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--The City RPG--

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# of Players: 8
Version: AoM: The Titans
The City
(Yes this bit is long, it's best you read it - this is NO n00b scenario!)

This scenario is very detailed, and quite confusing to first timers.
It's essentialy a typical 'good' vs. 'evil' story with trigger twists to liven up the show.
The first new thing I did to make the scenario original, was to make the 'Evil player' human. This makes winning MUCH harder for the 'Hero players', and unless your good at this, you won't win. ( Even I find it hard to win when I'm a 'Hero' against a 'Evil player'.)
The 'Hero players' start off with a greek villager, using the "key" to the south-east of the map they can see what things they can buy and what Hero's they can upgrade their greek villager to. There is a 'Evil player' "key" to the south-west of the map to.
The 'Evil player's' things he/she can buy are scattered around the map, so its harder to get the units he/she wants. Whereas the hero player's buying flags are all located in their starting city, so it's easier for them.

Setting out after mustering a small army, the heros must push forwards in an attempt to stop the 'Evil player' awkening the all powerful guardians; and to find the area where the 'Arkantos God' gift will enchant their arkantos into a super powerful demi-gods, capible of easily stopping the evil player from getting to the guardians.
The complexities of the game are explained in the hints which are updated quickly, so read them as the game starts and you won't have that much difficulty understanding the concepts. They arn't that hard to grasp anyway.
This game rewards the strong and quick, and punishs the weak and slow...

Type: RPG/Strategy

Objective: For the 'Hero players' to destory the evil player, and for the 'Evil player' to destory the temples in the city.

Players: Minimum- 3, Maxmimum- 8. In each game, regardless of player count, the following MUST be done; player's 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 MUST be team 1. Player 7 MUST be team 2, and player 8 MUST be a computer. Players 1,7,8 MUST always be in a game. regardless of player count! (Players 2-6 are additional hero players. Mind you, it is VERY hard to win with one hero player...)

Other: It's advisable to learn how to play before having a real game on this, its hard to get used to and requires good teamwork from the hero players if they're going to win!

Reasorces: For the 'Hero player', this is mainly food, favor grants more greek villagers who can become additional heros. For the 'Evil player' this is mainly favor, to make monster to kill the heros with, or gold to recruit legions of mercenarys.
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File Author
Hello all, please take time to post a short or full review of this scenario!
One thing I didn't mention in the above is, for the hero players-
When they use their first god power they gain acess to new abilities/units and godpowers.
Each god has different bonuses for the heros, which provides a very interesting mix of tactics to further the gameplay and heros chances of sucess.
Leif_Eriksson_ your pretty dumb
File Author
Alexander... Did you read the first bit? It's not a n00b scenario...
-You even rated deity 4.4 and this 1!-
Nobody has posted a good review of it yet. I'll have to wait.
I would really apriciate any thoughrah review... Even if it is negative...
(I can't spell! Grrr)
So somebody who likes RPG scenarios and is no n00b is body or mind, or a scenario expert please have a look and tell me what you think.

[Edited on 07/25/04 @ 09:13 AM]

auron 2 just report this bad review at the scenario and design forums
File Author
Still no in dept review... *sighs, waits*
AoMPlayer000 Don't worry, within a few days it will be removed.

*reports review*
Sorceror_Erebus just cause you rated it a 5 doesn't mean its worth that.. your reveiws wasn't any good.. hey the guy who made this.. (can't spel ya name)i'll dl and reveiw it for ya.. it might take a week though but it sounds good :)
File Author
Thankyou sorcerer!
AoMPlayer000 alexander_great: A 5.0 review with one line comment is propably the worst you can make. Not helpful in any way nor does it let the reader know that you actually played it. Read the REVIEW GUIDELINES and then this good review (from the Bard):

That's how a review is supposed to be. Make reviews like this or don't make ANY.

[Edited on 07/26/04 @ 08:39 AM]

archer_of_doom he got new screenname man!
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