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No Point

Author File Description
Silver Husky
File Details
Version: AoM
Something wasn’t right. They felt it for quite a while. Sure, the world looked absolutely normal. Birds were singing. Trees were standing there being green and stuff. Eye candy was lying on the ground, ridiculously plentiful and totally covering the grass and making eyes bleed and computers explode, like any respectable AoM eye candy does. Yet there was this strange feeling on emptiness... Then, one day, sitting in a tavern, our heroes Arkantos and Ajax finally realised.
Some bastard stole the point of scenario of which they were main characters!

And so began the epic story of bravery, heroism, and explicit idiocy. Will they find the point of scenario? Will they slash their way through dozens of random encounters? What does the strange old man want? And will our heroes survive the worst ambush in military history?

Having nothing better to do during the summer, I decided to mess with the AoM editor for a while. And so it all begun. The result of this work, "No Point", the only satirical scenario I know of, is now avaliable for download.

"No Point" features:

Over 14 minutes of cinematics;

Around 295 triggers;

An actual challenge. Not like, go down the road and kill random MU;

Multiple custom sounds;

Use of animations, icons, music, sounds, and other nifty things that make it look... er, nifty;

Many amazing and original quests [braaaaaaaag];

"No Point" does not feature:

Logical plotline

“The plot is brilliant. (...) this scenario is GOOD. As in GOOD GOOD.” – Happy Playtester.

Have fun.

UPDATE November 7: Fixed the transportation bug, added some minor corrections. Overall nothing you would notice :P
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T Fox Playability: 5
It was funny to watch them talking. And then starting to move them yourself. It took over an half hour to play the game. It was really, very funny =)

Balance: 5
The bolt and healing power helped a lot in the end. But you had to run when the avengers were on the road. And then Chiron's army had normal size to defeat all enemies.

Creativity: 5
Everything was funny. Like the chicken scene or the begginning in the market or the end. You've figured out good dialogs.

Map Design: 5
I did like how you made the buildings like going inside. Toilet scene was good. Many variations of cabins =) Then i did like the Poseidon statue going outside of the town

Story/Instructions: 5
It had a great and funny story. I did jst enjoy everything in the game =D

Additional Comments:
I had great funf playing it. Thanks for it =)

[Edited on 12/29/04 @ 12:13 AM]

DarkFlame Playability: 4
This scenario is GOOD. As in, GOOD GOOD.

Balance: 5
The end was finally possible after you added the bolt/restoration. The rest was fine during playtesting already. Not too hard, but still challenging.

Creativity: 5
From the tavern, to the toilet, to the nuclear armory, to the Evil Castle of Doooom; can't give you less than 5 points here.

Map Design: 5
Nothing special outside, although nothing is boring/ugly either; Your toilet / tavern / evil castle design and brilliant cinematics make up for that.

Story/Instructions: 5
Best. Story. Ever. Just a tad... pointless ;)

Additional Comments:
Did I mention that this scenario is funny as heck? :p

[Edited on 10/31/04 @ 03:33 PM]

The_Freak Finally its out, I will review later
season shek It's crazy! Fantastic!
Dnas I can't seem to get into the transport in the 2nd city.

Silver Husky
File Author
It should automatically teleport you after the cinematic... weird, there never were problems there during playtesting.

Did the cinematic fire when you got near the dock?
Skycat Playability: 4
*thumbs up!* Longer than half hour, perfect length!

EDIT Forgot about transport glitch. I'll take off a mark, sorry.

Balance: 5
PERFECT! Hard enough to make you use tactics but not too hard.

Creativity: 5
Very creative and original, well done! (mutant methane chicken, XD LOL)

Map Design: 5
The towns were done very nicely and overall it had a nice amount of quality eyecandy.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was simply amazing and hilarious! Lots of quests (and fun!). Instructions were clear and worth reading for a laugh (along with the hints! XD)

Additional Comments:
This scenario rules and I reccommend it to everyone.
Thanks for entertaining me with it!

[Edited on 10/27/04 @ 08:51 PM]

Dnas There was a cinematic when I got to the dock (with Hephaestus and Athena), but after it, I was still next to the dock. I was exploring around after that and I noticed the zebra shop. I went to the 2nd city before I went to the shop. Could that be the problem?
pftq Nope, same problem here. I went to the Zebra shop before the transport boat and they didn't get teleported.

Edit: I think I figured it out. Both my heroes died at some point in the game and revived. You used Army Teleport but they died so they aren't part of the army. Try using Teleport Units or what I said below.

Maybe you should have another Ajax and Arkantos owned by another player at the other side. Convert them and destroy the first two when the cinematic is over.

Awesome scenario. Had a great laugh. :D

BTW, where'd you get the Dee Dee voice from Dexter? Did you record it?

[Edited on 10/24/04 @ 04:26 PM]

bez I haven't played it all yet but it is not worth a 5.0, it is actually worth a 3.9 at the moment. I might improve my rating when I have played all of it!! I have downloaded Behind The sences and it is 100000 times better than this.
No offence Silver husky it is still fun to play and very funny!!!!!! Are you reviewing it yourself or getting your mates to review it! I'm not saying you are though what I mean is 20+ downloads and 3 reviews. Mines got 233+ down loads and no reviews or a comment except from echowinds "saying 150+ downloads and no comment are you downloading this yourself".
Now to change the subject The cinematics were good and the monoply banker dialogue was good but I don't get why Arkantos and Ajax just say yup,yer,no, try and get the sounds to say what the dialogue is instead of
yep,yes,no but the way it kept drifting into cinamatic mode was quite annoying also the hints are supposed to be hints not ("Ha Ha Im not going to give anything away here")also you don't have to put follow the road as a seperate
Objective why don't you just put follow the road and go to the next village for example.
Some work needs doing on the instructions. but the rest of it was good especially the eye candy if I review it the map design will have a five. The playabillity was good and the balance was almost perfect. I said almost perfect becuse it was a little on the easy side but you can't balance it for everyone. Some people are going to find it very easy like me or absolutly impossible but I guess it was set about the moderate difficulty which is nice.
Most senarios are set at easy or titan level! This brings me onto the next thing I saw the cinematic by the dock I got onto the other side of the river and continued along the path but then a wall of boulders blocked the way there was a chat saying something about not completing a side quest so I scouted al the area around the path but there was a huge forest on both sides of the path and the transport ship wouldn't transport me back. After wandering around for five minutes I gave up. So please tell me what to do Or what I have not completed. Also I noticed that your player was called player one why don't you call it Arkantos and ajax or at least call it Player! not bad but not perfect.
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