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V i m p M e a t

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# of Players: 5-10
Version: AoM: The Titans
....:::: VIMPMEAT VERSION 1 ::::....
A scenario by Archaeopterix and Ambition Designs (http://oddworldjunkie.com/ambition/).

....:::: The Scenario In Short ::::....
Wether you are a Meccaryn, a Sea Reaper or the one and only Kabuto, you'll have to struggle for vimpmeat. In this revolutionary ten-player scenario you will be engaged in non-stop tactical battle with great team play, bad-ass spells, and cool features.
If you are a Meccaryn, you can walk, and fly, you can order powers at Smartie Shops and buy a Gyrocopter, and you can use your arrows to aim at Kabuto's weak spot. If you are a Sea Reaper, you can shoot around with your bow and arrow, you can swim in the oceans and walk the islands while slowing time or using your turbo power. And if you are Kabuto, you will be guarding your eggs for helpful offspring, you will use your adrenaline attacks to wreak havoc on the tribes and awww... you'll just eat anything that comes onto your path!

....:::: Features ::::....
Below is a list of most of the revolutionary gameplay elements Vimpmeat uses. It may seem very hard, but the good thing is that gameplay in Vimpmeat is very elementary, and therefore easy to learn. You'll get used to it very soon, and once that has happened you just don't want to stop playing anymore!
In the very rare case that you don't know what to do, just head over to the objectives window and read it all through. But, for you curious guys who like to know the features, read on!

The Players:
- The scenario is playable from 2 to 10 players, granting the most fun with 6 players or more.
- Player 1 is Kabuto, players 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 are Meccaryns, and players 3, 5, 7, and 9 are Sea Reapers. So, it's a 1 vs 5 vs 4 game!
- Each player controls one single unit (with the exception of Kabuto, who can summon offspring). Kabuto controls a Titan, each of the Meccaryns control an Odysseus, and each of the Sea Reapers control a Hippolyta.

The Objectives:
- Gather Vimps (cows) from the local Smartie villages and bring them to your treasury (in the center of your team's base) to recieve 30 food for each Vimp.
- If you die, you will respawn at your base, but only if you have enough food.
- When none of the players in a team can respawn anymore, they will be given 60 seconds to tribute resources to one another to try to have one or two of them respawning again.
- If everyone in a team is dead and nobody can respawn for 60 seconds, the team is defeated.
- When all your enemies are defeated, your team wins.

- An eye-candied map bathing in a fantastic atmosphere.
- A day-night cycle.
- Meccaryns can fly by casting ragnarok.
- Meccaryns can fly near eachother to heal teammates.
- Sea Reapers can swim by walking towards the sea.
- Sea Reapers can use ragnarok for a short speed boost.
- Kabuto can enter Adrenaline Mood by invoking Prosperity to do extra damage.
- Kabuto can cast ragnarok for a temporary speed boost.
- Kabuto can summon offspring. The offspring can swim just like Sea Reapers.
- There are three Smartie Shops on the island selling stuff like a Gyrocopter, the power to Slow Time, or a weapons upgrade.
- As described in the story, the Smartie Ambassador Borjoyzee is living on the island. Both the Meccs and Reapers can capture him and bring him to their treasury to gain a steady income of 1 food every 10 seconds.

....::::Hosting a game of Vimpmeat::::....
To host a game, you simply have to go to advanced setup and select game type "scenario". You will notice that automatically, 10 player slots open. There are various game settings possible:
- When you want to play a "Reaper vs Kabuto" game, simply put computer players in slots 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
- On the other hand, if you want to play a "Meccs vs Kabuto" game, put a computer player in each of the slots 3, 5, 7, and 9.
- If you want a "Reaper vs Meccaryn vs Kabuto" game, just wait until you're satisfied with the amount of people in your game and put computer players in the remaining slots.

I'm sure you don't want to wait any longer, so DOWNLOAD THE FILE!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The game was not flawed. There were no bugs or messed up triggers. I just love the special skills that the players have (such as casting ragnarok to make your character fly). This map is not too big to have many contacts between team 1 (the kabuto) and the sea reapers and the 5 odysseus. The buying mechanism works well, and the sea reaper morphing works like a charm too.(but i wonder can you just destroy the unit don't kill it-since its suppose to be morphing, right?). The game is fun to play especially with friends, but I wish the game has a little more to do than the basic capturing VIMP game. Oh ya, the flying when its done its kinda odd because sometimes you get stuck in the sea or on cliffs and have to wait for several more seconds...but those ragnarok mechanism works great.

Balance: 4
The team were well though out and balanced. The kabuto can be taken down by a whole team, but not by any single others. The kabuto spawn helps the kabuto to even out the teams. The vimp locations are not all off to one side, so it could be fair. However, I think that the 5 oddyseus has the edge as they have more people. More people is always better than less. The kabuto might be strong, but he only can be in 1 place at 1 time. and then the oeddyseus can heal by flying away...

Creativity: 5
I haven't seen any thing like this game for multiplayer. It is original and although based on another game it does quite turn up unique here. Although some other games does include some sort of fighting-for-resource, those game did not feel as fun as this, or just "fight for gold so we can build units"...no you don't build units. Yes, you try to get Vimps to survive.

Map Design: 4
The map has plenty of eye-candy, and all those little beaches and the kabuto cave looks nice. The little village also looks timit and looks very vulneable which I liked. As I said, the map is not too big yet not too small that it's cramped. It just about right. However, the water could use a little more eye-candy, (add waves and such), and i do have instances when the pathfinding gets stuck.

