can't animate a new form of attack for example unless you have an underlying model to use.) Some people have submitted new models and may be able to suggest a suitable tool. Some basic models for orcs/wargs/warg riders etc would have been very useful.

Iniana Jones- does your comment on Posted Screen shots mean that the original install problem has gone away? Also on the postings it sometimes takes a couple of days for the postings to be made available.

BabaHama it doesn't work for me.
Dackrendarck First off, nice job on the mod; it looks great. However, I have some problems with it. First, there is no way to train the Nazgul and Nazgul King. Second, the last God Power for Mordor ('Fires of Orthanic' I beleive it is called) does not work. When you target it over the bomber in any place it says the god power does not work there. Third, there is no way for Mordor's civ. to get favor to advance ages, since they do not get it through fighting as Loki's civ. does. Lastly, it may be wise to lower the cost of food for Mordor's civ. since the only way to get it is hunting (which is limited.)

Also, someone should try to organize a new AI, so that it is possible to play against the comp. And maybe even a RM, based on Middle Earth to play in.
Stephen Caines
File Author
Thanks for the comments re Mordor.

The Nazgul/Nazgul King are meant to be trained at Minas Morgul - will need to go back and check I did this right.

The Fires of Orthanc only works with a combination of Uruk Bomber and the Walls of Helms Deep or Walls of Minas Tirith (I was thinking of these two likely scenarios and the "Fires" are the only way these walls can be breached. Will rethink this one - any suggestions?

Sorry about the lack of Favor (I forgot), gaining it through fighting is probably the best opton so I will endeavor to implement this.

I was being a bit morbid when I set up Mordor to gather food by harvesting goblins (and agree it is probably limiting), but your suggestion of lowering food costs is probably a good solution.

I am about 90% through creating an AI for the Shire civilisation and having figured out how to do this it hopefully won't be to difficult to do Mordor. Should have the Shire AI posted later this week.

I have had a brief look at Randon Maps, but am stuck on how to implement a LOTR version. If I try and force build a Middle Earth Village or Tower of Isengard by changing the existing RM scripts it would preclude using vanilla Loki or Hades, and if I want to create new RM scripts it would appear to require a rewrite of the user interface routines (as the current RM UI script doesn't seem to allow for a second screen of random maps). If somebody has added additional random maps before they may be able to explain to me how they did this.
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