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Loki's Lake

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Loki's Lake will run on either AoM or Aom The Titans Expansion. Loki's Lake is in the center of the map with a large land mass, for each team, in each corner and a small island in the center. Land masses are connected by small strips of land on each side. The strips of land are overgrown with trees and usually block the path between land masses and thus teams. There are lots resources. The map is meant to be a water map for the Titans Expansion(see readme) but will work as a land map(no special AI needed). Players are limited to 4 teams and 4 players on a team. Look for my next map, Island Insanity; coming soon.

Latest version changes:

Added miscellaneous eye candy.
Added corner Loki areas with gatherers and usually skraelings.
Under water hot springs have warmed the lake enough so that plants have grown.
Loki might create Carnivoras or ghost ships in the lake.
Added some random trees.
The weather has caused erosion so that the elevation is now smoother.
Reduced the number of seperation trees between land masses.
Made the center island settlement permanent. Added another settlement and more gold if using admiral AI.
Added tundra terrain if there is an atlantean player.
Added Plenty Vault KOTH to the center island on a large map.
Fixed Walking Woods problem when playing AoM vanilla.
Fixed minor bugs and a class problem. Sorry people using AoM vanilla with debugger installed.
Adjusted trigger timing.
Probably made other changes but lost track.

The latest version is now 20040924. If you do not have this version, you should download it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 4
I really liked the part where each players island (or whatever it was. base, maybe) is connected tto the next one. very original. a few tips though:

-you should add more eyecandy and little stuff like that

-the elevation in each player's base is good, its abit rough though(still good though)

-in each corner of the map there is almost nothing at all. there should be some more forests, gold, herdables, anything (even cliffs would be nice.

-there could definitely be some more ground types, instead of all snowA, snowgras25, and snowgrass50

Additional Comments:
I really like the obelisks(and other objects) in the grassy areas, very nice. And the storm clouds over the hills are a nice touch. Besides that i really like this level. The biggest thing you need to change is the fact that most of each players base (or whatever you want to call it) is completely empty.

If you could fix that it would really improve the quality of this map
Rating: 4
This is a wonderful map. The idea is a mix of hightlands and a map with water seperating the 2 nations. The eyecandy isn't plentiful, but tell me next time you see a overall view of a National Park with alot of Eyecandy eather. This has just the right amount of eyecandy for me. This map is just like hightlands, but the openings are on the edge of the map, and the openings are covered with trees (in my opinion: too many trees) The map is a very large one. The game uses the default AI, unless you have Admeral X. Without the Admeral X, the AI doesn't work in a water map kind of world. TIP: Maybe you could include an installer, and the installer can by default install Admeral X AI, there for saving much pain and hassle for the user.

Additional Comments:
This is a nice map just like the hightland, with trees between the borders. In my opintion, there are too many. Lastly, this should come with an installer that installs that and Adermial X AI by default

Make sure that you get the authors of Admeral AI's consent before you do this
Rating: 5
This is a great map with well commented code worth 4.5 rating. I have to agree with IVDeath in all points: the use of elevation is too rough in my opinion and there is almoast nothing to search for in the corners.

Next thing is that without the Admiral AI all the comp. opponents are stucked. Totaly locked to their corners. But my teamates didn't care much about it when they beated my butt 3 times in a row.

1 idea: maybe you should add additional settlement to the center island to have an actual usage of the island.

Additional Comments:
Despite the criticism above(:-) I have to repeat: it is a great map with a lot of tactical possibilities (just when I cuted down all the side forest and got to my enemy by foot and managed 1 win finally:-) and good spread of resources. Since I can't wote 4.5 I have to also consider your help and patience with newbies and round it to 5.
Good job!

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