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Wolves of Isengard Version III (Updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Wolves of Isengard Version III

Last Updated: August 18 2004

I have am deciding if I should not to distribute this mod to the public anymore

Icons are fixed
Auto-Installer option added
Manual Installation added

DESCRIPTION:This modpack unlike its former versions, features a NEW unit. It is based on the Wolves of Isengard in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Inside the zip folder include custom anim, textures, icons, proto file and history file. Version III includes manaul installation and auto installer options.

HISTORY:The Wargs or Wild Wolves are a race of fictional wolf creatures in JRR.
Tolkien books about Middle-Earth. They are almost always in leauge
with the Orcs or Goblins whom they permitted to ride on their backs on
battle. The Wargs speak a rudimentary language of their own. It is probable
that they are descended from Draugluin's werewolves of the First Age.
In The Hobbit, the Wargs appear twice, once in chasing Bilbo Baggins,
Gandalf, and the dwarves just east of the Misty Mountains, and once
at the Battle of Five Armies. In The Lord of the Rings they are most
prominently mentioned in the middle of The Fellowship of the Ring, where
a band of Wargs, unaccompanied by Orcs, attack the Fellowship in Hollin.
'Warg', like many words used in Tolkien's works, is an actual archaic Old English
word meaning a large wolf. It has cognates in other Germanic languages such as
Old Norse, where it is usually spelt with a "V" (i.e. "Varg"),
and is the modern Swedish word for wolf. Because of the translation fiction
this must mean that 'Warg' was not the name for these animals in Westron
but rather a translation of the original term. Wargs also appear in Dungeons
& Dragons under the name "worg" (rather than warg).
In Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, wargs appear to be more like hyenas
bears rather than wolves, but it should be noted that Tolkien never actually
described a warg beyond stating they were demonic wolves. Jackon's wargs fit that role well,
as vicious man-high predators.

~Initial HP:700
~2 of Population
~12 line of sight
~Cost:300 food, 100 gold
~New icons
~wolf sounds and fenris wolf attack sounds
~myth unit good against humans

FEATURES:This mod include the following files:

New anim, which include idle, flail, bored, death, walk and attack
New texture DDT~ Warg DDT
New sounds
New protox which adds the unit into the game
History file (like above)

Visit file showcase at

Or see the screenshots


HOW TO INSTALL/UNINASTALL: Follow the instructions in the Readme



FlipBizcut for helping in anim
Stephen Caines for the icons
Waveslaves guide to creating new units
Izzy's guide to texturing
Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia for the history file.

Contact me at the showcase(above)

everything is now fixed. download today!!!!

Please feel free to give me some constructive comments or reviews. They will be gladly accepted

Even though auto-Installers are included in Version III, I would not reccomend you to use it. Manual installations would be slower, but - safer for your game, computer and other mods
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord_DiGangi good job celer


that links has a bunch of images of wargs :)
File Author
Thank you . Please rate or comment. Version III will have a auto-installer for people like snuggins(no offense) and manual installtion to choose from.

Yes, and I will use the EDIT button so if auron comes by don't post
"Please use the EDIT button" (no offense)

Everyone else, you should download like mad, its textures are like hell better(look at the screenshots). So download today!!!!

You know guys, for me to improve, I need comments, SO PUT DOWN SOME DAM COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Edited on 08/11/04 @ 05:46 AM]


[Edited on 08/11/04 @ 06:23 AM]

File Author
Hey hello Tigirs, long time no see - I haven't seen you post for a long time, anyway....Thank you for the review, I notice the sounds do not work too, so I am trying to fix it rite now...... You got any more suggestions on my mod?

And again, thank you for your review.

Everyone else, please comment give me some suggestions and maybe give me a occasional review
I hope no one ruins Tigris rating too badly

[Edited on 08/11/04 @ 06:41 AM]

File Author
Thank you emperor_julian !! Really thanks!!! I really thank you!! My second 5!!!! And this is only my second mod!!!
I may be gonna do more mods but its undecided yet

[Edited on 08/11/04 @ 09:12 AM]

Rating: 5
Wow. You made that with MsPaint?

Seriously, this is a really great mod.

A HUGE step above your old one. It's like your modding magically improveed overnight.

Additional Comments:
Did you ever get GIMP to work yet?
If you can do this is Paint, imagine what you can do with a good image editting program.
File Author
GIMP never worked. I tired your way of installing GTK and Gimp without translations but it keeps on freezing at reading data fonts

But if you want to know, it took me really along time to do this in paint... and I'm not ready for that again. So right now I'm finding other image editors

And I almost forgot, thank you for your rating! Its only my second mod you know......but already 3 fives. Thank you everyone for your ratings!!! How could I thank you guys???

[Edited on 08/11/04 @ 09:42 AM]

auron 2 nice job Celer:-)!. the textures are weird.......but yet impressive;)
is so weird, why did you suddenly removed the ratings you gave to my two mods???

[Edited on 08/11/04 @ 12:55 PM]

Dnas "GIMP never worked. I tired your way of installing GTK and Gimp without translations but it keeps on freezing at reading data fonts"
Oh. That is supposed to take a while the first time you load it.

Then after that, it will be fast.
Lord_DiGangi why does it get a 5 if the sounds dont work all!
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