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No Point

Author File Description
Silver Husky
File Details
Version: AoM
Something wasn’t right. They felt it for quite a while. Sure, the world looked absolutely normal. Birds were singing. Trees were standing there being green and stuff. Eye candy was lying on the ground, ridiculously plentiful and totally covering the grass and making eyes bleed and computers explode, like any respectable AoM eye candy does. Yet there was this strange feeling on emptiness... Then, one day, sitting in a tavern, our heroes Arkantos and Ajax finally realised.
Some bastard stole the point of scenario of which they were main characters!

And so began the epic story of bravery, heroism, and explicit idiocy. Will they find the point of scenario? Will they slash their way through dozens of random encounters? What does the strange old man want? And will our heroes survive the worst ambush in military history?

Having nothing better to do during the summer, I decided to mess with the AoM editor for a while. And so it all begun. The result of this work, "No Point", the only satirical scenario I know of, is now avaliable for download.

"No Point" features:

Over 14 minutes of cinematics;

Around 295 triggers;

An actual challenge. Not like, go down the road and kill random MU;

Multiple custom sounds;

Use of animations, icons, music, sounds, and other nifty things that make it look... er, nifty;

Many amazing and original quests [braaaaaaaag];

"No Point" does not feature:

Logical plotline

“The plot is brilliant. (...) this scenario is GOOD. As in GOOD GOOD.” – Happy Playtester.

Have fun.

UPDATE November 7: Fixed the transportation bug, added some minor corrections. Overall nothing you would notice :P
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Filmdirector2 After the dock/athena/hephaestus cinmatic, my units statyed there.
auron 2 gonna try to review this one...

weird, all 5.0 reviews..
Leinadarcher It makes me suspicious too...all the reviews are very high and the game has only been out for a few days.
dr nefarious Another CHEATER!

His buddies DarkFlame and Nidhogg13 are even mentioned as playtesters in the readme file!
bez This is not worth a 5.0 or a 4.8 a 4.0 is more reasonable. but still there are alot of bugs.I have listed the bugs below.

1.Arkantos and ajax died and the game didn't say you lose or anything, it just carried on playing. If Arkantos and Ajax die you should at least lose the game. Or even better, make a trigger with a chat that says, Arkantos and ajax have died! then as an effect use the fire event effect to trigger a trigger which makes you lose. It is very boring looking at a Dead Arkantos and a dead Ajax.

2. When I walked past the flying Kraken, the chat came up saying the great mighty squid heals you,yes really!!! It didn't heal you or involk restoration power, which is annoying
because Arkantos and Ajax where nearly dead from killing the cavelry on the bridge, so I waited at the gate of the first village for about 10 minutes for Arkantos and Ajax to heal themseleves. Then, after I rescued Greta, the boulders on the other side of the village were still there, so I could not progress, so I still haven't finished the mission.

3. Because the boulders were still there I had to restart and watch the cinematic again. Next time please make skippable cinematics. The next problem is that I did what lots of other people have done, I went to the Zebra shop first so I didn't get transported across the river.

4. Some of your dialogue is weird, no offence Silver Husky, but when you put exclamation marks, some times there is a 1 in the middle of the exclamation marks, for exsample RUN!!!!1!!1.but it should be RUN!!!!!!!! like this without the ones.

5.On your map there is to much eyecandy. Some times you can't get to places because there are rocks or trees in the way.

Now with all the problems, I guess the rating should be about 3.6 not a 5.0. Also, I think
T fox and spycat are your buddies too because they gave you another unfair rating.
Dnas Look.

This scenario deserves far better than a 3.6. at least 4.5 but only if you're feeling grumpy. You haven't even completed the scenario so you haven't seen the best bits.

And no, I am not his buddy. I have never heard of Silver before he released this scenario.

Sure, it's got a few bugs, but they're easily bypassable.

The kraken worked for me.
The zebra shop has nothing to do with gettting accross the river. It's when Ajax and Arkantos die.

The 1s in the !!!s ar meant as a joke.

I didn't have problems with the eyecandy.
Silver Husky
File Author
All right, first of all, the transport bug - pftq found out why it doesn't work, I'll update the file later today. Thanks, pftq :)

The Dee Dee voice I found somewhere using AltaVista sound search.

Now, for the conspiracy theories. The only reviewers I know were DF and Niddy, the playtesters. I believe they actually are mature enough to rate the scenario by its actual playability. Quite frankly, the last thing I cared about when creating this were the reviews. I did it for fun, and hoping other people would have fun too, not because I wanted to win popularity contest on a site I visit maybe a few times a month. dr nefarious, did you at least try to play the scenario before pulling that brilliant conclusion? Can help sometimes.

bez, most of things you list as bugs were intentional. If Arkantos and Ajax couldn't reborn, it would have been too difficult. The screwed up objectives and !1s were there because it is a humorous scenario, NOT a standard, serious one. Its style is not easily comparable with actual RPGs. I also didn't hear anyone else having problems with boulders or kraken; did it happen only once or was it a persistent difficulty?

Seems to me that many people don't have a clue about the point of scenario designing. If you don't like the reviews, a bad review thread is right at the top of the forum. As long as people play and enjoy my 5 month long work, it's fine with me. All right, rant too long. I'll fix the transport bug later today or tomorrow. Cheers.
season shek I found the scenario really VERY enjoyable! The bugs mentioned by somebody else didn't occur for me, except the teleporting thing - sometimes only Ajax is teleported but not Arkantos.
DarkFlame Please cut on the conspiracy theories. I might've seen things more favourably because I played it a lot and knew every little thing -- But I'm reviewing it for the exact numbers I would give to it personally. I don't care about "unfairly raising" the score of Shusky's scenario.

People like T fox and Skycat here are certainly not known to shusky (or at least to me), so if they give it high numbers, I am guessing they really DID enjoy the scenario that much, just like I did.

So please cut on the conspiracy theories and just rate it for what you think of it. If you think it is a bunch of crap, rate it as if it were a bunch of crap. If you think it's great, rate it as if it is great. That's the way the system works.
Skycat "People like T fox and Skycat here are certainly not known to shusky (or at least to me), so if they give it high numbers, I am guessing they really DID enjoy the scenario that much, just like I did."

I sure loved the scenario. I had only heard Shusky's name once or twice but haven't known him. I got no bugs except the transport one but you can solve that with a bit of thinking *COUGH* Load Arkantos in ship. Tell Ajax to get in ship. Get them both out. *COUGH*
The 1s are there for adding to the fun and I did not encounter any other glitches.

BTW Shusky, I nearly fell out of the chair when I read that there was going to be a sequel... but then I sat back in again after it saying no lol X_x
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