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Ajax's adventures

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Version: AoM: The Titans
You're Ajax. You've left your homeland for a foreign place with weird climate for a pilgrimage to impress Zeus. You have no idea what is taking place in your homeland ie. the land you rule.This story is about you making your journey back and your quest to resolve the issues of the villages you rule. You can expect plot changes and treason.
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echowinds ummm "hillton"? sounds like a hotel.

as for Ajax's homeland, its salamis, an island off the coast of athens.
echowinds Tfox make a more detailed review (atleast 3 sentence per group) or it will probably be removed.
Map Design1.0
Wow. A masterpiece of unoriginality, no eyecandy, bland story, and really unexciting gameplay.

Playability: 1
The scenario is a generic rpg look alike at first. Although you don't actually kill anything for a long time or do anything challenging except look for a relic. This relic of course is just placed randomly off the side of the road for no reason. And most of the time the player will be walking back and forth across half the map at least 4 times. The only time you actually get to kill something are some mountain giants that are supposedly attacking some town called Hillton. But even then you just runaway with 6 villagers and then the game becomes a build and destroy. This of course is screwed up and makes the map a joke considering you'll never be attacked again. Some of the triggers even misfire. At one point Ajax wouldn't convert back to me and stayed an enemy even though I fulfilled all requirements.

In conclusion this map is not enjoyable at all. Way to much walking back and forth for a scenario you could probably compact into a small sized map easily. Because of this the map almost takes 20 minutes to beat simply because of all the pointless walking.

Balance: 1
Balance is a joke. The only time you actually fight something are the mountain giants attacking Hillton. But even then you just runaway and build a settlement. But since you now have a town with 4 large gold mines, plenty of animals and wood, and NEVER get attacked by the gaints, you can just sit and boom. I don't think the enemy is supposed to fight 4 fully upgraded heroes + 25 fully upgraded Mymridons + a Titan. Seriously the only challenge was not hitting the delete key.

Creativity: 1
The idea of "Insert campaign hero here" saving "insert generic town name here" from giants is pretty unoriginal. If I wanted to play a scenario specializing in that, I'd play the campaign. Otherwise everything was just plain awful in ideas. The fort on the hill was just a bunch of walls of Troy with a fortress inside. Hillton was just a TC with 4 houses and a square wall. The Mountain Giant "base" was just a temple and some walls. I see a trend here. As stated below in eyecandy and mapdesign, there is none. The only thing worth mentioning in that even qualifies in creativity is bringing a relic to some priest (Even though it's a Pharoah unit) to supposedly heal some villagers. The betrayal at the end was easily predictable and nothing makes you go "well that sure is neat/original."

Map Design: 1
Open space with lot's of trees is a perfect description of the map. The map is redundant and ugly. There is NO form of terrain mixing what-so-ever in the entire map. The only elevation is the bottom corner. This sadly is only because it is the random elevation generated whenever creating a new map. You can even see the mark where it ends as a normal map size is changed to large. Everything is covered in Grass A and the default terrain created by forests. There is no form of eyecandy in this entire map, no grass, no flowers, no animals except a few Aurochs and some Giraffes, no real mountains or cliffs, or anything that even resembles eyecandy.

The river looked like you just selected beautify river and smashed it 5 times and called that it. There are some waves but at one point it made me LMAO! Some of the waves were in reverse! Water was washing from the land into the ocean and coming back. Hilarious. As for the towns. I stated above, they need improvement.

Story/Instructions: 2
The only real story that makes sense is the one before you download. This had potential. But it should almost be called the Adventure of Ajax as he smashes giants again to save some town thingy. Even disregarding any historical inaccuracies and assuming it's all supposed myth, the story still stinks.

Okay so Ajax is supposed to be doing some sort of pilgrimage thingy for Zeus and supposedly the evil mayor takes over or something. And then before you can get home to kill everything, you need 50 favor to get on some transport for no real reason. So before you do that, you go 14 feet and select some villagers to hear that some priest cursed them and you need to talk to him. So you go on a road for about 1/8 the map and walk up to the priest who somehow screwed up on something. Sadly, the chat is cut off at places so only some things are actually seen. So then you get this relic from off the road that for no reason is there. Then you cure everyone... yadda, yadda, get 50 favor, blah blah blah, get the boat.

Man that was uneventful an boring. And that place alone takes up 1/4 of the map!.

Then you go to some fort thing up north and apparently some giants are terrorizing Hillton. And then you obviously go to see etc etc. So anyways you run away like an idiot with 6 villagers because you can't kill 10 mountain giants with only Ajax. Then you go to some settlement in the east side of the map and boom like crazy. Then you go back AGAIN and are supposed to be ambushed or something. I wasn't really sure because the triggers generally misfired as my army killed everything. Then the mayor goes away or something and kills the entire 9 hoplite army in the fort thingy up north. At this point some dumb hoplite comes down or something after Ajax is "supposedly" captured. Then you smash the crappy giant base thing and go kill the mayor at the top.

The ending was kinda weak. All you get is "you killed the evil mayor and restore order to Rymia." The story just seemed to kinda drag on at some points. No real surprises considering you can see the Mayor is evil the second none of the mountain giants attack him.

As for the objectives, they explained what you were supposed to do. Barebones, no real detail.

Additional Comments:
This scenario *really* needs some improvement in eyecandy. Hate to be harsh but this scenario really needs improving. Read the design libary 3 times if you haven't then come back. And ask in the Scenario Design Forum. I'm sure you can rack your brains with a good idea that's more out of the norm.
echowinds this is a great review, even if you rank it really bad. not many takes the time to post a long review like that recently.
Pickled_Penny_Pi hearing all of that, im not evn going to download it.
garf123456 You must really , i mean REALLY hate this to review it that in depth!!
Pouletroti Lol

[Edited on 08/03/05 @ 12:59 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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