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AoM Dragons UE

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Version: AoM: The Titans
===Please Be warned. This mod pack will overwrite the proto.xml/xmb, techtreex.xml/xmb and the xpacklanguage.dll files. It is Highly recommended to back up these files before installing this mod pack.===

Please read the Read Me file and the Lisence agreement on the installer before totally installing this mod pack.

Adds 21 new units, 4 new buildings and 7 new techs. Some have modified models and all have modified textures and stats. The names of the objects do not have the *** in front of it. Instead they are like normal units for the game. This mod pack is built within a Installer so there will be no need to move files to folders. It does it for you.

The Sounds are not included in this download file. Due to file size I have to break the entire pack into three sections. This section has everything needed to make the mod pack work...The only drawback is that some of the units and buildings will not have sound. The sound packs are downloadable here in the modding section of Downloads. The first SoundSet you will need is called "AoM Dragons UE SoundSet1". After you have downloaded this and installed it, you can download the second sound pack called "AoM Dragons UE SoundSet2". This part WILL work with out the sound packs though...So the sound packs are not actually needed.

Brief Description:
As it sounds this mod adds a total of 21 new units and 4 new buildings. The Dragons come in six varient colors, as the Dragon Riders come in four. Each civ has thier own version of the Dragon Rider along with tech upgrades. Four of each Elemental Dragon/Dragon Riders are included as well. Also in the list of units is 4 Elemental god/hero characters and 4 Myth units. Again each civ gets thier own elemantal and new myth unit. There is also an addition of a special tech for each civ to upgrade each new unit in different ways. Each unit has thier own sounds, rollover id, special abilities and quite a few have modified models. All these new units with the exception of the elementals can be created at the new buildings "Dragons Den". The Elementals can be created at the temple on first age. This mod will NOT replace any unit/building/civ in the game what so ever. It will only add to it.


An Online Manual can be found here:

For those who have a Mac...I am sorry but I do not have a Mac version uploaded yet. Will try and get to that asap.

Enjoy and Have fun.
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Celer None of the screenshots are seenable on the web
Tahattus 2 I saw the pics and they're ugly. The only "interesting" MU is the lava guy. The dragons are all ugly. Nidhogg is ugly, the ugliest dragon in the world. I could have at least changed his body.
Leif_Eriksson_ I would try not to be so mean Tahattus, I mean they don't even look that bad and there was probably alot of work put into this. I just think it would be nice if you were more friendly.
File Author
@Celer: The links should be good. They work for me. Just copy and paste into your browser. There are more screens at the forum post I made here.

@Tahattus 2: Yikes...calm down...No need to be ugly. If you feel that way about the mod then thats fine...But you are gonna have to be a little more descriptive on what you don't like about the mod for me to make it better. The word Crap doesn't tell me much. Did you even download the mod and try it out yet?
As far as the dragons go...No I didn't do a whole lot of model editing to them. Removed the wings, lengthened the neck and tail and reshaped the face a little. You need to remember something here...This was the first set of mods I have ever made period. Just took me forever to get them uploaded.

@Leif_Eriksson_: It's quite ok. If that is his opinion then so be it.
Tahattus 2 Congratulations, you were one of the few people that didn't said bed things about my opinion!

I jsut thing that Nidhogg is ugly, but I really like the lava guy.
File Author
lmao...glad to know I past the test...i think..lol

Glad you like the MagmaLord.
As far as Nidhogg is concerned...are you talking about the original nidhogg or my dragons? Either way I would kinda agree...I dont like how ES did nidhogg either. In that case I guess I am not completly happy with my dragons either since nidhogg was thier base. But when I made this mod I had no idea on how to model from scratch. Now that I do I have thought about redoing the dragons completly along with the rider...but I am not gonna make any promises on that.
Celer It says page cannot be found still for above
Though i could still go to the online manual
So I could have a shrewd idea of how the units look like:)

Edit: Your forum post had very good screenies!! !! Good for you!!!
I think you could work a bit on the textures

[Edited on 07/18/04 @ 05:20 AM]

nifty_PS2MAN For My Massive comment See the Forums.

BTW Nice Job, Weirdly though, you made the Myth units special WEAKER than they're Regular attacks. lol
File Author
Thank you for the comments.

To answer the obvious question here first of all...Yes there will be a better version. Try to remember this was one of my first mods ever. I have had it finished for over four months now....I just couldnt find a way to upload it onto a server the right way due to its size.

I agree...the textures could of been better. One, I didnt increase the res of any of the textures and I didnt spend enough time on the dragon textures. They was the first units I modded for this mod pack. Since then I have learned a few tricks and plan on totally redoing them. Texture and Model wise.

Yeah I know about the unbalance of the MUs special compared to thier normal attack. I was trying to set it up so the special wouldnt do so much damage due to the fact it is an area attack effecting multiple units. Back then I didnt understand the proto code very well...Now I know better lol. I went to far down in lowering thier special attacks I think.

Again thank you for the comments. I do greatly appreciate it...It was what i was counting on. Like I said...there will be a next version but I cant tell ya when it will be finished. Not even I know that.
nifty_PS2MAN BTW

dont worry about converting to Mac

Mac owners cant use AOM the titans anyway, Mac Owners only have AOM Vanilla.
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