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Me Vs. Some dude

Author File Description
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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Unknown
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: 1.0
Player 1's Name: hadiz
Please let me know what I should/should not have done. I have read the misc. guides on here, so I have a pretty good grasp of the forward building strategies, etc.
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Rating: 1
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments: First thing you took 11 seconds before you have clicked to create more villagers and to put your villagers doing something. Here, you have lost valuable time. Then your town center must be creating units without stoping, your town center have wasted lots of time without creating a single villager. A great mistake is that you only advanced to classical in 7:48, that's too much. Versus a loki player you would be death, even before u have reached classical. Then, when you saw he was building in the midle, u should have built your military academy and archery range near your town, in a defensive position, because you had a very bad economie compared to your oponent. Now tell me, why did u build farms near enemie's town (are u mad?). Another thing, when u lost your villagers in gold mines u shouldnt have send more to the same place because if the game had took longer he would attack them again.
Rating: 1
Horrible game, you have much to learn hadiz.

Additional Comments:

This game is in need some serious advice and training. I'll tell you now what you did wrong.

Archiac Start:

At the start of the game, you weren't in anyway quick to get going. Even though you had chickens to the south of your starting TC, you never bothered to eat them for your starting food. You sent three of your villagers to the west where they hunted a Rhino, almost losing your weak Kastakopos(sp?) when you used him to attack. Your scouting was a bit erradic and you didn't seem busy on scouting your starting area. You didn't start vill production until 10 seconds into the game, that's 9 seconds to slow for any situation. Most of your starting Vill Production was inconsistent and your storehouse next to the gold mine was put to close denying any vills to fit inbetween. Your opponent wasn't very good, but had a feel for what he was actually doing. While advancing, you tried to put up a granary that was just a hop away from the enemy base on the other side of the map, very bad idea. You advanced to Classical at 7:49 with a weak 12 man economy.

How to improve in Archiac:

-Should have eaten the chickens at the start of the game. Moving to other hunting when supply was exhausted
-Should have tried to scout better and more around your starting base to find gold mines and other hunting spots.
-Should have tried to keep constant Vill production throughout most of Archiac. This skill is mandatory in AOM.
-Should have advanced earlier, around 5:20-5:40ish, when you do this you should have around 17-20 villagers.

Classical Start:

Shortly after advancing to Classical, your 3 hunting vills used up the 2 Rhinos you hunted in Archiac, you then moved them to the granary you sent that one vill to while advancing to Classical. Still ignoring the fact it was near the enemy base. Your pegasus wasn't as active as he should have been. You constructed your Military Academies and Archery Range to the west of the enemy base, leaving yours wide open for an attack. Your pegasus was sitting right at your base not exploring at all, bad usage. You then at this point decide to research hunting dogs, which is rather late to do so. At 10:31 your enemy produced his first military unit. At 11:14 you produced your first military unit. You then start some military production, but things go bad when your enemy goes Heroic at 12:08 through Dionysus. Your 4 hunters run out of Gazelles and you make them farm, again this is near the enemy base which is still just a hop away. Worse is that the farming placement is horrible.

Soon after, Toxotes begin attacking your poor Pegasus and you make it begin a hasty retreat. At this point, you send your 4 Toxote, 6 Hoplite army to attack the enemy military forward base. You then zoom away to your lumberjacks, ignoring the fact that your forces ran right by without fighting at all. You then make the fight start in a horribly one sided battle. At 15:54 your enemy actually attacks, targeting your gold villies. You move your small force to intercept or something. Discovering he's building a Fortress, you attack. You succeed in destroying the Fortress Scaffold, but he moves his army back and crushes your entire force. Strangely, you didn't watch the fight or micro, you viewed over to the storehouse near the goldmine and ignored the battle. Two things happen at the 17:00 mark. You move a vill to mine gold again, the same one that was getting crushed 2 minutes earlier, even though his army was still nearby. And, you move another shrimpy force to attack his military forward base. This is once again crushed. He then discovers your not to well hidden sidebase and begans attacking. At 18:04 the recorded game ends.

How to improve in Classical:

-Should not have built military base just a hop away from the enemy one.
-Should have kept better vill production.
-The Pegasus wasn't scouting most of the time.
-You did not watch the battles or do any form of micro.
-You tried to mine at the same spot after the enemy just hit it and his army is still nearby.
-You researched the economy upgrades rather late.
-Never bothered to eat he dang chickens at all.

hadiz, you have much to learn and know. Keep practicing, but keep in mind the above. They are all essential things you did poorly. Read some of the Strategy guides on this site too. And most importantly, be faster, your too slow and vunerable, even in Vanilla standards.

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