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The Ranger 1.3

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The Ranger Mod-Pack
By Centurion_13

The Ranger Mod-Pack is my entry into the 2004 Modding Compitition by Treebeard III, so please vote for me.


The ranger is a very skilled warrior that prefers to wonder the world than settle into the one place. Because of their nature to be "lone wonderers", they nead to know how to heal wounds using available local sources such as herbs, berries and other plants with medicinal properties giving them the ability to heal themselves and others. Rangers fight evil where ever they find it on there journeys and are very skilled in archery and sword fighting.

An Auto-Installer for people inexperienced in installing mods or simply want to install it first or The Files for manual install

Xpacklanguage.dll, no ****!

New Unit!

Change from sword to bow and bow to sword in a moment!


New modeled special attack!

All new Icons!

and more!

If you want to check out the showcase in the Ambition Designs Forum http://oddworldjunkie.com/ambition/index.php?showtopic=697

Quotes (from the Ambition Designs Showcase):

wow very good - Richard2000

i like those units a lot centurion *thumbs up* - Lord DiGangi

I like it very much. Like the idea of both having it as a swordsman and a archer - Hr Meyer

Looking very good indeed, centurion! I like the 2 modes :) - Archaeopterix

Looks very good man! Sounds sweet! :D - Silenced Disciple

cool *thumbs up* - Sorceror of Erebus

Wow! this sounds awsome. Looking forward to this. - Jonathan

YO! that's cool! i like the idea with a ranged/melee unit! - Oden89

Quotes about it from aomh:
really awesome. nice job! - auron 2

Screen Shots can be found here:

If you want to contact me Email me at:

Please no attachments and put "The Ranger Comments" or something similar in the tittle or I might mistake it for spam. :(

Remember, Vote for me Centurion_13!
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File Author
if you have downloaded a previous version 1.3 only reduces the size of the file removing a few unesacary large files (screenshots) which will be posted later.
Iron_Curtain Where dies the BRG file go? I know where everything else does, but I'm not sure about Brg files.

EDIT: and where do the 'unittransform.xmb' files go?

[Edited on 07/20/04 @ 12:48 PM]

auron 2 @Iron_Curtain, use the autoinstaller

there is something. instead of changing from archer to infantry, sometimes the archer creates a new infantry instead of changing to infantry

i followed the autoinstaller but there are no sounds!, the autoinstaller didnt installed the history.txt, and installed the xpacklanguage.dll in two AoM folder and Textures folder.

btw that infantry whirlattack is kind of funny. at laugh when i saw that ranger doing taht 360 turn in the air:D. although it sometimes looked sloppy, but really awesome. nice job!
File Author
I'll try and fix that install problem and look into the changing problem, maybe I submitted the wrong file or something, it's never done that to me. I suppose it might be a bit sloppy but I made that part a while ago, if I can be bothered I will try to fix it a little, it still looks cool though.

@Iron_Curtain, the unittranforms.xmb goes into the data folder and the brg goes in the models folder.

Also any constructive critisicm is appreiated.

[Edited on 07/21/04 @ 07:40 AM]

Iron_Curtain @ Auron 2,

I didn't use the autoinstaller because I don't want to rewrite over my current xpacklanguage.dll.

Thanks Centurion_13!
auron 2 you forgot to answer a question......"instead of changing from archer to infantry, sometimes the archer creates a new infantry instead of changing to infantry" why does this happen?

Tysenaar Does this effect any of the unit in the game (Thesus and arcus, looks like)?, and also, is there a way to uninstall besides finding and removing files?
File Author
@Tysenaar, no it doesnt, it creates a new unit which doesnt change the other units. and about the uninstall, it depends, if you manualy installed it, I think that is true, however if you used the auto installer it will come with an unistaller, I do advise for multiplayer it is probably best to simply move the files into another folder..

you forgot to answer a question......"instead of changing from archer to infantry, sometimes the archer creates a new infantry instead of changing to infantry" why does this happen? - auron 2

I said I was looking into the changing problem, I myself have not had this problem but I am checking it out, it uses the same system as the atlantean heroes so I don't realy see how it's gone wrong but I will look into it.

[Edited on 07/22/04 @ 08:23 AM]

Stephen Caines Interesting approach to giving a unit ranged and hand attack, but you can achieve the same effect in a single unit by defining both attacks in the protox (ranged and hand) and using appropriate models with the same texture - if you look at aragorn, haldir and legolas in my LOTR civ pack they use the Archer x Arcush model for ranged attack and Hero X Kastor for the hand attack but they use the same texture (both models are similar in size as are Arcus and Jason in your mod, so transforms are not that noticable) - they also look more alike during the transform, whereas you still retain jason's distinctive head when swapping modes.

Also, the UNITTRANSFORM is useful but it incurs a build cost every time you Transform - which I assume is why you have a zero cost for these units. I use it on single units - heroes with buildlimit of 1 but had to change the Techtree to reduce the cost and build limit to zero once one unit was created (to make the transform cost zero). If you are planning to use the Ranger as a one off hero unit this may be the way to go, otherwise its a pretty tough unit to have lots of, at no cost.

Based on some of the stuff I've seen from your likely competetion I would do a bit more work before a final posting. Some suggestions (from criticisms of my own work)-

- Make it one unit.

- Change the texture during tech upgrades (I am lousy at this, but am trying to create one that changes by armor/weapon technology rather than the standard medium, heavy, champion route - eg define the head, shield, weapon and body separately and upgrade each based on armory improvements).

- Keep the look of the hand and ranged attack models as close as possible (the Jason Model has a different shaped head - let alone texture - to Arcus and is probably a poor choice of hand attack model _ I found Kastor to be a closer fit - or use the approach Karpunk took with the elvish archers and define a different head separately and uase it across all models).

Hope this does not come across as being too critical - I would not have spent the time responding if I did not think the effort you have obviously put in did not warrant such a long response.

I will give you a 3 (it would have been a 3.5 if they took fractions) and hope to be able to upgrade it at the next release.

Tysenaar Oh, What Civ do you need to be to get the Ranger? Or, Is it just available for scenarios?...
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