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The Reluctant Heroine - AI Version

Author File Description
Felix Hermansson
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Reluctant Heroine (AI Version, May/July 2004)

This is the first scenario of my Circe saga. After being driven from Aeaea by Arkantos and his companions, Circe is shipwrecked on an isolated island...

To play the scenario, first copy the file 'The Reluctant Heroine - AI Version.scx' into your 'scenarios' folder. The three files 'circe01p2.xs', 'circe01p3_6.xs' and 'circe01p7.xs' belong into the folder '../Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology/ai2'
(and NOT into '../My Games/Age of Mythology/AI2'!!). You need the 'AoM: The Titans' expansion to run the scenario, but apart from that no extras are necessary. It works with the standard installation as long as you put the AI files in the correct folder.

This is the third version of the original scenario released back in summer 2003. It is based on the 'AoM: The Titans' update I released in May 2004, but I have removed most of the triggers which control the enemy's attack patterns and its use of god powers.
Instead, I have added three custom made AI files to control the enemy's actions, which allows for much more flexibility. The enemy now constantly scouts the map and will plan its attacks based on what it finds, so attacks no longer follow fixed routes and may target anything the player owns, no matter where it is located. The same goes for the god powers which may now be invoked anywhere on the map as long as there are suitable targets around. This makes the game probably a little harder since the enemy no longer acts as predictable as before. (During playtesting, I've counted at least three different routes used for the very first attack alone.) To balance this it is now possible to keep the Cyclopes from re-spawning, which should make the final attack on their fortress a lot easier.

I would appreciate any comments, good or bad. Please tell me what you liked, what you disliked, and especially, tell me why. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, all the better. Of course, since this is only the second time I used specially
created AI files to control the enemy, I am most interested in any comments about how the enemy acts and reacts.
Please send your comments via e-mail to hoodncloak@hotmail.com. Oh, and add "AoM" to the subject, otherwise your message will probably be lost in all the spam mail I receive.

Some more comments from my side:

The scenario is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768.

There are no difficulty levels in this scenario. It has been tested on 'easy' only, so I'd suggest you play it like that.

Don't expect a pushover, I'm always trying to make my scenarios "pleasantly hard". But don't worry, you don't need to be the ultimate gamer to beat it.

Oh, and one last hint: There ARE ways to heal Circe, but you have to find out for yourself how to do it. Don't look too far, it's actually pretty basic.

Have fun!
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Celer First download, I download The reluctant heroine(1) and found out it was really good.
auron 2 did you made that AI?
Felix Hermansson
File Author
Well, who else should have done it?
auron 2 if you did, can you please give me you email account and teach me how to do this? I have been trying to learn making AIs. i only know little about it.
Felix Hermansson
File Author
You can find my e-mail address in the file description above, and also in the readme file. If you have specific questions about my scripts (or about those from 'Just Another Bad Dream...', my second AI-driven scenario) I'll be glad to answer them, but I doubt that I could possibly teach you about AI scripting via this medium.
If you want to learn it, I advise you to take a look at the AI section in the AoMH forums. There are several tutorials available (I for one started out with the one from Mike "Captain" Kidd) and enough people to help if you have questions.
Felix Hermansson
File Author
Usually I'm glad if people review my scenarios, but in this case... Let's just say I have a number of comments about your review:

My main problem is that you obviously didn't really play the scenario. You complain about the Cyclops being bolted - if you had properly played it you would know that all of the player's myth units (even those created via cheat codes) share his fate. And if you had bothered to read the instructions you'd even have received the "missing" warning you complained about.

Most issues listed under playability are in fact balance issues. Please take a look at the review guidelines. A scenario should pose a challenge to the experienced player, right? I think it's hardly fair to complain about "all your villagers getting tossed" (ever heard of the town bell?) because you couldn't master Circe's micromanagement on your very first attempt. (Btw, Circe HAS been modified a bit, but I'm not surprised you didn't notice.)

Creativity: Well, you state your personal opinion. Again, too bad you didn't play long enough to spot the differences to a random map.

Map design: Again, I won't argue with your personal opinion. Just wanted to mention that you're wrong, it's no random map.

Story: Just for my understanding: Is it "imaginative" or "somewhat unoriginal" as stated under creativity?

Glad you liked the cinematics and the AI.

All in all, I think this was an extremely unfair review. I beg to reconsider - and please, play it properly this time.

[Edited on 08/10/04 @ 02:29 PM]

Pompey Magnus I might reconsider Felix, but I need some points cleared up. That map looks exactly like the mediterranean random map. Infact, I doubt you could really design it like that. My map design and creativity ratings will not change.

Not all of us are battle-hardened random map players. It just isn't fun to watch your villagers collect recources only to be attacked by a cyclops. Along with the cyclops special, it really is nearly impossible to raise a good army. I felt that it was too hard.

P.S.- I've fixed up playability and story ratings. It was my fault- I never noticed that other myth units get bolted as well.

[Edited on 08/10/04 @ 02:50 PM]

CheeZy monkey Personally, I would give balance, creativity, and map design a 4.

A 4.2 for this sounds about right. I agree Pompey was abit harsh on the reviews.
Pompey Magnus I bumped up map design 1 point since I chose to believe Felix in that he actually designed the whole map, but I don't believe the creativity factor should be popped up. Just my honest opinion, a 4.0 does do this justice. It was my fault again for not noticing a few things I should have noticed, I guess I was overwhelmed by the difficulty. The AI attacks too soon and too fast.

No hard feelings, please?:)
Felix Hermansson
File Author
No hard feelings - not if you consider this discussion as a lesson in reviewing.

About the points you wanted to clear up:

The map is no random map, I built it from scratch, i.e. from a blank one, whether you believe it or not. Anyway, how it was created is of no importance.

Balance: This is no scenario where you can just walk over your opposition. That's the Cyclopes approach, the player on the other hand has to outrun and outsmart them. Micromanagement is the key, for Circe as well as for the villagers and later for the soldiers.
If you say it's too hard for you personally then you're not alone, but just not part of my "market segment".

CheeZy, why do you always give me ratings, but never a review? ;-)
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