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Hive Spiders v1.1

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Version: AoM: The Titans
[[[This is my Entry for the Modding Contest]]]


Hive Spiders

This Mod contains two new units and a building.

The Units are: Queen Spider, War Spider
The Building is: Hive Egg

The Queen Spider is the back bone of the hive. She is the mother to the War Spiders and just a giant 30 foot spider that is always nice to have on your side. She is what creates the Hive Eggs.

The War Spiders are the protectors of the hive. They are specially powerful against human soldiers and archers. They could be concidered siege against human units.

The Hive Eggs is where the War Spiders are created and can also serve as a booby trap to the enemy. If the enemy decides to attack the egg to prevent you from hatching a War Spider then it will extract a poisonous gas that will infect all that is in it's area.

Now for the back end of this mod. It includes completly new models and textures. Along with some new sound files.

They will become available in single player game at third age to all civs.

A read me Installation guide is included to tell you what goes where along with a seperate word doc listing all the code for those who like to install completly manual. No there is no autoinstaller for this. Do not worry though. Installing this mod is really easy and just a matter of moving files to the right folders. Like I said...the Installation guide explains everything.

Here is a list of addresses to screens:

New Hive Eggs Screen:

Queen Spider Screens:

War Spider Screens:

Just an Old Beta Screen:

I do hope you enjoy this mod and if you have any questions or comments then please post...It will help make version two better.

Here is a link to my forum announcment for this mod.
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Rating: 5
I dont even have to look at it! 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Additional Comments: It'd be a 10 if I could get that high
Celer you didn't even download it. I download it first
Rating: 5
Perfectly great

Additional Comments:
Lord_DiGangi once the contest is over ill give you a review flip and trust me its a very good review you will receive, you rock dude !
Celer Man this rocks! Maybe you should make a campagin outta this!
File Author
Thank you everyone...I have updated the zip to version 1.1. The missing texture has been added this time..

So for anyone who has downloaded this before the v1.1 update...You should download it agaian and reinstall this mod. Sorry for the trouble.
File Author
Ok...First off I now have time to answer questions...sorry for the short post earlier...was in a bit of hurry..

@Monkish_man, Tigris, Lord_DiGangi: Thank you again..Guess all the hard work payed off lol...I am trully happy yall like it. Please...If any of ya find anything that might be adjusted as in stats of bugs then post them...I plan on updating to a version 2 in about a week or two and it will be the last version..Sorry just I have already spent three months on this little project and honostly I think I am starting to get arachnaphobia lol. Nah just want to move on to other ideas is all.

@Celer: Im not much into scenerio design for AoM...if you or any one else wishes to use this mod in a scenerio then by all means have at it.

@SilverOsirisAOM: Out of sinc? hmm weird...are you talking about when you try to play online with a mod installed? Or does the link to download go out of sinc? If it is the second problem then maybe I can set it up where you can get it soem where else.

Like I said everyone...I plan on working on a version 2 which will include one more unit and any bugs and stat fixes if there are any and then that will be the final version...so get your two cents in while you can...I would really like to hear them...If there are not any reports of bug or stat problems then I will go out and asmoke a ciggar...for it will be the first time, lol.
SilverOsirisAOM I meant ESO goes OoS. I know how to get rid of it or put it in mod folder when i want to play online, but ive had bad experience with mods and utilites where even after i uninstall the mod, reinstall aom AND the titans *twice* it still doesnt work. Im just very paranoid. I had to reinstall just today.

[Edited on 08/17/04 @ 12:56 AM]

Lexus_Reloaded Can I use the modpack in my Silmarillion campaign?

Queen Spider=Ungoliath
Spiders=Ungoliath creatures
File Author
@SilverOsirisAOM: hmm...what I usually do when I want to play online is move thse files into a special folder...protox.xml and xmb, soundxpack.xml and xmb, techtreex.xml and xmb and the xpacklanguage.dll. Then I put a original game copy of the xpacklanguage.dll back in the game directory...always worked for me and I have all kinds of weird mods installed...my techtree will never look the same ha ha.

@Lexus_Reloaded: sure by all means...have at it my friend.
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