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Kill joy version 2

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File Details
# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
This got a bad rating, oh well, I think I really will set up an account named bad scenario maker.
This is a totally renevated restarted from scratch kill joy. It is drastically different, though player one still has access to god powers and must defend his wonder, player 2 has loads of villagers and resoureces around his town center, player 3 has 4 poseidon statues he must not lose, and player 4 gets resources every second. There is a computer player # 5 that is a god on earth, Titanomachy485 that is neutral, dont attack.

a water fall made of water
a bridge that units can walk on
a god on earth, Titanomachy485
"and much much more"
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File Author
I don't know if killjoy version 0.1 ever got through, but it doesn't matter as this one is much better. This is my second scenario!
Also, for player one, move the arkantos onto the center of the tiled squares to get godpowers. Please Review!

[Edited on 07/16/04 @ 02:50 PM]

Tahattus 2
Map Design1.0
Playability: 4

The game is ugly and has a lot of "useless eyecandy". do you know what this means? Eyecandy that are useless and ugly. Alright, the bridge is too small and there are too many objects blocking the way.

Balance: 3

Ugh, at least you should have made all the players equal to each other.

Creativity: 2

This is a "protect the wonder" map, one of the 3 last creative maps ever. Sorry.

Map Design: 1

Ugly, the waterfall is creative but ulgy, the bridge is ugly, those 10000000 fishes are ugly, the wonder is ugly, the bases are ugly, not even a cinematic, neither a lighting set. Just ugly.

Story/Instructions: 4

Can't you put them as an objective? We have to wait too mush so we can understand what to do.

Additional Comments:
File Author
Did you read on the hints? it said CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM is appreciated not this scenario sucks!is appreciated. How can eye candy be not useless-Useless eye candy? eye candy is something nice to look at. It doesn't have to be useful. How is any of that ugly, as I made (in my opinion) it pretty. Players of Various weaknesses and strength is what i said, not symetric. The bridge is to small? Can you tell me what are you trying to move? Unoriginal? I made this up and started from scratch. Took me many days for this. Made the ideas myself. I dont even own a protect the wonder map, so I not know I make "dull" map. Objectives. Uh , click on the objectives banner? My second scenario. ever, first submitted.

[Edited on 09/05/04 @ 07:26 PM]

File Author
what about the waterfall? if you kill red's pig their town center vanishes, kill the statues of poesiedon and their town center vanishes. Player one has access to 4 unlimited godpowers, and 4 gets resources every second. It isn't a count down wonder either. My second scenario

[Edited on 09/05/04 @ 07:26 PM]

File Author
what's blocking the bridge, your own units? mine move fine, and doesn't take hours.
My second scenario

[Edited on 09/05/04 @ 07:27 PM]

File Author

[Edited on 07/26/04 @ 06:35 PM]

AoMPlayer000 Four posts in a row...

BTW, noone needs to review ANY scenario if the author doesn't accept weaknesses of his scn.

[Edited on 07/16/04 @ 10:11 AM]

Tahattus 2 Sorry, it's just ugly. It doesn't sucks, it's just ugly. Very ugly. "Protect the wonder" is one of the less creative king of maps, and yours is one. Wake up, fix the ugly things, that waterfall is ugly, the towncenters are ugly, and worst of all...


Oh god, that's another kind of map, "build an army and kill the titan", another "creative" map.

Sorry, it deserves a 2, but i was haapy yesterday. It's just too ugly, they're eyehurters! Bye.

-- Tahattus --
File Author
In my opinion it is very pretty. If you care to make a better one, do so. I like greek theme and to make the wonder look good you have to be zeus. I would erase that stuff but you cant and i was in a temper yesterday, and forgot about the deit button. As I said before i have never downloaded a protect the wonder, and what about everything else like the rest of the map. For me the units can cross the bridge.
Look at the map in editor, and look at all the triggers. Sorry Aom player, but i was answering all his questions, and I dont see how for example, the waterfall is ugly.

[Edited on 09/05/04 @ 07:28 PM]

Tahattus 2 First of all...

1) Waterfalls don't appear from nothing. They appear on a cliff, or mountain.

2) There are three very stupid kind of scenarios:
a) "Protect the wonder" aka "Protect the fortress" ---> Exception: "Battle of Yüsmouth"
b) "Kill the Titan"
c) "Kill the enemy city" aka "Kill the enemies"

---> Avoid making these kind of scenarios, please.

3) The bridge is not good, has the same heigh of the water, so it seems to be a kind of "raft"... Also, an army takes hours to cross it because it's too small.

4) It's just the ugliest scenario i've ever seen. How long did you take to make it? 3 days?
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