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Drath Scenario Pack

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Hello everybody, I have been away for awhile, if any of you don't remember me, I was the original author of Build A Titan (originally known as ---SF Build A Titan---).

I was sick of people releasing stupid edits of my map that bugged it up,so I released this final version (found in this pack) to add some new things.

All my games include a very helpful instruction cinematic for all newbies, so don't worry about hosting and playing with anybody.

This pack includes all of my best maps. All are 4 players. All are for AOM: The Titans.


Greed - FFA (Can cheat with team game, only tvb if you trust players)

A very fun gold mining game where the more gold you get, the more special ablities you gain to get rid of other players in your conquest to be the richest before the time runs out.


DirtFarm - TVB, FFA

A slow-to-start game where you farm in the main field to buy offensive units to kill off, or slow down other players in the main field. There are a few surprises along the way to make this a fast passed game once everything gets started.


Build A Titan - TVB, FFA

You probably have all played this one, probably not mine unfortunately due to some *&*$@*#&)# idiots editing and bugging it up. Here it is with a few balances, and new things.


Entangle - TVB, FFA

A fast passed normal stle game with some big twists. You must try to survive against all the creatures that will impede your progress as you try to gain control of the middle (where all the best resources are located). You will also be donated reinforcements to aid your stuggle.


Titan Control - TVB, FFA

Who ever controls the titan will reign supreme, but others may take it over as well by having 10 units by it. Protect your 4 towers at all costs (you will lose when you have none left). You may also send some troops to the repair station (located in corner). There is a secret play mode, can you find it?
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echowinds yeah, i know noobs online always change good maps.
Leinadarcher Yeah especially cats and mice games *shivers* :P

(Next Comment:) If i were to review this, would I review all the games in one review or many reviews?

P.S: Ur build a titan game is the best! :)

[Edited on 10/15/04 @ 09:03 AM]

nifty_PS2MAN Yes Build a Titan Was VERY GOOD concept, but it was never updated so i did that. and No, I anit some Gay arse n00b. I even Gave u The Credit unlike the 99 million n00bs out there...........

Still my edit became popular VERY fast :) so if ya ever get the time look for it and see wat u think.

--SF Build a Titan V7 (Fix2)--

Thanks Again for the Great senarios Dude

Sorry if I offended u With bringing 1 of them up-to-date. I share ya Pain with the N00b Problem. Hunting Dogs Was Turned into Cats + Mice in about 1 week...... and that was that....

*P.S > I am the Author of Hunting Dogs for thoose who cant figure that out from the above*

sad anit it?


Keep up the good work dude!

[Edited on 10/15/04 @ 06:33 PM]

Leinadarcher Yea ur edit was VERY popular but i got this version from this noob that gave the host 100000 starting gold.
nifty_PS2MAN then dont use it.......

use the Offical 1. AKA no gay n00b edit.
SilverOsirisAOM [q]You probably have all played this one, probably not mine unfortunately due to some *&*$@*#&)# idiots editing and bugging it up. Here it is with a few balances, and new things.[/q]

Actually the original sucked hard until NPS2M fixed it. You should be thanking him
File Author
Well afterall it's still an edit, I just played it, and it's not very different from mine. I gotta check out the respawning gold mines though. And even in your post SilverOsiris you said hes was becommming more unplayable, so don't be taking sides. I really could care less what you think. I want to focus more on getting reviews.

If you like a less complex game with all the standards, play mine.
If you want an alterante play style, with more complexity & upgrades, play nifty's. It's no skin off my back. Anyways, good edit nifty, unlike the others. I may do a hybrid version, one that features some of your things.

Anybody want to do a review on the whole pack as one map?

[Edited on 10/16/04 @ 04:58 PM]

nifty_PS2MAN maybe We can do a joint effort?

Find me on ESO


i mainly hang around lighting chat

still good to see u back, i am actauly working on a NEW update ATM, but if u want me to stop i will.


see ya man

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