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Birthright - The Adventure v1.2

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
* Winner of the 'Most Challenging Scenario Award 2004!'

* Runner-Up Best Single Player Map of 2004!

* Runner-Up Best Scenario Designer 2004!


THE MUSIC FILE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD. TO download the music, follow instructions found in the readme and enjoy! (highly reccomended to download the music)



Birthright-The Adventure is finally complete along with all its bugs fixed with the help of Kavik from Liquid Fire Studios.


Birthright is a Fantasy Role Playing Scenario/Game (RPG) that takes you in an epic adventure accross the land of Vvarvandfel fighting beasts, thieves, and gladiators while completing the more than 150 quests available accross the world.

The RPG boasts extraordinary replayability value since it gives you the ability to customize your own character by:

- Selecting Race (Human, Dwarf or Creature)

- Selecting Name

- Selecting Gender (Male and Female)

- Selecting Weapon (Long Range or Melee)

The RPG also boasts these features-

- 512 X 512 map covered with tons of eye candy similiar to that seen in the KoTM series- a massive world with 5 major cities each with dozens and dozens of quests.

- Realistic enviornment- ambitient sounds, day/night cycle and weather effects.

- Over 100 quests, an engaging, interesting story line and epic RPG play.

- Rob houses if thievery is your dream.

- Purchase AND customize your own pet.

- Stamina and Hunger meters to add to the suspense and the challenge.

- Tons of special areas to visit- try your luck in the gladitorial Arena, visit the local zoo or travel towards the lost island of mystery.

- Gain Experience to defeat your foes.

- Collect money, weaponry or magic spells from the bodies of your fallen foes.

- Upgrade your characters using an easy upgrade system (with the money you earn through quests).

- Join several guilds, including the notorious assassin's guild.

- Teleport to any location you would like- at a certain price, ofcourse.

- A seperate Music track which can be downloaded here (http://www.mammoth-games.com/Music.zip)

http://www.mammoth-games.com/screen55.jpg Cyclops in Skaal

http://www.mammoth-games.com/screen53.jpg Caius Cosades

http://www.mammoth-games.com/screen66.jpg Entrance to Mournhold

http://www.mammoth-games.com/screen63.jpg Skaal Tavern

http://www.mammoth-games.com/screen88.jpg Archaeopterix (Night)

http://www.mammoth-games.com/map.jpg Full (Photoshopped) Map (Map will be included in readme so you can find your way around)

Update v1.2 includes the following bug fixes and additions:

1) Upgrade function bug fixed. Creatures can now be upgraded and will receive +2 attack for each upgrade.

2) Added Difficulty Rating. Please see read-me for information.
Fixed enemies HP so that all difficulty ratings are playable, with Titans being the hardest.

3) Creature starting power slightly decreased to make them less powerful at the beginning.

4) Some enemies now re-spawn to add some interest as you walk through the realm.

5) Human/Male/Melee unit changed.

6) Teleport now costs 30 gold.

7) Food and stamina are now consumed much faster- making the food/stamina system for challenging.

8) Named un-named characters.

9) Fixed dears walking around on zoo.

10) Fixed Caius Cosades/ Solstheim Cinematic.

11) Fixed map related bugs.

12) Added extra zoo mission.

13) Added secret items (relics) to be found in secret areas across the map.

Update 1.1 includes the following bug fixes:

1) Upgrade function costs more gold.

2) Arena bugs and other mission bugs fixed.

3) Fixed bug in ending cinematic where your unit did not teleport.

4) Added more enemies and reduced starting strength of units.

5) Made creatures stronger.

6) Made enemies stronger.

7) Re-did a few camera tracks.

8) Updated Readme to include instructions on relic-related missions + other fixes.

9) Fixed zoo so animals don't walk out.

10) Added more gold to several missions so teleporting will be more affordable.

11) Fixed bug where you couldn't select the male dwarf melee combination.

12) Replaced the bella pet.

13) Fixed bug where one of the pets was unselectable.

14) Fixed bug where pet name Abu wasn't working.

15) Fixed the Scarab keep talking bug.

16) Added more robabble houses in Mournhold.

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File Author
To those who got to play it before it came out here..gimme some good ol' reviews:)

And everyone else who plays it plz.
File Author
Well about bug no.2 its not really a bug, you have to read the name on the item, maybe its not the item you're looking for?

Bug no.1- he moves sometimes, but its the animation for this guy, he just slides instead of moving, so at times he gets stuck- its strange...

Glad you liked it:)
Argalius I thought someone said that Gaius and Guardian where the same guy ...

Anyway it sounds very cool and I'm going to play it now. :)
File Author

We are not the same guy.
lp_usa They're not the same guy.
Dax105 Looks good Gaurdian. :) I think I'll give a review when I finish completing it.
Mouse Overlord Looks amazing. :D Gotta love that Archaeopterix Screenshot lol.
File Author
lol thnx all:) Hope you like it. Even if you don't, please review, I like mixed opinions.

Don't forget to download the music file (seperate):)

[Edited on 11/20/04 @ 11:47 AM]

Filmdirector2 Anyone find my character :p?
MIstress_Hekate Please turn the word document into a readme as I don't have word and it won't work
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