Story/Instructions: 4
The objectives pretty much gets you started, as it tells you how to play the game and how the game works, but it lacks some short cinematic that I will enojoy, and it does nto tell the story that well in the game, it gets you to the action right away, which some people likes.

Additional Comments: This is a well thought out project. There were not many larger and more well done project in a long time. Most quality projects are headed ove rto single player, but this can be a multiplayer game that can really shine, and probably will be played on ESO.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4

This multiplayer scenario seems to play with every trick in the book and more- it offers three unique 'civilizations' for every player which is just too superb for words. The hero of ragnorak trick he used was AMAZING. Really, the way you sped up the Kabuto or the way you changed the Mysomething to fly was pretty spectacular. I MUST learn this trick off you. Simply put. I must.

I have nothing to complain about. This plays more like an RPG than a blood or something, which adds to the fun- I really liked it. Its very hard to understand at first and an intro cinematic SHOULD have been added, but IMO the pure fun of this scenario makes up for it all.

Balance: 5

No trouble at all. The balance was well laid out espiacally since every 'civ' had its own unique powers and objectives. I haven't come accross any highly noticeably bugs to date- infact, its almost perfectly balanced. Well deserved of the 5.

Creativity: 5

As I said before, this scenario just OOZES in creativity. The three races (or civs) idea was just superb- and I really felt it was great that you got to play with a titan (as the Kuboto). The oddyseus flying unit was pretty amazing too. The creativity here is just top notch, and a pure example that even multiplayer scns can really amaze us (tired of all the old bloods).

Map Design: 5

The map design is not anything special. However, I didn't feel it right to degrade the overall rating based on this one setback. It was well-laid out, a little difficult to navigate but overall a good map- your terrain mixing, however, was a little ugly, though nothing that detracted from my enjoyment of the map so- pure 5. Really, I can't bring myself to go lower.

Story/Instructions: 3

The instructions were the only weak point of this entire MP. They were a little bad- there was no opening introduction cinematic that explained the whole mechanism of the mplayer scn to us and therefore I was a little confused. The instructions in the objectives screen were well-laid out though a little hard to understand, at first. Maybe you should have included a few flares to notify us of the location of certain important items. Overall though, the instructions in the objectives menu were very informative and I grasped the scenario's mechanism quite early.

Additional Comments:

WE HAVE TO PLAY. Together. I'll kick your ass with my flying Oddyseus.

I really don't have anything Additional to Add except next time add an introduction cinematic, and better terrain mixing (ex: the dirt road(plain one) didn't really look good with the B Grass).

[Edited on 10/29/06 @ 05:04 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Nothing to say about the playability. Maybe the 10 players needed...

Balance: 3
I gave a 3 in balance because I think playing the Kabuto is difficult. At the beggenning you have 200 food. Just enough to resurect once. But with only the Kabuto and not his offspring it's pretty difficult to catch vimps. So you pay 100 food for an offspring and then you havnt got enough to resurect.
So if a team decide to kill the kabuto, it's not difficult. And they can fly or turbo if you're approching. You'll not be able to kill them all.
In a game I've survived a team attack with 50 lp and after I've been killed by someone who haved given up :'(

Creativity: 5
Totally original idea :')
Where did you took the names ? For exemple "Smarties". It's a candy name ! lool


Map Design: 5
Wow, great map ! But I have one question, what are supposed to represent the "cinematic armor glow" that appears at night ?

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is ok. But the instructions are not. I seen the majority of the guys asking me what was the rules.
Even if you say a giant message "Read objectives" with the objectives button flashing etc... They wont read it. Because for them "read objectives = lose time" and it's often right because in many maps, objectives are useless.
You should make a little cinematic saying "read objectives". And at the end of the objectives you should write "delete your old man" or something like that. And when all old men are dead, the heroes appears. So it oblige guys to read rules.

Additional Comments:

I'll copy here what I said before to sum up.

Some "Army change name" to name the vimps "vimp" and the kabuto "kabuto" and the other guys, for exemple, "Meccaryn wiwiweb" would be great.

The sea reapers swimming capacity : they die when they goes into the sea. "army destroy" isnt working online so you could do "army chnage type : ragnarok SFX". It would be a cool embelishment.

The messages like "wiwiweb is dead" or "Meccaryns are defeated" : they are said with "send spoofed chat : player 0" but "send chat : player 0" should be better because "send spoofed chat" with gaia send chats like a normal player chat and it's not very visible. "Send chat" with gaia send a chat in brown and without the left icon. And if you add underlined ( text ) or colors for the names of the players( {playername(1)} ) it would be more visible.

What else... ah a bug : for the reward when you kill the kabuto, you used "player stat value : cost of units killed" (the kabuto cost 10 000 with modify protounit) but if the kabuto take kronos (-10% cost MU), the kabuto cost only 9000 and the killer dont have any reward

A cheat : the protection you done to avoid base catching ("damage units in aera" near the kabuto cave) is not much useful : maccaryns can easily fly on the rocks of kabuto cave entrance and the kabuto cant kill them ! (in a game, I have been obliged to trade 7 vimps for a sea reapers help :~( ). If you make the protection "damage units in aera" larger it could fix this.

Another little cheat : if a meccaryn place a sentinel into the circle of the middle village, he is quickly surrounded by cows and it makes a protection ! even if you kill the cows, their corpse stay and you can pass ! I dont know what to do for this ^^ but it's annoying.

[Edited on 12/05/04 @ 08:02 AM]

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