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Ghost Lake Odin vs. Oranos RC Raiding Frenzy

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Normal
AI Difficulty: Easy
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 23 Minutes
Player 1's Name: SilverOsiris
Player 2's Name: HillBilly
He started off making a settlement, we advanced at the same time. Somehow the citizen building the TC had 4 HP (probably from bears) so my ulf was able to wipe it out in one swift blow, putting me considerably ahead.
I massed RC, along with hersir and Throwing Axemen. I researched Thundering Hooves and medium cavalry, as well as peirce and attack armory upgrades, making my RC the ultimate raiding machines.
While i was unable to sack his TC, i had scouts in LOS of his miners behind it. And although his entire army was firing a rain of arrows upon mine, i played like the smart raider and singled out his citizens.
The mine actually was in an extremely well-defended place, with trees to the north and a TC to protect it. But what i did was Forest Fire and i opened up the area allowing me to raid there without even having to get shot by the towncenter.
For some reason he kept sending them back to that gold mine, which i raided two more times throughout the game, each time killing all or nearly all, of the miners at it.
I grabbed the 2 TCs right next to my base, and although my eco was not fantastic i was able to sustain a good sized army. I continued to raid inside his town, singling out citizens with my raiding Cavalry.
Upon advancing to Heroic through Njord, i figured i would check out what was going on at the one empty settlement, and sure enough he was building a TC on it so i destroyed it, built my own and next to it 2 Hill forsts and 2 Longhouse. From there a raided him with Heavy (Ulf or Great?) Jarls and a mountain giant. He had tons of katapeltes so i had to be careful, i walking woods'ed him, causing mass casualties. Once again.... i raided his favorite gold mine :).
When i watched the recording i realized that e was going mythic through hekate, but i killed his TC right as it was nearing Mythic Age.
Finally once again i raided his gold mine and he resigned.
This is a great game, raiding, and fast paced, with large urban battles. Although he had TC and twer fire, my RC were too fast with their Thundering Hooves tech.
If you ask me, this is proof that Raiding Cavalry are OP, their attack is too high and theyre too fast. Attie vils cant do anything if a swarm comes up to them because theyre so damn slow.
The fact is RC are the Attie downfall, and if you use them properly you can beat any Attie.
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Carwash_III umm no. Your opponents downfall was he wasnt producing any vills after he advanced for a few min. and he just plain sucked. Also you didnt use autoque on your tcs and had a lot of idle tc time .RC arent OP. Your opponent was UP lol. I mean he advanced to classic so late it was ridiculous. And he was oranos. You advanced way to late to. If you faced an oranos that advanced at the normal time (4:30) it woulda been gg before you can blink.

[Edited on 08/23/04 @ 03:41 PM]

File Author
i dont think you realize this, but unlike you im not freaky-geeky good at aom. If you want to talk about what the experts do, or what the 1700s do, go talk somehwere else. If youre not going to look at this for what it is- a fight between a 1660 and a 1620, then your comments are quite pointless.
Carwash_III im just point out he lost because he just sucks and not because your rc are OP.And hes not 1620..more like 1550 if that.Probably got lucky or something and people resigned on him at the beginning of a game for no reason.

[Edited on 08/23/04 @ 09:57 PM]

File Author
What you dont understand is that 1500-1670 players ALL suck. I am a bad player, everyone at AOMH agrees on that, but even I can CREAM pretty much any 1650 player, and easily take on 2, even 3 1550 players.
Carwash_III bs maybe you dont know this but im only a 1650 (TT) player but i know enough to know that rc arent OP and the oranos you faced was horrible.He advanced pitifully late and didnt even initially build the 2 units that own all norse. Katas and cherioballista. And id like a rec of you beating 2 1650s because if that was true you should be at least 1750++.

[Edited on 08/23/04 @ 11:53 PM]

File Author
I said 2 1550s you idiot.
Carwash_III ah my bad but the point if the guy you face still sucked and rc arent op.(check your thread)Just because you can use them effectivly doesnt mean they are OP.
File Author
I wouild like to play against you (im not challengeng you, its just theres a shortage of AOMHers to play with)
Carwash_III ill only face you if you pick the god you normally are because facing your odin is just a waste of time. Way way way to much idle tc time.
File Author
:) i know, i never play Norse, which is why i cant believe i won this game.
Ill play Gaia. I suppose you know my ESO name ;)
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